What are the Top Budget Jewellery Shops to Visit in Indore?

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Every traveller looks for different things when exploring a new place. If you like me love jewellery, I suggest you not to miss out on the best jewellery shops in Indore on your visit.

Talking about the most fascinating jewellery shops, the first thing that comes to my mind is traditional Jewellery in Indore. If you are here, you have got to find anything ranging from imitation to traditional jewellery. 

In my current blog, I would love to take you through the famous streets where artificial jewellery is the centre of attraction for Shopaholics.

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7 Famous & Best Jewellery Shops in Indore You Can’t Afford to Miss

As we all know Indore is hugely popular for Food. However, not only can you enjoy some delicious food here, but you can also shop for jewellery at a very reasonable cost.

Being a DIY jewellery designer and blogger, I love jewellery. If you like it as much as I do, you will love visiting the best jewellery shops in Indore. Many shop owners have huge varieties of imitation jewellery which I believe is great for aspiring entrepreneurs.

While in Indore shop for traditional jewellery like Kundan necklaces, Choker Necklace, Western Jewelry, Pendants, Rings, Pearl Jewellery, Jhumkis, Brooches, Side brooch necklaces, Armlets, Nose Jewellery, Bangles, and very popular head accessories known as – Maang Tika.

1. Hari-Om Jewellers, Bada Sarafa Market

Indore is famous for food and Sarafa market is famous for both food as well as budget shopping.

Hari-Om Jewellers is one of the best jewellery shops in Indore when it comes to Imitation jewellery. It also happens to be one of my favourite stores. Here you’ll find a plethora of jewellery designs – Traditional, German Silver, Indo-western and daily wear accessories.

If you are a jewellery blogger or are starting your online business or a shop in Indore, start with – Sarafa Market. It is considered a wholesaler’s hub and a major attraction of street food you shouldn’t miss.

The nearest landmark to reach out to this showroom is the Famous Joshi Dahiwada. I’m sure this will make your day as you can enjoy the food plus shop for your favourite jewellery.

The best part I liked about this shop is the courteous behaviour of the owner and their staff members. You can’t afford to miss out.

2. Sri Sai Jewellers, Bada Sarafa, Indore

Another famous jewellery shop for wedding collections as well as in bulk for trading at wholesale rates.

You can shop here for Western, traditional, indo-western jewellery, anklets, nose jewellery, side brooch necklaces, long necklaces, pearl necklaces, pendants, earrings, danglers, choker necklaces, Kundan necklaces, anklets, head accessories, bracelets, etc.

The price range for the jewellery starts from  70 INR onwards and the cost varies from material type. It’s totally worth visiting this amazing place.

shopping jewellery in Indore

The C21 Mall in Vijay Nagar is a great place to shop for designer pieces, They are authentic and quite reasonably priced.

3. Voylla Showroom, C21 Mall Vijay Nagar

Voylla showroom is another of my favourite places which I recommend to everyone. I love the shimmering designer pieces that are absolutely rare and authentic.

If you are someone, looking for some unique designer jewellery collection for party wear or daily wear, go straight for Voylla.

4. Jewellery Stalls, C21 Mall Vijay Nagar

C21 Mall is situated on AB Road, Vijay Nagar. Right next to the entrance, you will see a huge variety of artificial jewellery stalls such as oxidised jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, pendant sets, rings as well handicrafts, home essentials, men’s and women’s wear clothes, footwear, etc.

If you’re fond of simple jewellery, you must go and visit these stalls. By the way, I am very fond of this place. Recently, I went there and managed to click a picture.

5. Adinath Jewellers, Sapna Sangeeta Rd.

If you are seeking a unique imitation traditional Kundan jewellery collection, must go and visit here. Exquisite bridal necklaces, earrings, jhumkis, danglers, bangles, rings, and the list is too long. Go and check this out.

6. Bohra Bazaar, Rajwada

Rajwada is the centre of attraction of Indore city where you will get to experience everything and the jewellery collection is absolutely unforgettable. Also, if you are a jewellery designer looking for some cheap supplies, Rajwada has several shops containing massive varieties of beads, jewellery supplies, craft items, etc. They are countless.

Recently, I got a beautiful bunch of seed beads, findings, chains, pliers and hooks that are essential materials for a designer. Being a DIY jewellery designer, I love them all and the quality is just superb.

best jewellery shops in Indore

I am totally in love with this place. Last year,  I bought these earrings from the market, and this has become one of my favourite jewellery pieces.

7. Ranipura Market

Ranipura is one of my favourite marketplaces as I’ve personally visited several times and the jewellery collections are mind blowing.

You will see unique layered necklaces, pendants, oxidised jewellery, thumb rings, simple pendants, fine stone beaded jewellery, enticing variety of bracelets.

In addition, if you are eagerly looking for bridal wear jewellery, you can surely for kundan jewellery, rings, head accessories, bangles, anklets, earrings, choker necklaces etc. They are outstanding and available at a very reasonable price.

The cost of Jewellery ranges from 30 INR to 300 INR

Necklace Price Starts from 150 INR onwards

Suggested Places: Siddh Ornaments Artificial Jewellery and Novelty Market

Novelty market is another famous spot for electronics actually but you will find good jewellery collection too in your budget.

best jewellery shops in Indore

Indore is also a great place to shop for raw materials if you are a jewellery designer. Being a DIY Jewellery designer, I have found some great places to shop in Indore.

My Experience as a DIY Jewellery Designer: 2 Best Jewellery Shops in Indore to Shop for Craft Supplies

When I began learning jewellery design last year, I had a limited budget and I planned my visits to the best places especially for craft supplies.

For any jewellery designer, it is paramount to choose the best in class and reasonable craft supplies whether it’s beads, jewellery findings, strings etc.

If you are setting up a jewellery business and looking for bulk supplies in Indore. Let me walk you through two major attractions in Indore.

1. Ranipura Market

Ranipura is a famous marketplace for wholesalers. If you are a jewellery designer and looking for some bulk craft supplies, please do visit this place as you will get exactly what you’re searching for.

By the way, I love the quality of bead supplies at Ranipura because I’ve personally had a visit and it exceeded my expectations. You’ll go crazy by looking at the varieties. Trust me, it’s totally worth it.

Recommended places: Jagdamba Handicrafts (for Art and Craft Materials) and A to Z Craft for Jewellery Making supplies.

2. Rajwada Market

If you are learning to make traditional jewellery pieces and looking for more varieties – go to Rajwada Market for the best experience. I had a visit sometime back and I love kundan beads, pearl strings, silver seed beads, bead caps, glass beads, gold pearl beads, nylon cords, jewellery findings and whatnot. You’ll get everything here at the most affordable rates.

Friends, I hope you’ve enjoyed the list and if you haven’t planned your journey to Indore you’re missing out on very important things in your life- The delicious food of Indore and the most exciting places for Shopping.

Indore is one of the cleanest cities in India. I love the entire aura here, it’s very positive and safe. And, let me tell you, Indorians are very helpful, calm and jovial. You must plan your visit here and feel the good vibes.


Poorvi Tiwari

Poorvi Tiwari is a DIY jewellery blogger and founder of She Allure. She loves jewellery and therefore, every new place she travels, she is on a hunt for authentic and region-specific jewellery. She loves to create and teach others the art of jewellery making. Poorvi Tiwari is a DIY jewellery blogger and founder of She Allure. She loves jewellery and therefore, every new place she travels, she is on a hunt for authentic and region-specific jewellery. She loves to create and teach others the art of jewellery making. You can reach out to her on her blog or on Instagram.