Craving For Something Sweet in Delhi?

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Looking for the best desserts to try in Delhi? Let me warn you in advance – you are going to be blown away by the choices and the tastes.

The list of famous desserts in Delhi is quite long. It includes both national and international, modern and traditional, fusions of flavours, textures and much more. So, without delay, let’s get straight into it.

109 Best Desserts to Try in Delhi that Will Ensure You Return for More!

Keep your diet plans aside because these amazing sweets to try in Delhi will take control of your tongue and soul –


 A Glass of Cooling Calcium: Lassi

This one dessert has Delhi’s signature all over it. It is made with water, thick curd, sugar syrup, and lots and lots of cream. A glass of this drink is enough to fill your tummy and leave you mesmerised. Definitely one of the best desserts to try in Delhi during summers.


Jalebi With An Additional Twist: Black Jalebi 

Jalebis are one of the favourite sweets of Delhiites. Even the variations or fusions are whole heartedly welcomed. Khoya Jalebi or black jalebis are made with khoya and potato starch instead of maida. The khoya caramelises when put in oil, hence, the black colour. They are crispy on the outside while soft and gooey on the inside.


Delhi’s Winter Ritual: Gond Ke ladoo

These ladoos are special winter desserts. They are prepared with whole wheat flour, edible gum, ghee and dry fruits. They are not only heavy and filling but also loaded with nutrients from the dry fruits. A bite of gond ke ladoo fills the mouth with various delicious flavours.


Memories Galore: Gud Gatta 

This dessert is one of the golden memories of most of Delhites childhood. Made with jaggery, ghee, baking soda, peanuts and fennel seeds, it’s super tasty and delicious. This simple sweet dish is easy to make too and has earned its spot in the list of desserts to try in Delhi


Creamily Rich Taste: Malai Kulfi

This flavour of kulfi is an extension of the original one. It contains more cream than regular one to enrich the taste. This is one of the most demanded flavours and tastes heavenly.


Foam Delight: Daulat ki Chaat

Don’t get confused by the name, it’s actually a dessert and not a snack. It is made with milk, khoya, chenna and saffron. The foamy and soft souffle tastes heavenly. It has the right balance of crunchiness and sweetness. Old Delhi gives you the chance to taste this light snowflake which is a blend of sweet mawa and dry fruits.


You Read that Right: Fried Oreos

Normally a fried item is usually savoury but not in case of fried oreos. They are very much a dessert. Frozen oreos are covered with egg and crumbs, baked and then deep fried. Sugar powder is used for garnishing. Delhi loves this fusion making it one of the best desserts to try in Delhi


Royal, Traditional and Ehnic: Ghevar

This Rajasthani dessert has found a firm place in the heart of Delhi people. A seasonal dessert, it is in high demand during monsoons. Saavan and its festivals become merrier with ghevars. This round sweet comes in kesar and malai flavours.


The Betel Love: Meetha Paan

The Meetha paan (sweet pan) is especially eaten during family get-togethers post dinner. The betel leaf is filled with gulkand, candied fennel, nuts, etc. The meetha paan now has various flavours like strawberry paan, chocolate paan, etc.


Maa Ka Pyaar: Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa means pure nostalgia. Delhi’s winters are full of servings of this dessert. Whether bought from markets or prepared at home, everyone makes sweet memories. Its made with carrots , khoya or milk, sugar and ghee.


Chilled Sweetness: Mango Stuffed Kulfi

The King of Fruits is aptly used in Delhi for making different sweets. Mango stuffed kulfi is one such sweet delicacy. Mango is stuffed with cooled kulfi mixture before freezing. It is then cut into slices and served chilled. Each bite has a rich taste of mango and kulfi with nuts.


Delhi’s Signature Fusion of Flavours: Paan Ice Cream

The fusion of ice-cream and paan is one of the most famous sweet of Delhi. Vanilla ice-cream is mixed with chopped paan (betel) leaves, mishri, candied fennel, gulkand, mint extracts and chopped dates and then frozen overnight. The end result is a mouth watering fusion of flavours.


Soul Sister of Kheer: Phirni

Karwa Chauth and other festivals in Delhi are incomplete without a bowl of delicious phirni/ firni. It is similar to kheer but has its own flavour and taste. It is made with milk, basmati rice, nuts and scented with rose water, cardamom or saffron.


 Sweet Chunks: Ganeri

This sweet dish is eaten by Delhiites during summers. The raw fibre, juice and sweetness makes it a favourable choice. Carts in Delhi are found selling them in bulk.


The Calcium Twist: Paneer Jalebi

The twisted jalebi has got another twist with the addition of nutrition rich paneer or cottage cheese. Paneer Jalebi is made of all purpose flour, cottage cheese, sugar syrup, and cardamom powder. This should be high up on your list of best desserts to try in Delhi.


Rich and Delicious: Matka Kulfi 

Served in matkas or small earthen pot, the rich and delicious chilled kulfi is full of flavours and nuts. It is made with milk, cream, condensed milk, cardamom, saffron and nuts. This traditional Indian ice-cream is favoured by Delhiites mostly after dinners.


Death By Mangoes: Mango Falooda

Too much of anything is bad but for mango, the more the better. Mango falooda is a double dose of sweetness. It can be called a beverage or a dessert. This delicacy includes mango in any form- puree, ice cream, pulp, cubes. They are mixed with sabja seeds, falooda sev and rose water.


Keeping Delhi Winters Warm: Rewari

One of the best desserts to try in Delhi during  winters are these  brittle rock candies. It is not only delicious but is high on nutrition too. It is made of ghee, jaggery, rose water and sesame seeds. These little candies are easily available in the markets throughout Delhi.


Rectangle Love: Gajak

Gajak is a quintessential north Indian sweet which is savoured by the whole country with love. It is a blend of sesame seeds and jaggery cooked in sugar syrup. Delhi vibrates with different varieties of gajak during winters.


Crunchy Delight: Peanut Chikki

This dessert is an all time favourite of many souls in the capital city. It has just two ingredients- peanuts and jaggery. NIt is high on nutritional value too and helps in preventing many diseases.


Murmura at its Best: Rice Chikki

Made with only three ingredients- murmura, jaggery and ghee, this traditional sweet is loved across generations. Its soft crunch and puffy texture gives it an edge. Carts and sweet shops in Delhi keep a good stock of rice chikki due its popularity and huge demand.


Protein Rich: Chana Dal Chikki

Though it is famous as Lonavala Chikki, it has its roots in North India. It is a traditional sweet made mostly during diwali festivities. It is made with roasted chana dal, jaggery and ghee.


Doubled Cooling: Elaichi Kulfi

Kulfi is a very popular dessert in Delhi. Even its different flavours are a hit. Elaichi kulfi is happily savoured for its thick texture, the crunchiness and flavour of green cardamom or elaichi that has double cooling effect on a hot summer day.


The Fried Doughnuts: Gul Gule 

These are soft, crispy and fluffy balls which are made with whole wheat flour, sugar or jaggery and fennel seeds. It is also known as pua or pooda/puda. They taste best in monsoons or winters.


Crispy Flakes: Soan Papdi

This is a traditional Indian sweet specially made during Diwali festival. It is made with gram flour, plain flour, sugar, milk, ghee, water, cardamom and other seeds. It melts as soon as it enters the mouth leaving the consumer enthralled. It is cubic in shape and has a crisp and flaky texture.


Yummy and Tasty: Patisha 

This dessert looks similar to Soan papdi but it has a different texture, colour and taste. It is a bit hard  and not as fibrous and fluffy as Soan papdi. Its dominant flavour is gram flour while Soan papdi has a sugary taste. This dessert has its own fan base in the capital and is always in demand.


The Shortbread Cookies: Naan Khatai

An Indian traditional dessert, Naan Khatai is very popular in Indian households. It is made from all purpose flour, gram flour, sugar, cardamom powder, nutmeg powder and ghee. It has a very soft and fluffy texture. Delhi is full of carts selling this traditional delicacy throughout the year.


Tangy and Sweet: Mango Golgappa

Delhi is famous for providing unique food options. Mango Golgappa is a fine example of fusion of sweet and tangy. Aamras is topped on potato stuffing in the golgappa and dipped in aam panna water. This loading of sweet, salty and tangy together creates a riot in the mouth and hell of a taste.


Fibre & Nutty Nutrition: Coconut Ladoo

Childhood memories rush back to hug you as soon as you lay eyes on soft and yummy coconut ladoo. A classic Indian dessert, Delhiites savour it with full love. Made with coconut powder or fresh grated coconut, ghee, condensed milk, cardamom powder, dry fruits, the sweet balls create memories of festivity and togetherness.


Old Classic Melody: Besan Ladoo

Delhi sweet shops and even households, have this dessert ready to celebrate any occasion or even for any sweet cravings. It is a simple sweet made with gram flour (besan), ghee and sugar. Any religious offerings or festivals feel incomplete without this sweet.


Simply Delicious : Boondi ladoo

Boondi are the fried droplets of  a mixture of gram flour & water. These are then combined together along with cashews and almonds and cardamom flavoured sugar syrup to form ladoo. They are mostly offered for religious purposes and later consumed as dessert.


Granny’s Legacy: Atta Ladoo

Atta ladoo is a grandmother’s specialty. Delhi’s chilly weather gives a chance to its people to enjoy this home made sweet. The wheat flour is roasted in ghee and then mixed with grinded sugar and nuts. Round balls are made from the mixture after it cools down. Kids and adults eat it with as much love as made with those wrinkled hands.


Boondi’s Younger Sibling: Motichoor Ladoo

Motichoor Ladoo are similar to boondi ladoo in making but their size is much smaller than boondi. They are also quite a hit in Delhi. A box of these ladoo is emptied in no time. One’s sweet cravings are satiated only when more than one motichoor ladoo is consumed in one go.


Makar Sankranti Special: Til Ke Ladoo

One of the best desserts to try in Delhi winters are Til ke ladoo. The ladoo are made with sesame seeds, jaggery, ghee, peanuts and decimated coconut. The nutty and crunchy ladoo is a healthy vegan recipe as well.


Tasty Energy Balls: Dry Fruit Ladoo

These ladoos are made without sugar or jaggery. They are prepared with dates, figs, nuts and raisins. The dry fruits are super delicious and with lots of health benefits and definitely among the best desserts to try in Delhi


The Sweet Rocket: Kulfi

Favourite of many Delhiites, it is easily available either on the carts on the streets or sweet shops. Generations have grown up eating this simple yet super tasty frozen dessert. It is mostly consumed by city folks during their night walks.


Protein Loaded: Moong Dal Ladoo

The moong dal ladoo is a treat you can hardly miss. These sweet balls are made with ghee, nuts, jaggery and split moong lentils. They melt in mouth instantly leaving their nutty aroma to mesmerise the human souls.


 Diwali Dhamaka: Kaju Pista Roll

No Diwali sweet box is complete unless it has this evergreen sweet in it. These are very simple to prepare with just cashews, pistachios, sugar and milk powder. The end result, however, is always a delicious treat. These rolls are regular in sweet exchange in Delhi households.


‘Yum’ is the Word: Kulhad Ice Cream

Delhi street food or sweet shops are full of matka ice creams. Milk is cooked with sugar, milk powder, milkmaid and cornflour. After cooling they are poured in earthen pots and refrigerated. These cream cups are yum to savour after a heavy meal.


 Delhi’s No.1 Mithai: Kaju Katli

These cashew loaded missiles wreck havoc in the mouth, the moment they enter. Nobody is spared by the destruction it brings along with it. The destruction of discipline and self control. For this you only need cashews, sugar, water, butter, ghee or coconut oil. These smooth and thin cashew fudge candy rule the charts in Delhi any given day.


Fried Spirals: Jalebi

One of the best desserts to try in Delhi are these crispy, crunchy, funnel cake style spirals are doused in sweet syrup sauce.  They are made with all purpose flour, sugar, oil, saffron strands, turmeric powder, and baking soda. Eat them hot for that crispiness.


The Brown Bribe: Gulab Jamun

The king of sweets is also the most savoured sweet of Delhi. These sweet balls are made of all purpose refined flour and dipped in sugar syrup. No function in the city is complete without a serving of Gulab Jamun.


Deliciously Deadly Combo: Rabri & Jalebi 

Jalebi itself is very popular and when eaten with rabri, the combined taste is out of this world. Rabri is simply thickened milk and jalebi are prepared with maida, baking soda, oil and doused in sugar syrup. This sweet is mostly savoured in family outings or get-togethers.


Soft & White Beauty: Rasgulla

This white beauty is famous as a Bengali sweet but Delhi loves it like its own. Made with fresh cottage cheese and semolina flour, the soft round dumplings are simmered in cardamom and rose water scented sugar syrup. The sweet balls melt like butter and its crunchiness later, allows you to keep the taste in mouth for a long time.


Addictive Taste: Moong Dal Halwa

The north Indian delicacy is a hot favourite in Delhi during family functions and celebrations. It is made with mung lentils and ghee. Its crunchiness and coarse texture makes its taste different from other halwas. Nuts and dry fruits added to enhance the taste.


Almond Treat: Badam Milk

The Awadhi dessert has its own fan base in the national capital. Many sweet shops and carts serve it as per the season. It is made with soaked almonds, milk, sugar, cardamom, and saffron. The thick, crunchy and tasty drink is dainty filling.


Sweet & Simple: Fruit Cream

Many Delhiites enjoy a bowl of chilled fruit cream post their meals. Reason being its super tasty and very simple to make. It just needs whipped cream, honey or icing sugar and fruits. The crunch of fruits and softness of cream create an amazing combination of taste in the mouth.


Fire and Ice: Shahi Tukda with Mango Ice Cream

Fusion of food often makes it tastier and tempting. So when a bite of the hot and sizzling shahi tukda topped with chilled mango ice cream is taken into the mouth, war of hot and cold starts immediately. This is one of the top Old Delhi famous sweets, an experience is one of a kind.


Rasgulla’s Elder Cousin: Rajbhog

This royal delicacy is a must in festivals but is also eaten throughout the year. It is made with milk, all purpose flour, cottage cheese, sugar, almonds, pistachios, cardamom powder, saffron and water. It is bigger and stiffer than a rasgulla and is yellow in colour.


Tender and Juicy: Malai Cham Cham 

This Bengal sweet dish is very famous and Delhi is also not untouched. It is moist, white colour and super soft in texture. Sugar syrup soaked cylindrical shaped chenna or Indian cottage cheese pieces are dunked in a thick layer of malai and decorated with grated dry mawa. This sweet is famous for spreading happiness, joy and comfort to people.


Jalebi’s Step-sister: Imarti 

Imarti is a famous sweet dish in north India. It is often a replacement or alternative to jalebi. It is made from urad dal, sugar, oil and saffron. The taste is also different from jalebi. It is thicker and less crispier as compared to jalebi. Most of Delhi’s sweet shops keep an adequate amount of Imarti as they are always in high demand.


A Dessert Drink: Falooda

Falooda is a childhood favourite of almost all Delhiites. This unique delicacy is both a drink and a dessert. It is made from sabja seeds, milk, falooda sev, jelly, dry fruits and nuts. It is one of the best desserts to try in delhi during the summers.


Indian Doughnuts: Balushahi

Balushahi is a regular item on the shelves of Delhi’s sweet shops. It is similar to a doughnut but with its own variations. It has a soft and flaky texture with crispy outside. It is made with al purpose flour, sugar, saffron and oil.


Indian Sweetened Pancakes: Mal Pua

These sweetened pancakes have found their way to the hearts of Indian people. They are made from maida, cardamom, fennel seeds, oil, and sugar. They are fluffy and crispy on the edges. They taste best with rabri.


Flowy and Chunky: Basundi

Basundi is a western India delicacy which is becoming popular in Delhi too. It is similar to rabri but is much thinner in consistency. It is made from milk, flavoured spices and dry fruits. A bowl of this creamy and delicious sweet gets finished in minutes.


Curd with Love: Mishti Doi

Another Bengali sweet which is simply very tasty. Delhiites love mishti doi and its sweetness. Many Bengali and even non-bengali sweet shops serve it traditionally in earthen pots. This special curd is made with milk and palm jaggery.


Bengal’s Love: Sandesh/ Shondesh

Bengal sweets are quite famous in Delhi and almost all sweet shops keep the delicious Bengali sweets on the shelves. Shondesh is a frontrunner among all of them. It is a soft and moist delicacy made with Indian cottage cheese, sugar and palm jaggery. It has various versions such as chocolate sandesh, ice cream sandesh, dates sandesh, etc.


The Royal Treat: Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda means royal piece and Delhiites love this royalty. It is made with fried bread soaked in rose or saffron cardamom sugar syrup and covered with a layer of rabri. Pistachios and almonds are used for its garnishing. A bite of this piece is sure to satiate your sweet tooth for a long time.


Not So Flowy: Rabri

Another north Indian delicacy, this sweet dish is savoured both individually and in combination with other sweets in Delhi like jalebi, etc. It is prepared by cooking milk and reducing it to a thick pudding-like consistency. It  can be flavoured with cardamom, saffron and nuts. Its coarse texture and sweet taste makes the eating experience wholesome.


Soft, Spongy & Rich: Rasmalai  

The famous classic Indian dessert is quite popular in Delhi.  It is made with milk, sugar, a curdling agent, saffron and cardamom. The delicious discs are porous and spongy which are first dipped in hot sugar syrup and then in the thickened milk. This juicy and creamy dessert is a permanent item on the Delhi sweets menu.


Thickly Creamy: Khurchan

It is similar to rabri and is slowly getting popular. Milk is boiled and reduced to one-third quantity. Sugar and cardamom powder are added. It is served both chilled or hot. Old Delhi folks serve it with love.


Crescent Fried Pastries: Gujiya

Gujiya is a Holi festival special delicacy of north India. It is made from all purpose flour, oil, nuts, cardamom and khoya. The fried pastries typically have a crescent shape. The mawa and nuts enhance the crunchy taste of the crisp gujiya making it one of the best desserts to try in Delhi


Bringing Deliciousness Together: Kulfi Falooda

Delhi’s rising temperatures during summers makes its residents look for cooler options to savour. Kulfi and Falooda are both a hit but when they are bought together, the end result is double cooling and taste rises to another level. Chilled kulfi is topped with falooda sev, dry fruits and rose syrup.


When Kulfi Met Paan: Paan Matka Kulfi

This frozen delight is a riot of flavours in the mouth. The process involves milk being slow cooked and flavoured with hints of saffron and cardamom. Then meetha paan is added which gives a twist to the fresh & peppery taste of Kulfi. The kulfi is set in earthen pots or matkas and garnished with rose petals and pistachios.


Nothing Beats the Old Classic: Karachi Halwa

One of the best desserts to try in Delhi, this delicacy is found in a few select shops of old Delhi. It is a special sweet and made for specific occasions. It is made from white corn flour, sugar, ghee and dry fruits. A bite of this halwa makes you say ’wow’.


The Milky Way: Kheer

Kheer is undoubtedly one of the most consumed sweet dishes. Delhi also savours it with full enthusiasm and love. Made with milk, nuts, rice/ vermicelli, and sugar, a bowl of this rich taste will satiate your sweet tooth.


Healthy and Tasty: Kesar Kulfi

Kesar or saffron is a prominent and elite constituent of many Indian desserts, for its aroma and flavour. Kesar kulfi is rich, delicious and creamy.  The health benefits of saffron are another added advantage of this delectable dessert.


Delhi’s Royal Taste: Shahi Sheermal

Old Delhi’s streets are full of food options and varieties. One of them is Shahi Sheermal. This is made with maida and filled with dry fruits and dipped in desi ghee. The mouth watering dish is served hot to relish the flavours completely.


North Meets South: Mysore Pak

Delhi food is a mirror of cuisines of the whole country. Mysore Pak, a sweet from Mysore finds its lovers in the capital city too. This sweet is made from three ingredients- besan, sugar and ghee. It’s soft and tender. A bite of it  makes you drool for more.


Religiously Sweet: Peda

Peda is one of the most consumed sweets by the Delhiites. Boxes of peda are usually offered for religious purposes and later eaten as a dessert. It is made by using khoya, sugar, fragrant spices and nuts. Its crunchiness and sweet taste compliment each other.


Delhi’s New Found Caffeine Twist: Coffee Ice-cream

Not only traditional but Delhi also loves the latest trends and experiments of food. Coffee ice cream is an amazing fusion of two different flavours. This dessert is made from milk, coffee powder, vanilla essence, sugar and heavy cream. Coffee adds to the taste of ice cream, giving it a different flavour and making it one of the best desserts to try in Delhi


Crispy and Fudgy: Brownies

Most of the Delhiites have had a chocolaty childhood, so love for these glossy and super fudgy miracles is no wonder. These pieces of brown love are made with cocoa powder, sugar, butter, vanilla essence, walnuts, salt, baking powder and all purpose flour. These moist pieces have crispy edges and crackly tops.


A Gourmet Dessert: Chocolate Tart

Though it is believed to be an expensive dessert, it is actually not. Delhi has many bakeries selling these sweet bombs. It is made with all purpose flour, unsalted butter, cream, sugar, salt, chocolate, eggs, milk and a pastry shell.


White is the New Red: White Gajar ka Halwa

The capital city also boasts of a unique version of this evergreen sweet dish- white gajar ka halwa. It is prepared the same way as red gajar ka halwa but uses white carrots instead of red. It is mushier and has a softer texture as compared to the red one. One bite of this soft and crunchy delight bursts into flavours in the mouth.


Breakfast/ Dessert Classic: Pancake

Pancakes have entered Delhi homes, though discreetly. Gen Z is very fond of them and these little discs are taking over traditional sweets. They are actually very easy to make as they just have to be cooked on a pan. Also they have ingredients similar to a cake i.e. flour, milk, eggs, sugar and thus, taste awesome too.


Drippy: Hot Chocolate Fudge

Ice cream parlours of Delhi have different dessert options available. A hot chocolate fudge is one of their bestsellers. Vanilla dripped with hot chocolate sauce and garnished with nuts, gives a crunchy and sweet taste.


Hot Date: Brownie Sundae

Another scrumptious dessert, the very famous brownie sundae. It is a favourite of kids and adults alike. It is made with layers of brownie topped with ice cream and hot sauce and garnished with nuts or sprinkles or strawberries. One spoon of this delicious recipe and you just swoon.


Happily Crushed In Between: Ice Cream Sandwich

This particular dessert is my daughter’s favourite. It has vanilla ice cream between two chocolate biscuits. The simple dessert is quite tasty and tempting. Many ice cream carts sell them on the streets or you find them in Delhi’s ice cream parlours too.


Ayurvedic Sweetness: Gheekawar or Aloe Vera Halwa

As strange as it may sound but this dessert is high on health benefits along with being amazingly tasty. Aloe Vera paste is cooked on slow heat. It is then mixed with flour, sugar and lastly garnished with nuts. Old Delhi markets sell this halwa throughout the year.


Yum Oozing Out: Chocolate Lava Cake/ Molten Cake

Hot chocolate oozes out when the cake is cut by fork. It resembles a lava and hence got its name. Many Delhi bakeries and sweet shops keep this cake. The sweetness of chocolate is enhanced by the flowing hot lava.


3 in 1: Pavlova

Delhi has given a chance to so many lesser known dishes to shine and make their place in its hearts. One such dish is Pavlova which is made with eggs, sugar, cornflour and vanilla. The main ingredient, eggs, give a chewy texture on the top, a soft marshmallow texture inside and a crunchy crispy texture on the edges. So we get three completely different textures in one bite.


Dainty and Delicate: Macrons

The french cookies have travelled kilometres and are slowly spreading its charm on the Delhiites. The macrons are dainty, delicate cookies which disappear as soon as they float into the mouth. It is a meringue based sandwich cookie which is made with almond flour, sugar, eggs and for filling we use buttercream or fruit jams or ganache.


The Charmer: Red Velvet Cake

Cakes are everyone’s favourite. Red Velvet Cake stands out in terms of texture and taste. Many bakeries of Delhi keep fresh stock of this cake everyday. It is soft, moist and buttery and has a cream cheese frosting topping. Its ingredients are vinegar, cocoa powder, and buttermilk.


Delhi’s Unique Seasonal Treat: Sitaphal Ice cream

Delhi ice cream vendors always cater to customer’s demand. They have all flavours to satiate the sweet pangs of Delhiites. Sitaphal or Custard Apple, though a seasonal fruit but its ice cream is available throughout the year. A scoop of this delicacy is definitely one of the  best desserts to try in Delhi


Balance: Coffee Crème Brulee

Delhi’s cafes are versatile and serve the best of all dishes. Coffee Creme Brulee is one of the most ordered desserts. The bitterness of coffee balances the sweetness of sugar perfectly. This dessert has a good contrast of creamy and hard textures.


The Italian Love: Tiramisu

The Italian Dessert is slowly and steadily creating its fan base in Delhi. Cafes in Delhi serve this variety with their own signature mark. It features layers of homemade whipped cream, an egg yolk enriched mascarpone filling, and coffee-soaked ladyfingers. “Tiramisu”  means pick me up and the beautiful desserts echo this every time you lay your eyes on it.


1-2-3-4: Cupcakes

Funny heading, isn’t it ? But that’s what cupcakes were called earlier. It means the cakes are baked in proportion to 1 cup butter, 2 cups sugar, 3 cups flour and 4 eggs. Delhi’s bakeries and cafes are full of these cute servings in different varieties. It is almost impossible to resist these sweet, filling and soft delicacies.


The Alpine Cream: Swiss Chocolate Ice Cream

Switzerland’s chocolates are world famous and so are its ice creams. The capital city provides enough options and vendors delivering this Alpine passion. Swiss Chocolate Ice Cream is particularly famous with Delhiites. You would never know how this creamy delight got finished within a few minutes!


Sugary Cones: Chimney Cone Ice Cream

Chimney Cone Ice Creams are getting popular in the capital city each day. This international sweet is made by coating the chimney cones with organic cane sugar and cinnamon. They are served with a range of toppings like homemade salted caramel brownie, local berry compote, etc. They are also referred as Donut Cones.


Charcoal Galore: Black Ice Cream

This ice cream is the latest on the trending list. Delhi is also catching up with the trend. The black colour is because of the use of activated charcoal. Its taste is ,however, just like other flavoured ice creams.


Tea Time Buddy: Mawa Cake

The best eggless cake Indians have as a dessert. Though it is mostly savoured as a tea snack, it is equally popular as a dessert. It is made of whole wheat flour, mawa(khoya), sugar, butter, milk and cream. They can be both bought or easily homemade. The soft cake is a childhood nostalgia.


Chilled Retreat: Chuski

Chilled Chuski are one of the best ways to beat Delhi’s hot weather. These simple and tasty treats give instant relief from the heat. Available on the carts, it is kids’ favourite option for their sugar cravings. Adults also have it and relive their childhood.


Traditionally Sweet: Sohan Halwa

As any Indian dessert, this too is made with all purpose flour, mllk, dry fruits and sugar. However, it is much different as it is hard, has nutty texture and can be eaten for a month. Old Delhi markets have huge demand for this dessert during festivals and celebrations.


Crumbly and Creamy: Kalakand

The soft and sweet mawa melts like butter in your mouth. Made  mostly from milk, this particular sweet is favourite among kids and adults alike. It is usually eaten post meals to balance the salty taste. Its soft creamy texture is its USP.


Sweet Not Savoury: Salted Caramel

Food experiments are a regular in chefs’ kitchens. Salted Caramel is a soft sweet food which is made from butter or cream, heated sugar and salt added as a flavouring. Delhi always joins in such experiments and makes them part of its people’s life.


Moistly Crunch: Banana Walnut Cake

Banana Walnut Cake is my favourite. Adapted from banana bread, this pillowy soft and incredibly moist cake is super crunchy owing to the handsome quantity of chopped walnuts. It is a healthy and very tasty cake. Homemade or bought, either way each slice is a treasure of sweetness.


Rings of Taste: 10 Layer Cake

The super cake has penetrated Delhi’s hearts and people are crazy about it. With a moist and dense texture, it tastes like vanilla butter cake with hot chocolate frosting. Fudgy and decadent, the super fancy 10 layer cake is very impressive and definitely one of the best desserts to try in Delhi


Sweet Treat: Carrot Cake

The super moist crumb and velvety cheese frosting make carrot cake tasty. Each forkful tastes tender, soft and extra lush. Sometimes nuts or pecans are added to batter. One peculiar feature of the cake is that sometimes spices such as cinnamon, ginger and ground mixed spice is also added in the batter.


Comforting Crunchy: Waffles

The  waffles have a distinctive shape, size, characteristic and surface impression. There are a lot of varieties of waffles served all across Delhi. Eaten plain or with toppings such as chocolate chips, fruits, etc., waffles are getting extremenly popular.


Diabetics Saviour: Royal Anjeer Barfi

This particular sweet’s USP is that it is sugar free. It is made from dried figs and nuts which make it crunchy too. The utterly delicious sweet is common in the sweet shops of Delhi. They are mostly circulated during festive time.


Happy Pride: Rainbow Cake

A dessert is as good as it looks. Rainbow Cake leads the way in terms of colours and presentation. It’s appealing, eye catchy and super tempting. It is one of  the most ordered birthday cakes or perfect for pride celebrations. No bakery in Delhi would do the blunder of not keeping this super tasty dessert.


Sticks of Taste and Energy: Chocolate Bars

A chocolate bar or candy bar is a confection containing chocolate along with other layers like nuts, fruit, wafers, and caramel. They are nowadays more popular in the form of protein bars and are in high demand from gym people. They satiate their sweet tooth keeping in mind their restrictive calories intake. Delhi markets are full of these bars and their happy clients.


Jaggery Delight: Gur Ka Sharbat

What happens when simple jaggery is mixed with lemon and mint? You get a scintillating drink. Gur ka Sharbat is in huge demand because the chilled drink cools the body and helps to beat the heat. It is usually savoured in afternoons.


Super Healthy: Habshi Ka Halwa

Old Delhi’s by lanes are full of different food, their origin, taste and history. One such food is Habshi  Ka Halwa. It is a north Indian winter delicacy. It is made of sprouted wheat, milk, sugar, ghee, nuts and spices. After hours of cooking, we get an addictive sticky and crunchy texture making it one of the best desserts to try in Delhi.


Fibrously Tasty: Coconut Chikki

Delhi winters are full of chikki carts of different flavours and varieties. Coconut chikki is one of the famous one. It is made with desiccated coconut or coconut pieces and jaggery/sugar. The crunch of the coconut fibre makes it last a bit longer in the mouth.


Protein Rich: Sev Chikki

Another popular chikki in Delhi, it is made of jaggery and crunchy gram flour noodles. It is both sweet and savoury because of its ingredients. The protein rich bars are favourite of both kids and adults.


Sweet Flaky Triangles: Mawa Samosa

Samosa are generally a salty Indian snack but their sweet version is also available in Old Delhi. This delicacy is specially served during festivals like Diwali, Ramadan and Holi. It has a crispy flaky crust with a sweet filling of mawa/khoya and dry fruits.


Black Thunder: Blackberry Sharbat Kulfi

This cool dessert is served in old Delhi and savoured by many. The Blackberries paste is added to the kulfi mixture and then freezed. The kulfi is served with chilled sharbat which is exactly what is needed in hot and humid season of Delhi.


Pink Love: Watermelon Rooh Afza Shake

Delhi streets serve the refreshing ‘Mohabbat Ka Sharbat’ during summers. It is made with Rooh Afza, watermelon juice and pulp, milk, and ice cubes. This shake / sharbat is most sought after by the people of Delhi in the scorching heat of summers.

So guys, I hope you loved the exclusive list of best desserts to try in Delhi. Do tell me in the comments if you know any other mouth watering desserts of the capital city.


Sony Valecha

Sony Valecha has spent close to twenty long years in India’s capital - New Delhi. She knows the food, culture and the people of this vibrant destination well. Sanstripti is a go-getter and is keen on exploring life.