Blue Hole Dahab is a risky but spectacular diving spot in the waters of Red Sea in Egypt. This spot is known as the Red Sea’s graveyard by some people while others admire it for the beauty it bestows. The clear waters, magnificent marine life and free divers is what defines this place – in addition to its perils.

In my current article, I will let you know everything about Blue Hole Dahab. Also, through the medium of my travel writing, I intend to assist you in organizing a whole day at the spot so that it turns out to be a fun filled experience.

Blue Hole Dahab: An Overview

Location Southern Sinai, Egypt
State Dahab
Distance from City Centre 10 km
Recommended Mode of Travel The road to Blue hole Dahab isn’t a smooth one. Therefore, normal Sedan cars aren’t preferable.

You can go there by renting a Jeep or Land Rover to drive you there and back.

It’ll costs you around 600 Egyptian pounds at max, if you manage to have it scheduled with someone from the local Egyptians.

You can always walk there Sure it’ll be a long walk yeah but you get to see the sea from one side and mountains on the other so it’s really spectacular.

Cafes and Shacks  The seating by Blue Hole Dahab isn’t one of the traditional umbrellas and sea chairs.

It’s in the form of Arabian style seating, in wooden shacks or cafes.

You can hang out at any of these places. The prices are the same.  You sit there, pay the minimum charge (normally 50 Egyptian pounds).

You can have a drink, taste some dishes and chill out.

Also, if you don’t have your snorkeling or diving equipment with you, feel free to rent it at one of these places.

Facilities Water Chambers are available at each café along with  food and beverage.

Snorkeling and diving equipment is available for rent.

Guiding tours through hiking the mountain there, diving-learning centers and camel-riding rentals are also available.

Locale Blue Hole Dahab has an enchanting location. It seems like the farthest location in Egypt since it faces the Saudi coast (you can actually see it in the horizon).

If you have an Egyptian cellular SIM, you’ll get a welcoming message from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The region near Blue Hole Dahab doesn’t comprise of a sandy beach but a rocky one.

The rocky nature of mountains and small stones embrace the whole place in an arc form.

The red sea has one of the purest waters in the world and you can actually see the fish close to the surface especially at the three bells as you have access to the vertical perspective over the corals.

Best time to get into the water If you don’t mind the coolness of water, then around 10am would be a perfect time to indulge yourself in the sea.

After enjoying in water, take a refreshing walk by the mountains. 

If you like your water warm, then any time after 3pm would be perfect for you.

Best time to visit  Dahab’s weather is very pleasant in winter. However, you’ll enjoy the refreshing water of the Blue Hole the most during summer period.

Avoid your visit during the months of July and August as it can get scorching.

Activities  Diving, Snorkelling, hiking, mountain climbing, camel-riding and last but not least chilling by the sea.
Blue Hole Dahab

On the way to Blue Hole Dahab in my rented Land Rover. Photography by Moamen Bakry

Why are Blue Holes Named So ?

Blue holes are named so because when they are observed from high altitudes, they are of deeper blue color than the surrounding waters. Some are of fresh water and many others of sea water.

Blue holes were originally formed during the ice age. At that time water levels were at least 100 meters lower than the contemporary scenario. With the ice melting many caverns were laying deep at the bottom of the sea. But some of these caverns’ ceilings eventually collapsed which created deep holes to be filled by water. That is how these spectacular diving spots finally came into existence.

Blue Hole Dahab – The Diving Magnet

One of these blue holes turned out to be what is now known as Blue Hole Dahab. In recent years, Blue Hole Dahab is seen by travelers as one of the top diving destinations in Asia. Blue Hole Dahab is undoubtedly one of the the most beautiful and deadliest magnets for divers.

What’s special about the blue hole in Egypt is that it’s not just a diving destination, but also a place for mountain climbing, hiking, snorkeling. As a matter of fact, it can turn out be a pretty chilled out hang out spot.  Its presence in Egypt makes it very cheap and affordable for diving maniacs from every spot in the whole world.

blue hole dahab

Blue Hole Dahab offers some of the most beautiful underwater landscapes. Photography by Janine Greiwing

Blue Hole Dahab: The Deadliest Spot

Despite all of the adventurous activities associated with Blue Hole Dahab, it’s still called a deadliest magnet for divers. Reason being that many travelers have died while trying to explore the submarine scene there.

The place nearby has a whole wall by the three bells, and the start of the mountain walk-way, on which RIP stones are hung to salute the adventurous souls of all who passed away while exploring the submarine beauty. 

As a traveler, I will still recommend that you never let the wall stop you from getting to know this marvelous spot.

Budget Places of Stay Near Blue Hole Dahab

The following 2 places are reasonable budget options for first time travelers planning a trip to Blue Hole Dahab –


  • Single beds available
  • Free breakfast served
  • Ironing facilities available
  • In room safe box
  • Free wifi available

Starting Price per night is 280 Egyptian Pounds


  • Free breakfast for 2 people
  • Free wifi available
  • Kitchen area available 
  • Facility of super king bed
  • Free cancellation policy

Starting Price per night is 499 Egyptian Pounds

Spending an Entire Day at Blue Hole Dahab: Step Wise Program

In order to give you the feel of an overall experience at Blue Hole Dahab,  I am enlisting the steps of a specified program of what all to do at this place. The program will help you plan your trip well. Also, you will be able to get the most out of your Blue Hole Dahab journey. 

Step 1: Pack it up and start your journey

Start early for visiting Blue Hole Dahab. Arrange a Jeep or half-truck driver to pick you up at 9 am in the morning. This will be a cost effective option. The ride costs around 500 Egyptian Pounds. If you manage to do this with a local friend, you’ll get the ride for a much less price.

Get ready, prepare yourself a good breakfast before you leave home, pack some light snacks, take comfy trainers and if you have your own snorkeling kit, don’t forget to take it along. If you have an underwater camera or a water resistant phone, pack them as well, and if you don’t and can afford one, do rent one, as this place is really interesting for any beauty lover.

Get in the land rover and it’s about time.  Brace yourself for a road-trip so grumpy, yet so amazing. You’ll have your fair share of well-paved and soft way then you’ll enter a rocky road, so grumpy but mountains and vast deserts (perfect for safari trips) on one side and the sea on your other side.

On the way, you’ll pass by another diving area but not suitable for snorkeling. Its called the ‘Canyon.’ 

Blue Hole Dahab

The road that leads to Blue Hole, Dahab. Photography by Moamen Bakry

Step 2: Pick your seating options and indulge yourself

After you arrive near Blue Hole Dahab, look out for a good cafe suiting your needs (food, beverages, equipment rentals). After you’re seated, pick your indulging option either snorkeling or diving. Get ready and plunge into water preferably from the wooden passage.

Whether you choose to dive or to snorkel, you’ll simply be be dazzled. Explore what this marine heaven has to offer you – vast array of colors and peace of mind. Simply put, if you’ve seen the movie “Finding Nemo”, brace yourself for watching the HD live version of all of your favorite fish, including the clown fish itself, “Nemo”.

Also, the red sea is famous for the sea hedgehog. The young hedgehogs have very pointy needles and they can cause severe pain and injuries when pressed upon, but the Blue hole Dahab also contains the old ones. They aren’t as harmful and their needles aren’t pointy or sharp.

 If you go diving, get ready for exploring the submarine passages. If you venture deeper,  you may meet some sharks. Don’t worry the instructor will be with you. He will show you exactly how to deal with the situation.

The instructors at Blue Hole Dahab are very well-trained so just follow their instructions and you’ll have a good opportunity of going back home alive.

After you have a good marine tour, get back to a shack or cafe, restore your hydration levels with a cool beverage, have a snack, read something, chill for a while and get back up.

blue hole dahab

Pick a good place to hang out and chill for a while. Photography by Martin Hotarek

Step 3: Take a tour and invoke your salutations to the adventurous souls and former daredevils

By 3 pm or about that time, get out of the café. Turn left and you’ll pass by the three bells. You’ll go up a little to find the wall of fame, the RIP stones for all those who died while following their passion seeking danger and beauty.

Blue Hole Dahab has one of the highest numbers of diving deaths  in the world. Its beauty makes it irresistible but losing yourself to the sea isn’t always the wise decision to be taken. Hence respect the place and the noble souls who have ventured deep before you. Invoke their spirits a proper salutation and later maybe take a hike by the mountain sea-side or even climb some of its levels if you want. 

On your way back, stop at the three bells. The three bells are like the summary of the whole coast for snorkelers. Most types of fish that you’ve seen along the coast can be found here in these narrow water surfaces among the corals.

Blue hole dahab

At this spot near Blue Hole Dahab, pay your respects. Photography by Aymen Ismail

Step 4: Witness the sunset and bid goodbye

Witness the beginnings of the sunset at Blue Hole Dahab. Then move before it’s over to witness the rest of the marvelous scene along the road with the beautiful scene and various colors of mountains and the desert with the sea on the other side.

Before sunset, you can always take a camel-ride around the place.

Step 5: Recall, rest and relax

After you get back home, and have your own shower and meal. So freshen up and initiate a recalling sensation of each moment you had at Blue Hole Dahab. Trust me it will stay in your head for a long time. Take rest for some hours and if you really want it a good day with a perfect night, you can always prepare your barbecue tools and pack for an overnight stay at the Lagoon in Dahab. Here, the stars and the moon are your only light. Brace yourself for the beauty of the black sky away from the noise and lights of the city.

What All to Carry While Visiting Blue Hole Dahab ?

Blue Hole Dahab is a region that you should most certainly visit. Whether you have a taste for marine life or desert life, Blue Hole at Dahab is your one stop destination for an unprecedented experience with the beauty of the Red sea and its series of colourful mountains.

Happy wayfaring.


Moamen M. Bakry

Moamen M. Bakry

Moamen Bakry is an Egyptian senior marketer and advertiser. He studied advertising in Romania, and some Engineering in Egypt. He’s an explorer with a passion for nature, socialization and food. He looks for beauty wherever it lies and takes interest into sharing his experiences with others and describing the whole thing especially with juicy and fatty foods.