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Your search for the best places for couples in Delhi ends here.  As someone who lives and loves Delhi, I bring you a collection of the best spots to chill out with your partner in the national capital.

Couples of all ages, married or unmarried, find a place in the city to spend quality time together. Ranging from historical, classic, to cool, adventurous or comfy,  you’ll find all kinds of amazing places to visit in Delhi with your significant other.

91 Best Places for Couples in Delhi to Bond

Scorching heat, humid monsoon or cold winters, Delhi has ample options for the lovebirds for all seasons. The historical city offers the couples these exquisite options to explore and strengthen their relationship –


Heart to Heart: Central Park, Connaught Place

Located in the heart of Delhi, the park is famous equally among students, kids and adults alike. The verdant park has fountains, tall trees, and meandering waterways. It is one of the favourite places for young couples.


Mesmerised Walks: The Garden of Five Senses, Saidul Ajaib

Couples looking for long romantic walks amidst beautiful landscapes, this place is the perfect choice. It is built on many themes, one of which includes a section built on the lines of Mughal Gardens. Apart from that it also has a solar energy park, pool with water lilies and bamboo courts. 


Jump in Love: Trampoline Park, Metro Walk, Rohini

This park is especially meant for fitness enthusiastic couples. They can have fun, adventure , and sports together. As we can say those who jump together, see the world together.


Ride on Love: Adventure Island, Rohini

If you are thinking of taking adventurous rides with your spouse without leaving the city, Adventure Island is the place. It’s pretty economical as well. It has a number of rides and theme shows. Water rides are a hit in the summer. 


Eccentrically Adorable: Lord of the Drinks, Connaught Place

LOTD as it is famously called serves delicious food along with most eccentric drinks. A meal here with your partner gives you happy vibes and antique serenity. It is one of the most romantic places in Delhi for dinner & drinks.


Solve Together: Mystery Rooms

When a couple is curious to find out the compatibility, IQ and understanding of their partners, they can head to Mystery Rooms. This race against clock challenge tests your team work on several parameters. It is a fun game and definitely among unique date ideas Delhi. 


Sunrises From a Lake: Deer Park Homestay, Hauz Khas Village

The beauty of this park will definitely make you forget that you are in one of the most polluted cities. Peacocks, deers, rabbits roam freely in the lap of nature. Listed as one of the best private places for couples in Delhi, the calming lake, beautiful flower beds, trimmed lawns, will compel you to stay there forever.


For Favourite Clicks: Buddha Jayanti Park

Famous for pre-wedding shoots, this park is a hit among couples for photo sessions. Its beautifully manicured lawns, sloping terrains, streams, give that calm feeling for these lovelorn souls.


Tranquility in the Ruins: Lodi: The Garden Restaurant, Khan Market

If you are looking for romantic places in Delhi for lunch, this is an excellent pick. The antiquated ruins, well kept flower beds, scenic views, is all you need to spend a calm afternoon with your partner. You could have romantic conversations or just lay down on the green lawns. Food joints take care of your tummy and ensure you enjoy every second spent there.


Delhi’s Hidden Gem: Parthasarathy Rocks

PSR is one of the most romantic places in Delhi to visit with girlfriend or boyfried. It is mostly visited by the Delhi University campus students. This hidden gem among the rocks and crevices, hides you from the chaos of the city.


Shop and Stroll: Delhi Haat, INA

Young couples have their best dates here. Shopping for each other and having romantic lunches, what more can you ask for. A stroll on Bengal and Naga Pavillion completes the date on a high romantic note.


White Outing: Connaught Place

CP is one of the best places to visit for couples especially those visiting the city for the first time.  The Colonial white buildings, showrooms and street vendors, cafes and restaurants, savouring all these with your beloved are the memories you cherish for years to come.


For Lovers of The Past: Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Couples who love History and Archaeology, spend their dates here. Its passion and love bonding in one go. Walking in its garden holding hands and talking about your love is a surreal feeling.


Love Blossoming in a World Heritage: Qutub Minar, Mehrauli

The huge minar inspires the enchanted eyes to grow their love to its equivalent height. The red sandstone resonates with the colour of their hearts. You can spend hours admiring the architecture or taking and conversing in the gardens. 


Adventurous Birds: Indian Mountaineering Foundation, Moti Bagh

For adevnturous couples , this can be one of the unique date ideas in Delhi. Love jumps in leaps and bounds during rock climbing, Burma bridge, rope ladder or tyre swings here.


Serene Strolls:  Ridge Road, North Campus

A shining exception to Delhi’s congested roads is the Ridge road. The peace and serenity attracts couples of all ages to take a stroll here and rekindle their love or ignite the new sparks.


A Gate of Leisurely Love: India Gate

The lawns of this martyrs memorial are a paradise for lovers with restricted pockets or resources. At night the place’s beauty is at its best. Sharing a scoop of ice cream or a stick of chuski while strolling the lawns is mesmerizingly adorable.


Cosy Dining: Sevilla, The Claridges, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Rd.

This is one of my personal favourite romantic places in Delhi for dinner. This is a lovelorn couples paradise in Spanish decor and theme. European and Moroccan cuisine fills the hearts and tummies. 


Love Blossoming: Rose Garden, Chanakyapuri

The flower of love is at its best in winters. Couples strolling among different varieties are swept by its fragrance and beautiful colours. The romantic souls take vows to stay together eternally making it one of the best places in Delhi for couples.


Applaud Together Delhi’s Red Beauty: Red Fort

The national monument has been witness to endless romantic strolls for centuries. The vast area provides ample space and privacy to hundred souls visiting it each day. A unique amalgamation of history, national pride and love.


Leisurely Romance: The Frat House, Hauz Khas

The restaurant provides serene vibes and delicious food. It caters even to the requirements of kids. Couples with kids find it relaxing and stress buster. 


Romancing at Roof: Up and Down, South Extension 2

This rooftop restaurant is a favourite among people who love fine dining, great drinks and partying. Couples find it thoroughly romantic to have a candlelight dinner in its charming ambience. Love sparks around the soft flames of the melting wax.


Musical Restro-Pub: Cafe Wall Street, CP

This wall street theme restro-pub has delightful colours which ooze out elegance. The live music soothes the souls of the lovebirds who tap their feet on romantic and sufi music. Multicuisine menu and variety of drinks keep their stomachs satiated.


Armenian Love: Lavaash by Saby, Mehrauli

Couples who love Armenian food, visit this lovely place for sure. The classic ambience sets the pace for romantic dining. Drinks add flavour to the luscious meal. The Armenian delicacies steal the couples hearts quite easily.


Love Along Mughal Architecture: Humayun Tomb

The world heritage site is one of the best private places for couples in Delhi. The quiet and calm surroundings give the romantic souls much needed peace and privacy. They sit leisurely for hours and dream about their romantic future.


Italian Romance: Cafe Tonino, CP

If you and your partner desires to have an Italian date, Cafe Tonino is at their service. The wooden furniture, subtle decor, outdoor seating amidst mango trees, all of this gives you the perfect romantic vibes. Food and wine make sure you go to bed swooning an Italian melody.


First Dates: Music & Monuments, Greater Kailash -1

This cafe has an old English feel. It serves continental and couples can spend hours here. Soaking in the peaceful ambience away from the hustle bustle of the city, first dates are a sure shot hit here.


Feeling High: Sky Lounge, CP

Having one of the best rooftop dining experiences, the cafe serves you food with love. It is located centrally and has a good overview of the city. 


Cool Moments: Aqua by the Park, Parliament Street

Scorching heat of Delhi forces you to think about cooler options for a date. One such cool option is Aqua, a restaurant and bar by the poolside at The Park, Delhi. It has romantic swing sets where couples have their most memorable moments.


Love Frozen Forever: Ice Lounge, Saket

Delhi‘s heat sucks all the energy and enthusiasm. So when lovebirds find a place within the city having sub-zero temperatures, they grab it with full arms. Everything here is made of ice including the sculptures. Wearing warm jackets and enjoying hot meals is the best and unique date ideas for couples in Delhi.


Love is in the AIR: Cafe Lota, Pragati Maidan

Imagine spending quality time with your beloved and All India Radio playing in the background, I bet all old schools must be feeling thrilled. Thronged by college students and old school romantics, this place serves you good food in a healthier way and allows you to cherish the moments.


Musically Yours: The Blue Frog, Mehrauli

The one pub where entry is not restricted. The super musical gigs , excellent lighting and beautiful interiors, pulls the crowd towards itself. Best place to enjoy musical gigs, stand ups or other such shows with your partner.


Soft Love: Uncultured Cafe and Bar, Kailash Colony

Spending your evening at this Cafe & Bar with your loved one is going to be one good date. The subtle ambience and orange lighting with light music lets you have a wonderful time.


Top of the World: Delhi Eye, Kalindi Kunj

Holding your partner’s hand and watching the city below, is a dream date for couples of any age. The surreal feeling for both gets etched in the memory. They both have mixed emotions of thrill, love, surprise and excitement,


Symbolically Romantic – Rose Cafe, Saket

First date and Rose cafe are a perfect combination for the budding lovers. This Victorian themed cafe has cosy interiors and romantic vibes all over the place.


For Asian Food Lovers: Thai High, Mehrauli

If you and your partner are crazy for Thai or Asian or seafood,  head to Thai High to satiate your cravings and grow your love for food. The romantic view enhances your beautiful experience.


Starry Eyes: Nehru Planetarium, Teen Murti Marg

Lying and gazing at stars has always been a romantic moment. Nehru Planetarium gives the lovebirds a chance to live this moment completely and without any fear of being caught. 


Socialising Together: Indian Habitat Centre

When the couple likes socialising, setting up a date here is a double whammy . The place hosts multipurpose events like cultural, commercial, etc. While you make connections with the world, the heart is busy making its own.


Economical Date: Satya Niketan, South Campus

Economical romantic dates find ample options here. There are a number of unique cafes which host such dates with equal love and care. The South Campus of Delhi University is their major client.


High Bar: Kylin Sky Bar

Candle lights, plush sofas, oriental cuisine and an open air lounge, what more is needed for a perfect romantic date. The couples who visit this bar sure have a lot of fond memories to take with them.


A Perfect Date: Olive Bar & Kitchen

Wanna have a lazy Sunday but also a perfect date with your partner, this place is the solution. A classic Sunday brunch, beautiful conversations amidst the amazing outdoor setting, you sure are going to repeat  such dates in future.


Twisted Tale: Champa Gali

Young couples are forever in search of quirky and happening places to spend quality time with their dates. The revamp of the crumbled Saidulajab area into fancy theme based settings, glitter and lights, cultural decoration with awesome food options, has paved the way for couples to get a feeling of being in some European gullies.


Organic Love: Smoke House Deli, Khan Market

The one of the favourite European cafes serves fresh farm produce with utmost love and honesty. Couples who are crazy about organic and healthy eating absolutely adore being here. Healthy dates strengthen their bond and relation.


Affair with Oven: Elma’s Bakery, Bar & Kitchen, Khan Market

Lovers looking to spend their date on freshly baked items, run to this cafe. The calming and serene ambience lets them enjoy the food and each other’s company. This is one of the most romantic places for a date in Delhi.


Love For Theatre: Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg

Couples who love watching live theatrical, dance and musical performances together are often found in the premises of this auditorium. The large stage, good light and sound and love for art , makes this place a perfect date spot.


Enter the Warzone: Shootout Zone, Chhatarpur

Adventurous couples have another spot to strengthen their love. This paintball game is located outdoors with ample  obstructions and hideouts. The fun of shooting each other spreads the giggles and love.


Cool Down: Summer House Cafe, Aurobindo Place

The rustic cafe with colourful interiors, easy chairs and throwback couches create a laid back ambience allowing the lovebirds to unwind and express their feelings. American and western food menus along with exotic cocktails compels them to chill here again.


College Romance: Tom Uncle’s Maggi, North Campus

Young couples’ favourite dating spot in the North Campus is Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point. This economical and tasty spot is hands down the winner amongst the college students. The hot maggi ignites the flames of love in the young hearts.


Refreshingly Green: Millennium Indraprastha Park

Walking hand in hand with your loved one around a fresh environment, beautiful landscapes, water cascades, enjoying shows in the amphitheatre and having delicious food, sounds like a perfect date for couples of any age. The park not only soothes your soul but allows you to have memorable smiles.


Shop Away: Ansal Plaza, South Delhi

The first ever mall in South Delhi which is built in a circular fashion around an amphitheatre is famous among young and old couples alike. The cultural shows and major shopping brands make sure you two have a quality time. 


Begum’s Gift: Roshanara Bagh, Shakti Nagar

This garden is a gift from Roshanara Begum to all the people of Delhi especially for couples. They can spend their time together here admiring the greenery and lake which host the migratory birds in winters.


Cooling Together: Just Chill Water Park

Couples find it difficult to date in the burning summers of Delhi. Water parks come to their rescue in such cases. It is the best place to beat the heat and also have a blast with your partner. This park also provides them a chance to have more fun with theme parks, edu parks, etc. 


Waterfalls in Delhi: Splash -The Water Park

The water parks are a huge hit in hot Delhi. Lovebirds can visit this park for its ample artificial waterfalls and chill in the lazy river. It also has dedicated spots for instagram pictures. Apart from enjoying  thrilling rides, couples also dig into delicious food and beverages.


Relaxed: Swarn Jayanti Park

Sitting at a bench in the corner and talking love, the budding lovers find the park a perfect place for their new bond. The huge park gives ample space and privacy to lovebirds. Even married ones and eldery duo enjoy going for walks and spending quality time with their partners. 


Tenaciously Lovely: Le Cirque, Chanakyapuri

Going for a date at this world class restaurant is a dream come true for many couples. The place vibes are so strong and positive that you wish the date goes on forever. The extravagant food served amid the candlelights makes you cherish each bite.


How’s the Josh: 38 Barracks

This military themed restaurant is a nice place to visit for the civilians. Couples enjoy terrific music and live performances. Rounds of tequila shots and an awesome menu makes your date completely successful.


Rekindle: Jazbaa Bar & Lounge

This casual dining restaurant is an ideal place for married couples. They can rekindle their romance amidst the beautiful ambience and superb continental food.


Date and Ideate: Informal

A cafe in the day and nightclub in the night, this place is lit for young couples. The terrace garden is an attraction and its irresistible food is a big crowd puller. The music stays with you for hours, even when you have bid adieu to the place.


Silent Vows: Open Housecafe

Standing at the terrace of this cafe, watching the breathtaking view of CP, the two souls hum a melody together and take silent vows subconsciously. The diverse food menu and theme music keep them entertained.


Royal Treat: Mughal Garden

Lovelorn couples strolling in the garden in the President’s Palace, what better place can there be for a date. The royal garden embraces love with both arms. This date is sure going to be the best for the lovers.


A Date With Science: National Science Centre

Couples who love science spend their dates here. It is an awesome place where they learn about their passion holding hands of their love. A couple can attend various fairs, seminars, camps, etc. organised by the centre and have double fun.


Reminiscing Childhood Together: National Zoological Park

Zoo is a fantastic place to be together and enjoy the wide wildlife. The place is huge and so are the lovely spots for young birds to grow their bond. 


Love For Art: National Gallery of Modern Art, Jaipur House

Art lovers find heavenly peace at this place. The couples of any age can spend hours decoding the meaning of a painting or a sculpture. Discussing art with your beloved and having deliberations on the artist’s thoughts gives your relationship new dimensions.


Beauty in Ruins: Purana Qila

The oldest fort in Delhi still attracts young couples and families to visit it and witness the remarkable history of India. The light and sound show in the evening is the crowd puller. Couples love to spend time here and explore the ruins .


Paying Homage: Gandhi Darshan

Young couples who are intrigued with the life of Mahatma visit this place quite often. Together they know about the life and journey of Mahatma, subconsciously starting the journey of their new relationship.


Crafty Winds: Delhi Haat, NCP

Festive, eventful and a happening place in North Delhi, the Haat is the convenient point for couples who want to chill in the vicinity. The landscapes and terraced roof gardens are their main chilling spots.


Work With Love: Hauz Khas Social

Working couples favourite hangout place is this all day cafe which can convert into coworking space or an energy bar. The international food menu and drinks keep them hooked to the place for the longest time.


Delhi Winter Special: Nehru Park

The park has beautiful flora and fauna which attract the young and old couples to spend their quality time here. The serenity and calmness makes it a favourite hang out place, especially in winters. 


Historical Love: Safdarjung Tomb

The enclosed last garden tomb in Delhi, this place is a regular for the young couples. The architecture, beauty and calmness of the place attracts them to visit this place very often.


Heritage Intact: Salimgarh Fort

This UNESCO heritage has its own fascination among young couples. The fort is visited by the awestruck lovebirds who wish to witness a place which is a tribute to our national heroes. 


Powerful Ruins: Tughlaqabad Fort

The strong architectural marvel is best visited in dry and cool weather. Adventurous couples or historian couples enjoy here the most. Exploring this dynastic pride is both thrilling and fun at the same time.


Starry Affair: Starbucks

A date in this famous cafe is bound to be classy and memorable. Young couples chit-chat over a cup of coffee and have a whale of their time. A Starbucks date is on the check box of young couples looking for long term relationships.


Classy and Elegant: The Crown Plaza, Rohini

Married couple’s one of the must visit places is this five star hotel. It organises various events and festival fairs, which couples enjoy attending along with relishing the delicious food. The terrace area is specially reserved for married couples on Karva Chauth making their special day end on a very romantic note.


Exclusively Yours: Romantic Cabana Dinner at Umrao

This is what a real date should be like. Couples have their private glass cabana with floral decoration, romantic lights, candles and lush green grass. They enjoy a delicious three meal course and welcome mocktails. Nothing can be as memorable as these dates.


Only Mine: Romantic Cabana Candlelight Dinner at Taj Vivanta

Couples married for years need this special treat to rekindle their romance. An exclusive outdoor set up beside a bonfire, chilling and chatting with your partner, enjoying a four course meal amid mesmerising fragrances, it could not get more romantic.


Luxurious Feels: Romantic Cabana Candlelight Dinner at Claridges

Elegance overflows in the garden area where white curtains are hung up to form a canopy which gives a luxurious feel around you. The couples enjoy a four course Mediterranean meal amid floral decoration. A private butler is allotted to serve you throughout. Classy affair, isn’t it?


Intimate Setting: Candle Light Dinner at Dwarka

A table for two with rose petals around, soft music playing in the background and candles adding just the right amount of lights. A perfect set up for a romantic date. Just right for new couples or those looking to reignite the sparks.


Your Valentine: Special Light Dinner at Jaypee Vasant

The hotel offers various packages for the couples to enjoy as per their cuisine preferences. Floral set up to live music to specially curated menus, there are plenty of options available to woo your partner.


Watery Delight: Poolside Cabana Candlelight Dinner, Dwarka

The beautiful cabana near the pool, soft breeze destressing you, decorated candlelight table, romantic weather setting up your mood, it’s a perfect set up for a romantic date. Soft instrumental music in the background and four course Chef’s special menu, enhances the whole experience one notch up.


Luxury Dining: Private Poolside Candle Light Dinner, Vivanta

Amid mist fans, decorated candlelight table, private poolside, private butler, five course meal serving, what else a couple needs to relax and destress from the mundane living. This highly romantic set up is chosen by couples who wish to spend time together without the hustle bustle around.


Tranquility Window: Romantic Dining, The Ashok

This five star hotel provides a beautiful view through the big wooden window which will calm the nerves instantly and let the couple enjoy their date. The romantically decorated table is served with a three course menu along with welcome mocktails and a fruit platter.


Chana Meraya: Chandni Chowk

The congested streets of the iconic market are a great place to bond. You get to know each other’s choices, argumentative skills and understanding between each other. Couples get a glimpse of their future.


Lovely Bargain: Sarojini Nagar

This economical market is especially suited to college couples who come here to shop and stroll together. Apart from that they get a chance to know each other even more. Choices, likes and dislikes, shopping skills, mood swings, the couples get a good chance to explore their relationship.


Local Chills – Janpath Market

Couples often stroll in CP and head to this nearby market to shop. This market gives them their desired products at economical rates and ample time to spend together. This happens to be one of the best spots for students to shop in Delhi


Big and Better: Select City Walk, Saket

The biggest mall in the city has top notch brands to shop and international cuisines to relish. The open area outside the mall has fountains and gardens. Couples chill here by attending open air discussions and other events.


Cinematic Love: Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

Apart from shopping and eating, the mall has a facility of eating and drinking while watching a movie. Couples  who are die hard movie lovers throng here often and have a gala time.


For Football: TDI Mall, Vikas Enclave

The soccer couples search for reasons to visit this mall. Shopping and eating options are also great. The Liverpool Football Club is what attracts them the most.


Love for All: V3S Mall, Laxmi Nagar

The unique quality of this place is that you can shop till you drop but your pockets don’t get empty. Couples love coming hair for economical rates and variety of product range offered.


Recycled Emotions: Waste to Wonder Park, Sarai Kale Khan

The park has replicas of seven wonders of the world made out of industrial waste. Couples love visiting here and getting clicked in front of Eiffel Tower, the universal symbol of romance. Taj Mahal is their next favourite.


All in One Affair: Unity One, Rohini

The mall is quite famous among young couples. They come here to watch movies, enjoy shopping and food. The outside area has fountains and open areas. Couples love to chill here while enjoying a pizza and street food at the same time.


Shayari Love: Mirza Ghalib Ki Haveli, Chawri Bazaar

Couples often express their love through poems and shayari, so a date with a celebrated Urdu poet  is a must. The heritage site is a memorial museum which is home to Ghalib and his things. Spending time here with your beloved amidst the legacy of a legend, you sure are laying a strong foundation for your relationship.

That was all from my end. So, next time you are looking for the best places for couples in Delhi, pick ome from these. In case you have some undiscovered spot, I would love to know in the comment section below. 


Sony Valecha

Sony Valecha has spent close to twenty long years in India’s capital - New Delhi. She knows the food, culture and the people of this vibrant destination well. Sanstripti is a go-getter and is keen on exploring life.