My Choicest Street Food Picks As a Delhi Gal!

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The best street food in Delhi is found across carts, lanes and localities. Afterall, every plate in Delhi has a story to narrate. A tale of its evolution, authenticity, and rich taste.

And this is why as a Delhite myself, I’ve assorted a list of the the most delicious Delhi street food.

Best street food in Delhi

118 Lip Smacking Favourites & Best Street Food in Delhi

Let’s start scrolling Delhi’s top street food –


Chole Bhature – The Lifeline of Delhi

The round, deep fried, crispy, and stuffed bhatura is served with spicy chole along with raw onion rings soaked in coriander-curd chutney.

You find it in every nick and corner of Delhi at as low as Rs. 35 per plate. It is the favourite brunch of the city.


The Roadside Lunch of Delhi – Chole Kulche

The kulche is shallow fried with butter and chopped coriander. It is then served with boiled chickpeas mixed with spicy flavours and cucumber-onion salad.

It is a light alternative to chole bhature and definitely one of the top contenders for the best street food in Delhi.


Aloo With Round Pooris To Fill Your Heart & Tummies 

Boiled and mashed potato prepared in tomato puree is served with round hot small pooris and salad.

A bite of hot poori and spicy-tangy potato curry creates an explosion in the mouth. 


Laddos Like You Never Tasty Before- Ram Ladoo

The crunchy balls of urad dal are accompanied with grated radish and coriander chutney. This burst of flavours is what makes it one of the best street food in Delhi.

You can find them in streetside shops or individuals carrying them from one area to another. You won’t stop salivating at its mere.


Fried Potato Getting Wet in Rain of Spicy Chutneys – Aloo Chaat

Big slices of boiled potato are deep fried. They are then soaked with sweet and spicy chutneys, curd, sev and fresh pomegranate seeds.

One plate of this savoury dish completely satiates your taste buds.


Nobody Can Wait for Aloo Kachaloo’s Plate

You will fall in love with yam once you eat the sour and spicy Aloo Kachaloo plate.

Boiled and sliced pieces of yam along with a boiled potato are mixed with tamarind water, salt, coriander, cumin powder, chillies, and lemon. 


A Perfect Blend of Sweet and Spicy – Honey Chilli Potato

Sliced potatoes are deep fried and mixed with sauteed garlic, green chillies, capsicum, honey, sauces and sesame seeds.

The honey balances the spiciness of capsicum and sauces. This is a best snack if you are looking for some sweet-spicy treat.


With Aloo Tikki With Chole, Your Heart Will Say Balle Balle

The shallow fried potato cutlets are topped with spicy chole to give it a wholesome taste.

It is decorated with chutneys, onion, curd and sev. The tanginess of the dish leaves you with a heavenly feeling.


Looking For Something Tasty and Spicy, Eat an Aloo Ki Tikki

Potato cutlets are shallow fried in butter and then garnished with spicy coriander chutney, sweet tamarind chutney, curd, and onions.

It is the favourite evening snack of Delhiites especially in monsoons.


The Perfect Combo of Triangle + Circles = Samosa With Chole

The evergreen spicy samosa is drenched with semi-liquid masala chickpeas and garnished with chutneys.

The plate is so tempting that you will not realise how you finished this spicy hot dish in just a few minutes. This is without a doubt one of the most loved and best street food in Delhi. 


In Race for the Best Street Food in Delhi – Dal Samosa

The evergreen snack is submerged in dal and decorated with onion and sev along with chutneys.

This wholesome deliciousness makes it one of Delhi’s top street foods.


Snack of Generations – Bhel Puri

Puffed rice is mixed with chopped onion, green chillies, tamarind water, lemon, roasted peanuts, boiled potatoes, and sev.

This has been the oldest snack of India and a part of my most memorable childhood memories.


Buttery Spicy Stuffed Parantha in Every Flavour

The mere mention brings a smile on everyone’s face. The city provides its various varieties and is served with pickles, salad, and curd.

It is completely drenched in butter to give it that authentic traditional taste. You get to choose from various delicious options – Aloo Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Lachcha Paratha, Mooli Paratha, the list goes on.


Soya Chaap – Protein in Its Yummiest Form

Soya Chaap is a specialty and ranks high among the best street food in Delhi. You can have it as a snack, starter or main course. Its variants will satiate your taste buds giving you a divine feeling.

It is either boiled and then fried or directly fried and sauteed in garlic, onion, tomato, chillies, and spices. You can enjoy them dry with sauces or with gravy along with naan or roti.


The Tastiest Oval Shape in the World – Naan

Like Paratha, you find its delicious variants in the capital. They have a separate fan base. It is made of refined flour and mostly cooked in tandoor or upside down tava.

Garlic Naan, Butter Naan, Stuffed Naan, the list goes on increasing as Delhi street food vendors keeps adding new variants at regular intervals.


Delicious, Crunchy and Soft – Bhalla Papdi

It’s a twist from the original dahi bhalle. A couple of bhalle (lentil fritters) are crushed and lots of slightly crushed papdi are sprinkled over them.

A bit of curd with various chutneys and sev are used to garnish the plate.


Cool, Sweet & Spicy Delhi Street Snack – Dahi Bhalle

Soft fried balls of urad dal are drenched in whisked curd (plain/sweet) and then garnished with chutneys, papdi, slices of boiled potato,  pomegranate seeds, and spices.

Delhi serves you the best Dahi-Bhalle in the world, so don’t miss them ever.


A Potli of Creamily Delicious – Malai Momos

Mayonnaise is cooked with sauces and spices. The momos are dipped in this mixture and served hot.

The creamy texture enhances the taste of soft and smooth momos. Some even fry momos before giving it a creamy flavour.


Delectably Twisted Tale – Noodles

The most loved Chinese dish and its different varieties are regular on the list of evening snacks in India.

Hakka noodles, paneer noodles, chicken noodles, all are a hit in the city. They have also been incorporated in various other dishes such as dosa with noodles, noodles momos, etc.


Kidney Beans Swimming in Indian Spices, Soaking Rice Along – Rajma Chawal

After chole bhature, this is the preferred street lunch of the Delhites. You find its cart at every hundred metres in the city.

Rajma is overnight soaked and cooked with Indian spices. This gravy is served with freshly cooked rice along with salad.


The Humble, Easy & Affordable Snack – Pakora

A household snack consumed more as per desire than hunger. Delhi streets are full of vendors serving its hot and crispy varieties of fritters. 

These gram flour fritters are eaten with coriander chutney and sometimes with pav or roti or bread.


Triangles Never Tasted Better- Bread Pakoda

This variety of pakora is filling and yum at the same time. One piece satiates the tummy for quite a long time.

When eaten with chutneys, it’s bliss. Its filling can be of potatoes, paneer, etc.


Crispy on the Outside, Soft on the Inside: Paneer Pakoda

Thin slices of marinated paneer or cottage cheese are dipped in gram flour and deep fries.

The golden brown pakora looks tempting. A dash of chat powder is sprinkled over it and is served with chutneys.


Mouth-Watering Dose of Protein – Veg Chaap Pakora

Protein loaded marinated soya chaap covered with refined flour is deep fried. The golden crispy pakora looks delicious and eaten with raw onion rings and spicy chutney.

The flavours burst into your mouth and you swing your head in happiness.


No One Can So NO to Golgappas

Chiilied or heeng-ed or sweet & sour, you get to choose the water to relish the soft golgappe with salty or sweet filling.

Asking for free dry golgappa in the end is the best memory attached with this childhood crush of the nation. Nothing can beat the craziness and excitement of eating Golgappas at a roadside cart.


Poori Stuffed With Flavours- Bedami Poori

The poori is filled with bedami masala which is urad daal mixed with spicy flavours. It is served with spicy and tangy aloo curry.

The flavoured poori oozes an enchanting aroma and your hands rush to take a bite of it.


Crispy-Crunchy Bites- Khasta Kachori

A north-Indian specialty, it scores high on taste and crunchiness. The fried and masala stuffed kachori is crushed and then served with aloo sabji.

Unlike other kachoris, this one is thinner and crunchier. 


Irresistible Royal Treat – Raj Kachori

The big kachori is broken from the middle. It is then filled with bhalle, boiled potato, papdi, curd, tamarind chutney, coriander chutney, sev and pomegranate seeds.

The taste is wholesome and fulfilling to the core. 


Kachori of a Different Kind – Multan Moth Kachori

Moth or matki is boiled with salt. The crispy stuffed kachoris are served hot with moth. Onion and spices are sprinkled over it.

The crunchy kachori and soft moth complement each other, leaving the customer wanting for more.


Delhi’s Famous Roadside Breakfast – Kachori With Sabji

The traditional stuffed kachori and potato curry make a yummy combo. Its aroma and tangy taste makes it  a delicious and heavy breakfast.

Millions of Delhites savour it in the morning and feel satiated the whole day.


Discover the Taste in Layers – Lachcha Tokri

A tokri or basket is made completely of grated and fried potato. It is filled with chickpeas, whisked curd, pomegranate seeds, boondi, chutneys and sprinkled with redchille powder along with chaat masala. 

Lachcha Tokri is a wholesome evening snack of many in the city.


Nothing Beats the Flavours of Paneer Tikka From Delhi Streets

Paneer or cottage cheese is a super dish of India. Paneer Tikka is a roasted twist to the plain one.

Marinated with curd and spicy flavours, it is served with coriander-curd chutney. It can be accompanied by naan, rumali roti, butter roti, etc.


Besan Ka Chilla: India’s Savoury Answer to Pancakes

The gram flour crepe has paneer, grated carrots, grated beetroot, peas, beans filling and served hot with coriander and tamarind chutney.

The protein rich crepe is full of taste and health.


Packed With Taste & Nutrition – Paneer Moong Dal Chilla

The moong dal chilla is light and healthy at the same time. Stuffed with paneer or vegetables , it is served with your choice of chutneys.

This delicacy is rich in protein along with taste.


A Crunchy Snack for the Run – Chana Jor Garam

The boiled and crushed black gram are mixed with chopped onion, tomato, green chillies, green chutney and sprinkled with chaat masala and a dash of lemon.

This childhood nostalgia is still very much found on the Delhi streets.


Soaked Chickpeas Romancing Chutneys – Matar Chaat

The boiled white chickpeas are shallow fried in butter and garnished with whisked curd, chutneys, onions, chaat masala and sev.

This mouth watering dish is impossible to resist. It’s also known as ragda patties in the south.


Crispy and Economical- Delhi’s Twist to McDonald’s Tikki Burger 

Giving a local tadka to this world famous snack, green chutney is added and buns are shallow fried. These little modifications make the burgers crispier, tastier and yummier.

The feeling of Indianness in the snack makes it more likeable. 


Refreshing, Spicy & Flavourful Cucumber Slices

The juiciness of cucumber mixed with spices is refreshing. These are mostly found in the scorching summers of Delhi.

This cheap snack helps to beat the heat and hunger together.


Beating Delhi’s Heat, the Savoury Glass of Refreshing Chaach

It is a refreshing drink of summer for the Delhites. The curd is churned with roasted cumin powder, black salt and ice.

It is quite famous as it not only quenches the thirst in hot summers but also replenishes the salts lost due to sweating.


Kebab, Every Vegetarian Needs to Try: Laung Churey Kebab

Kebabs are not always non-vegetarians. Laung churey kebabs are the best example. They are made of paneer soaked in refined flour and deep fried. Its gravy is made of soya keema cooked in butter and spices.

These kebabs come in three varieties. They give a tough competition to all non-vegetarian kebabs in terms of taste and texture.


Succulent & Completely Vegetarian- Kathi Kebab

A dish that looks non-vegetarian but is completely and deliciously vegetarian. Surely a treat for all the vegetarians  This kebab satiates your spicy protein cravings.

Made of soya (chunks and granules), paneer, vegetables, spices and lots of butter, it is mostly served with rumali roti or naan. 


An Affair of Butter & Mashed Vegetables Served With Pav – Pav Bhaji

An assortment of boiled and smashed vegetables sauteed with garlic, onions, tomatoes, pav bhaji masala is bathed in butter and served with pav.

The butter enhances the taste of bhaji and people end up licking their fingers.  


Thinnest and Softest Roti of the World- Rumali Roti

Rumali roti is different from other regular breads because unlike them it is made with strokes of hands in the air. Its thin yet smooth texture makes every bite soft and yum.

Rumali roti dough is a mix of wheat flour and refined flour made with milk or water.


Roasted Flavoursome Rice & Veggies Pleases All- Tawa Pulao

Though a famous Mumbai delicacy, it has a separate fan base in Delhi too. The rice is first cooked with salt and turmeric. It is then mixed with vegetables sauteed in butter and spices.

Served with onion rings, papad, raita and chilly sauce, the dish’s spiciness and flavours makes it one of the tastiest pulao.


From the Streets of Mumbai to the Streets to Delhi – Vada Pav

Curry leaves, mustard seeds, green chillies, salt, when you mix these magic ingredients with boiled potato, soak it in gram flour and deep fry it, you get the tantalising taste of a vada.

Roasted cornflakes, onion, special masala, fried green chilli, all wrapped with vada in a pav. My mouth has started watering, what about you?


You Can Always Count On Vada Sambhar for Taste

This spicy and savoury doughnut is deep fried and served with sambar and chutney.

The tangy sambhar soaks the crispy vada making them one. The coarse coconut chutney adds wonder to the whole dish. 


A Hearty Appetising Meal – Palak Paneer Rice

Chunks of paneer are added to the spinach puree which has been cooked in garlic, onions, tomatoes and masala.

When the gravy is mixed with rice, the end result fondles your taste buds.


Enjoy Tibetan Taste on Delhi Streets With Laphing

It is a Tibetan dish made of refined flour and is served with soya chunks and chilly sauce.

It is also known as cold noodles. You will be reminded of McLeod Ganj when you taste this spicy delicacy.


When in Doubt Choose Dahi Pakori

The crispy, savoury, urad dal balls are soaked in whisked curd and garnished with chutneys, masala, and sev.

The crispiness of pakora is melted by the soft curd, they both together give a delicious taste to the tongue and heart.


Nothing Can Be More Indian Than a Paneer Tikka Burger

Giving an Indian twist to a regular burger, chunks or a cutlet of paneer tikka are added along with potato cutlet, salad, and sauces.

Loaded with deliciousness, this burger is a treat for all the foodies. 


In Delhi, There Is More Than One Way to Enjoy Nation’s Love – Maggi 

Your favourite 2 minutes noodles gets a makeover in Delhi. Here you will see it in varieties such as masala maggi, egg maggi, oats maggi, cheese maggi, schezwan maggi and so on.

Cooked plain or with vegetables, it sure ignites all the childhood memories.


Spicy, Tangy, Nutritious, Delicious – Star Fruit

The carts standing outside schools sell the tangy Star Fruit sprinkled with a spicy mix.

The chilly-sour taste is a refreshing and affordable snack for kids and is definitely worth a try.


Crispy and Crunchy in Every Bite – Sev Puri Chaat

Pooris are filled with boiled potatoes, onions, chutneys, curd and finally garnished with sev.

One sev poori is sufficient to create a riot of tastes in your mouth. The crunchiness dominates the whole taste.


Something Light & an Absolute Delight- Dhokla

The Gujarati world famous delicacy has grown into various varieties especially the dhokla sandwich.

The chilly-sweet tadka makes the spongy besan even more tasty.


Bite-Sized Joy of Sweet and Spicy Flavours – Khandvi

Simple yet full of taste, is the best way to define this Gujarati delicacy.

Garnished with coconut and pomegranate seeds, it melts as soon as it gets into the mouth. You will never know when you finished it.


Rolled Up Deliciousness in a Frankie

The roti or maida rolls are the ideal choice for heavy evening snacks. The frankie is filled with veg masala, paneer, noodles, schezwan, etc.

The green chutney and onions make it a complete meal.


Taste the Royalty With a Shahi Paratha 

Parathas are a complete meal in itself. They are mostly made of vegetables but Shahi paratha has a sweet twist to it.

It is also made of veggies but also has paneer and dry fruits. It is topped with grated cheese. 


Authentic Taste, Economical Rates – Aslam’s Chicken

This place in Delhi is world famous for its butter chicken. Beautifully roasted chicken is drenched in cream and butter along with Aslam’s special spices.

The soft , tender chicken melts in the mouth oozing out flavours entrapped in butter. It also serves delicious chicken kebab and butter paneer tikka.


Yellow and White, Mouth Opens Wide – Omelette 

Egg delicacies have their own charm, especially in the winters of Delhi. Chopped onions, tomatoes, spring onions, coriander leaves, and spices are whisked with the yellow-white liquid and cooked in butter.

Served with bread or pav along with chutneys, the delicious dish steals your heart instantly.


Eggs Rendezvous With Chicken – Kebab Omelette Pizza

A 10 eggs omelette is topped by chicken kebabs cooked in butter, onion, green chillies, tomatoes and spices. It is further garnished with cheese, mayonnaise, coriander leaves, raw slices of beetroot and lettuce.

The tempting plate seduces you to fall in its taste trap. You do that willingly and with a wide smile on your face.


Best Street Food in Delhi for Non Vegetarians – Kebabs

Kebabs have their own charm. Chicken seekh kebab, Mutton seekh kebab, Fish seekh kebab are some of the common varieties of kebab available.

These tikkas are drenched in butter and are cooked in special spices, giving them a unique taste and feel.


Chicken at Its Tastiest Best – Chicken Shawarma

Chicken keema is prepared by roasting marinated chicken breasts with onion, green chillies, ginger, tomatoes and spices.

This mouth watering recipe is served as a shawarma wrap or shawarma and salaami burger or ham-salami-chicken sandwich. Foodies must try them else they will be missing the taste of their life. 


Old Delhi’s Signature Dish – Nihari

This dish evolved in Old Delhi. The taste you get here has not been perfectly imitated anywhere in the world yet.

The aroma and the spices give it a rich nutritious flavour. Mutton is cooked for hours in the curry and served with roomali roti.


Punjabi Flavours Overloaded – Chicken Chole

Boiled chickpeas with raw spices and shallow fried chicken pieces are added to the gravy of onion, tomato, ginger, garlic and spices.

The flavours of chole and chicken complement each other and take the taste to the next level.  This fusion works well in taste and satiating hunger.


Trotters Galloping in Taste – Mutton Paye

The trotters are cooked in onion, garlic-ginger taste, spices, oil and water.

Pressure cooked or slow-cooked, either way the delicious payas get their authentic flavours. They are extremely healthy and nutritious. 


The Love Story of Chicken & Spices – Chicken Curry

The curry is prepared with onion-tomato sauce, ginger-garlic paste, oil, water and spices sauteed together.

Chicken is then added and cooked on medium flame which allows the flavours to engulf the pieces giving them that rich taste.


Juicy Flavours on a Skew – Chicken Kebab

Chicken is marinated with hung yoghurt, lemon juice, spices, oil and rested overnight. It is then threaded through skewers and grilled until pink and tender.

Not only a great appetiser, it is also served as a side dish in main meals.


Best Street Food in Delhi for Non Vegetarians – Tandoori Chicken

The smokey, juicy, and grilled appetiser is prepared from marinated chicken legs.

This authentic and easy dish is sure to capture the heart of food lovers. 


Whole Is What Matters – Chicken Sajji

The uniqueness of this dish is that it is cooked with skin on. Originally, the marination was of salt and vinegar only but now it’s much spicier.

The whole chicken is cooked slowly to allow it to smoke and ooze out its flavours. 


Slow Cooking, Delicious Tasting – Dum Pukht

The marinated mutton is cooked slowly in a sealed vessel. The sealing is what gives the best aromatic flavours.

This irresistible dish is served with naan or roti, salad and raita.


Stuffed With Flavours – Mutton Naan

Naans is itself a delicious bread and when stuffed, it gets an enhanced and rich taste.

The refined flour dough is stuffed with minced mutton cooked in spices. The bread can either be cooked on a tawa or baked.


Delectable and Inviting – Mutton Korma

The mutton is partially boiled and then mixed with sauteed spices. Curd is further added along with water and poppy seeds which gives the meat a different flavour.

Black pepper can also be added to turn on the heat. It can be eaten with naan or rice.


Bite-Sized Juicy Dumplings – Chicken Momos

What happens when a luscious minced chicken is entrapped in a refined flour and steamed? You get a blast of taste. These simple yet tasty dumplings are very healthy and irresistible.

Super soft refined flour balls are rolled out thinly and are filled with a mixture of minced chicken, spring onion, soya sauce and spices.


Nutritiously Delicious Sea Serving – Jhinga Curry

This super healthy prawn dish can be baked, roasted or cooked. They can be eaten with steamed rice or Malabar parotta.

The prawns are cleaned, deveined and dried. Then they are cooked in spices, raw mango, coconut cream and curry leaves. 


Crispy Flavourful Bites – Jhinga Fry

The prawns are washed, deveined and dried properly. They are then marinated with spices, refined flour and gram flour.

They can be fried immediately or after a few minutes. The crispy bites can be enjoyed with coriander chutney.


Soft, Smoothly Deliciousness – Mutton Brain (Magaj)

The brain is washed properly and cooked. Onion , ginger, garlic , spices and curry leaves are sauteed and then the brain is added.

The tender meat is very delicious and tasty. It can be eaten with naans and roti.


Succulent Melts – Mutton Kakori

This delicious Mughlai dish is made with mutton, onion and spices. They melt in the mouth right away.

The distinct flavour of this kebab comes from a host of eclectic spices and Malibali mangoes which is used to tenderise the meat.


For Every Seafood Lover – Fish Cutlet

Bones are removed from the boiled fish and then it is mixed with sauteed onion, ginger, chillies and boiled potato.

The cutlets are dipped in beaten egg and then rolled in bread crumbs and fried. 


Double Whammy – Double Egg Mutton Mughlai

A thick layer of refined flour is rolled and filled with sauteed minced mutton, onions and eggs. The quadrilateral is then fried and served crisp along with chutneys or potato curry and salad.

The combined flavours of egg and mutton complement each other perfectly.


Soft Tasty Pieces – Mutton Chop Curry

Mutton pieces are sauteed with onion, ginger-garlic paste, yoghurt, rose water, milk, food colour and spices and pressure cooked.

It can be eaten with pulao or biryani. The soft, tender pieces are rich in aromatic flavours. 


Roast or Grill, You Sure Get Tasty Chills – Seekh Kebab

The hot and piquant appetiser are the evergreen party starters. Be it a mutton or chicken, the meat is minced in spices and grilled to perfection.

Plated along with mint chutney, onion rings and lemon wedges, these starters start the party with a bang.


Awesome Sea Starters – Fish Fry

After the fish is washed and dried, it is marinated with yoghurt and spices, then put to rest for half an hour.

The shallow fried crispy pieces taste heavenly. They are served with onion rings.


Nutty, Creamy and Juicy – Chicken Korma

The flavourful and creamy korma gravy is made from onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, coconut, yoghurt, almond, cashew, poppy seeds and spices.

The marinated chicken is cooked in it and served with rice, naan or roti along with salad.


The Tasty Eggy Twist – Egg Pakora 

Adding a tasty twist to the evergreen eggs, the boiled ones are dipped in besan or gram flour and deep fried.

They are served with grated radish, green chutney and chat masala. You just can’t resist these cheap crispy bites especially in monsoons.


Taste Drenched in Gram Flour and Oil – Fish Pakoda

The fish is marinated with special spices, besan and water. It is then deep fried and served with special chutney made of pomegranate seeds, mint, tamarind and spices.

The pakoras are extremely delicious and it melts as soon as it enters the mouth.


Red Hot Flames Giving the Taste – Tandoori Chicken Tikka

An authentic Indian subcontinent dish which originated in the Mughal era, is adored by the food lovers. The boneless marinated chicken pieces or bites (tikka) are baked over charcoal.

This non-veg snack is mostly eaten with coriander chutney and onion rings. Generous amount of ghee is poured at intervals which enriches its taste to the next level.


Every Non-vegetarian’s Favourite – Keema Samosas

The king of evening snack, Samosa’s non-veg twist is equally tantalizing.

Minced chicken or mutton i.e. keema is first  cooked in onion, spices and sauce and then filled in refined flour bread in triangular shapes and deep fried. It is served with chutneys.


Creamy and Juicy – Chicken Afghani Momos

Onion, ghee and spices are added to the chicken mince which are fillings of the momos.

The steamed momos are added to the creamy and juicy garlicky sauce giving it that Afghani taste and hence the name. 


One of the Most Famous Street Food in Delhi – Chicken Chowmein

The chicken thigh meat is cooked with vegetables and spices. Boiled noodles are added and chilli flakes or black pepper is added to give it that extra flavour.

This delicious evening snack is a hot favourite of non-vegetarians.


Buttery Twist to Your Regular Burger – Butter Chicken Burger

The shallow fried minced chicken patties are loaded with butter and spices.

The crunchy cucumber and grated carrot layer makes the toasted buns taste super awesome. This mix of flavours complement each other perfectly.


Nothing Can Go Wrong With a Bowl of Tangy Tomato Soup

The street side tomato soup is creamy, rich and flavourful. Winter evenings in Delhi  become warmer and cosy with a bowl of Tomato soup.

Crispy croutons dipped in the sweet, tangy and buttery soup give it a crunchy twist.


Comforting & Flavoursome – Sweet Corn Soup

This soup is a treat for all sweet corn lovers. Vegetables add to the flavour.

Some also add paneer to enhance the taste and make it more filling. Non-vegetarians enjoy it as Chicken sweet corn soup.  


Delhi Brings Out the Best in Chilly and Spicy Manchow Soup

This Chinese soup is a hot favourite of many Delhiites.

It is served with fried noodles which adds some crunchiness to the soft vegetables.  


Prawn Noodle Soup – To Beat the Small Hunger Pangs 

Dense shrimp broth along with fresh prawns and sweet-tangy chilli sauce make a delicious bowl of Prawn Noodle Soup.

This soup brims with seafood stock of shrimps and sweetness of sauces. Fried noodles and shallots are added to complement the soup.


Healthy and Yummy – Mutton Paya Soup

Known for its health benefits for kids and old alike, this delicious soup is savoured with love. Loaded with whole spices, a bowl of Paya soup always satiates all.

It is specifically recommended in illness or to provide warmth in winters.


Heavenly, Light & an Absolute Delight – Chicken Soup 

A very healthy and low fat, Chicken soup scores high on the list of foodies. Vegetables are sauteed, chicken stock and shredded chicken are added.

After the cool down, lemon juice is squeezed and pepper powder sprinkled on it. Boiled noodles can also be added.


Grab a Spoon & a Straw for The Rabri Faluda

Imagine you have a drink but need a spoon to savour it! That’s rabri faluda for you guys. Rabri, a traditional sweet made of milk, cream, sugar, nuts, is topped on vermicelli or faluda.

It’s very thick and floral. You need a spoon to enjoy this sweetness of this best street food in Delhi.


No Drink Can Beat the Taste of the Thick Creamy Lassi From Delhi Streets

Lassi is a favourite summer drink of Indians. Made from curd, sugar or spices and lots of ice, it is topped either with cream or cardamom or black salt.

One glass not only quenches your thirst but also gives you respite from the heat.


Try Out Traditional Pot Ice Cream – Matka Kulfi

An ideal Indian dessert, it is an old classic. Made from milk, sugar and dry fruits, it is denser and creamier in respect to normal ice creams.

Small sized earthen pot or matka is used in making the ice cream and hence the name. 


Creamy-Dreamy Rasmalai Is Everybody’s Favourite

Cardamom and saffron are added in sweetened milk in which flattened rasgullas are soaked.

These  thick creamy, soft, sweet and tasty bites melt in your mouth leaving you wanting for more.


Soft Squishy Sweet Spheres to Make You Happy – Rasgulle

The chena (cottage cheese) and semolina dough ball shaped dumplings are cooked in sugar syrup.

This syrupy dessert is very popular. A bite into this spongy dessert will leave your mouth full of flavours.


There Is Something Very Royal About the Shahi Tukda

Fresh or leftover breads are shallow fried crisp. They are dipped in sugar syrup, decorated with rabri and  dry fruits.

This is served with hot side dishes after a hearty meal. 


Round & Brown Gulaab Jamun for Every Season

It can easily be called the National Dessert of India. These sweet treats are a must on any festive occasion or Indian functions. Any celebration without Gulab jamuns is incomplete.

They are round balls of milk powder dough that are deep fried until brown and then dipped in sugar syrup. 


Mohabbat Ka Sharbat – Drink up the Pink Love

This refreshing summer drink is especially famous in Old Delhi. One of its key ingredients is rose syrup and petals. Hence , it is also called Mohabbat Ka Sharbat.

Chilled milk, sugar and rose syrup are mixed well. Then watermelon syrup, chopped watermelon and crushed ice are mixed. Finally it is topped with rose petals.


Reminiscence Your Childhood With Chilled Chuskis

The chilled stick relished since childhood, it’s every Indian’s nostalgia.

Made with crushed ice and flavoured syrups, this simple recipe has been winning hearts since ages. You can also have it in a glass.


Finish a Heavy Meal With Sweet-Salty-Spicy Lemon Soda

One of the most common carts on the streets of Delhi is of Lemon Soda. Soda bottle or Tharra, is poured in a glass which has lemon juice, sugar syrup, ice and black salt. Sodium Bicarbonate electrifies the taste.

The sweet and tangy combo quenches the thirst and leaves a sweet chilled taste in the mouth.


Simple Yet Succulent Sweet Sugarcane Sticks – Ganeri

Sugarcane is consumed in many ways. One of them is – Ganeri. A stick of sugarcane is peeled and then cut into equal pieces.

The baby sticks are very juicy and ready to consume. Eating raw sugar not only gives sweet juice but it also strengthens the muscles of the mouth and makes teeth strong. Old people swear by its benefits.


Simple & Sweet – Ganne Ka Juice

Sugarcane Juice or Ganne ka Juice is synonymous with Indian summers. This cool drink has seen many weathers and has changed its flavour with passing years.

Made with sugarcane juice, lemon juice, mint, ginger and ice, one chilled glass is a bliss in the scorching heat of summers.


Taste the Fervour of Festive Season With Phirni

Served in shikoras or small mud clays, Phirni is rice and milk based dessert that is a twist to the traditional kheer.

This scrumptious traditional dish is made mostly on festive occasions. The pudding is flavoured with green cardamom and decorated with nuts.


Cottage Cheese Sweet Twisters – Paneer Jalebi

A cheesy twist to the traditional jalebi, Paneer jalebi is a gastronomical delight for people with a sweet tooth. Saffron and Cardamom powder give it its uniqueness.

A generous amount of vanilla poured on these jalebi raises the taste to another level.


Dal’s Sweet Avatar – Moong Dal Halwa

Soaked Moong dal is grinded coarse and cooked until brown. Sugar, cardamom powder, saffron and nuts enhance its rich taste.

One of the main items in the dessert menu, moong dal halwa is an all time favourite. It’s in huge demand in winters.


Nutty, Creamy & Flavourful Drink- Kesar Badam Dudh

It is a traditional ayurvedic drink made from almonds, sugar, milk and flavoured with saffron and cardamom powder.

This is mostly relished piping hot in winters. It is protein loaded, rich, creamy and super nutritious.


Nutritiously Curdy – Dry Fruit Lassi

Delhi streets have ample carts of Lassi in summers. Dry fruit lassi is a bestseller.  Hung curd is mixed with water and sugar.

It is served in a glass with a couple of layers of strawberry crush, curd, and dry fruits. It is thick and eaten with a spoon.


Gajar Ka Halwa: A Must try in the Winter Season

Though every Indian household cooks Gajar Ka Halwa but the flavour of street vendors is yummier and tastier. This makes it one of the best street food in Delhi.

Carrots are peeled, grated and cooked in ghee. Khoya or milk, sugar is added to enrich its taste. Dry fruits are mixed and also sprinkled making it delicious and tempting.


Crunchy Sesame Seeds in a Sweet Base- Gazak

A winter delicacy of North, it is amply found on streets of Delhi. The carts have various varieties, flavours, shapes and sizes.

Made with sesame seeds, jaggery, ghee and water, this sweet is often a mini dessert after meals. It is mostly eaten as a snack in chilled weather.


Brittle Rock Candies – Revari

The sesame candies are eaten in winters as they provide warmth and are energy boosters.

They are made with sesame seeds, jaggery or sugar, and ghee. Carts full of revaris are a common sight during winters in Delhi.


Making a Way From Rajasthan to Delhi – Ghevar

Originally a Rajasthani desert, Delhi has adapted it as its own and savours it happily during monsoons.

It has a porous texture and is a disc style cake topped with milk rabadi, kesar and nuts.


Delhi Street Food Tour Is Incomplete Without the Taste of Paan

This betel leaf palate has been consumed since ages, especially after meals. It comes in various varieties but has basic three ingredients – red katha paste, slaked lime paste and chopped areca nut.

Meetha paan is most common. This is a sort of cleanser and digestive.

I hope my list of best street food in Delhi made you drool. All these are easily available throughout Delhi and if you are in the city, make sure you try at least a few of these. 

Let me know in the comment section, what is the best street in your city or town.


Sony Valecha

Sony Valecha has spent close to twenty long years in India’s capital - New Delhi. She knows the food, culture and the people of this vibrant destination well. Sanstripti is a go-getter and is keen on exploring life.