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Car rides can be magical and transforming. Should you choose to chronicle your memorable drives, do so with the right car ride captions for instagram.

Be it a solo OR group ride OR a drive with your loved one, my blog gives you a good number of night drive captions and long drive captions for instagram use. Come, let’s check them out!

car ride captions for instagram

125 Action Packed Car Ride Captions For Instagram 

Let’s get started –

30 Long Drive With Love Quotes For Instagram

She and the Sea, I wish I could go down on my knees!

. ‍❤️‍

I don’t sense any trouble, because we are a couple!

. ‍❤️‍

I did not relax, because, in the air, there was romance!

. ‍❤️‍

The weather was choppy, but we rode through it with a coffee!

. ‍❤️‍

She, by my side, on a ride, feels like a tide!

. ‍❤️‍

Is it possible to turn a car into a garden? Mine becomes one when she accompanies me!

. ‍❤️‍

How do I concentrate on driving? It gets difficult with a charmer around!

. ‍❤️‍

I find myself floating, am I actually driving?

. ‍❤️‍

I am riding with my favourite person in her favourite car!

. ‍❤️‍

My car did not need fuel, because it carried a beautiful charger!

. ‍❤️‍

 I vowed to wow my dove with love and hence I drove!

. ‍❤️‍

Could it be love? It wasn’t cold, but I was shivering as I drove!

. ‍❤️‍

I watched her, with all my heart, did I ride an art?

. ‍❤️‍

She became my headrest and accelerator, I guess I rode magic!

. ‍❤️‍

The moment she placed her palm on my hand, I paced like the gear!

. ‍❤️‍

The wind made peace with us because she had more power!

. ‍❤️‍

I kept falling, looking at her, thank the seat belt, it got me erect!

. ‍❤️‍

Through the curve, I swerved, with my girl!

. ‍❤️‍

She is my pearl, with a verve, can someone help me ride firm?

. ‍❤️‍

We rode like a flowing river, love overflowing!

. ‍❤️‍

She resembled the flowers by the road, just that she had a superpower!

. ‍❤️‍

Her laughter was the water I consumed through the ride!

. ‍❤️‍

 She said, “Red”, and I sped!

. ‍❤️‍

I melt, what use is the seat belt?

. ‍❤️‍

Riding with my queen, flanked by greens!

. ‍❤️‍

She glowed, as she rode, through the road, and I bowed!

. ‍❤️‍

I never cared where I rode to because you are my abode!

. ‍❤️‍

Her talks are music to my ears, excuse me, did someone horn?

. ‍❤️‍

She was born to ride my song!

. ‍❤️‍

I drive with my life, will you be my wife?

. ‍❤️‍


15 Night drive captions for IG

We were three, and we enjoyed it to a greater degree!

In the dark, something knocked, and I was in shock!

In the middle of the road, I unloaded my nagging load!

On the roads at the night, it is full of lights, do you think I  should write?

I can hear the music of my car flowing!

It is darkening but I am not afraid because it is sparkling!

I did not consider parking, for I never grew tired of embarking!

Darkness, Rain, and Headlights are beautiful when they get together!

 Out, into the night, with all might!

I did not feel sleepy, because I was on wheels!

 Unleashing myself into the night sky!

Riding through the foggy night, with my coffee!

I am driving bright tonight!

I can swim through any number of dark skies!

I am not scared of the dim skies, I am just filming my way through vibrant nights!


80 Long Drive Captions For Instagram

On and On I go, without getting slow!

On the ride, I felt like a glacier inside

I did not have a guide, but my courage was by my side

The roads were wide, and so were my insides!

I had a lot to decide, but for a while, I kept them all aside!

Finally, I cried, without having to hide!

The road had a divide, for a proper glide!

My friend feared I would collide, who cared if he died!

On the map, I relied, hoping it doesn’t misguide!

I rode, like a child, that has found its new play!

What is there to find, when I have nothing in my mind?

 I did not mind, another driver’s chide!

During the ride, I spied the sea tide, it appeared so kind!

Through the road, I plied, a signboard read, “Traffic Rules, you should abide”

The windscreen said, “I am like life, clear and transparent. You can never hide behind me” 

With pride, you cannot ride!

These doors confine me, yet I feel liberated! Strange, isn’t it? 

I couldn’t find my destination, but I did figure out my mind’s vision!

The road I eyed, “Go Slow”, it signed, well it was timed!

My insides were dried, not anymore, after the ride!

I pried, through the ride, to reset my mind!

I didn’t mind when another car vied!

I wish in the car I could reside because it provides a lot for the insides!

I never feel alone, because the Sun never allows me to!

The roads were free, and I enjoyed the Sea!

My home, I did not flee, I told the doubting tree!

I wanted to have tea, but there was no shop I could see!

The busy bee wouldn’t leave me!

Once I turned on my car key, I became a travel devotee!

“Foresee, you will never be at Sea”, said the Sea!

Life is Sea, if you agree, you will get the key!

Never feel drained, because it rains!

Life is simple, drive it like a car, and it will flow smoothly!

No pain when I ride in the rain!

I saw the plane from behind my window pane!

I loved riding in the lane because it looked beautiful in the rain!

Never refrain from riding in the rain, because it makes you more sane!

I am an explorer, riding by the water!

Looking at the sand, my car said, “Expand, only then you can take a stand”

On the wheel, I admire the fields that yield!

Wheels peeled my worries!

Even the birds were pleased with my driving speed because they squealed!

The moment I switched on the ignition, I believed I had achieved something big in my life!

I kept holding onto the steering wheel because it became so dear to me!

Acing the car gear, everything appeared clear, have I become a seer?

At dawn, I passed by a lawn that got me drawn!

I yawned, only to be startled by a horn!

I horned and he scorned!

Fields of corn, greet my Rolls-Royce with a grin!

I crossed the park, though it was dark!

The sky was blue, and my car matched its hue!

The clouds shouted, “Don’t doubt, you are on the right route”

Riding through, I saw the clouds, that whispered, “ever stay unbound”

Can my mind have a wiper too like my car, that works to provide clarity?

Cruising through the road, with light music, I went musing!

I was badly dressed, so I did not stop to ask for the address!

My car grew hungry, but I did not!

I never struggled because I was flowing, like the river!

Through the streets, I derived joy replete!

Finally, I parked my car, with a hard heart!

Off to the roads, with amazing goals!

Driving up the hill, without feeling drilled!

Seated on my wheels, I feel majestic, like the king!

I let the car roll, does it even need a goal?

So many shops around, but I didn’t care to stop!

I shrank with the early morning air, and forgot despair!

Riding, I look up at the Sunrise, magically, my thoughts grow wise!

Riding is a beautiful therapy, well, I found my remedy!

I was riding solo, but not without a moto!

Even the car has an air vent, now let me vent!

We cried, “We are team bride”, and started our ride!

I was capturing the sight with my eyes, while the rest were with their device!

Surroundings I adore, but never ignore

I am already full on the ride, Should I even eat?

Passing by the ghats, it got a little hot, but we loved it a lot!

I halted at a beautiful spot, and they shot!

The moon said, “Grow immune. You need to drive till next noon”

It was a boon to ride adoring the moon!

The melodious tunes added a festoon to the already charming moon!

I hope you loved my captions. Use them to make your car drive pictures stand out on your IG handle.


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