Bangalore to Mysore Itinerary for a Fantastic Road Trip

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Bangalore to Mysore itinerary should be created and planned in a way that helps you make the most of your time. This is a popular route for taking a road trip. Each year, season after season travelers from across India and outside take tours between Bangalore and Mysore.

The journey from Bangalore to Mysore takes you through scenes of industrial hubs, amusement parks, and historical towns. It shows you a glimpse of the rich Karnataka art and culture. The Bangalore to Mysore itinerary ought to be very travel-friendly if you truly want to enjoy this scenic route.

The best way to create a good Bangalore to Mysore itinerary is by including all the locales between these two places that will interest you as a traveler. Also, make sure to include all the eating places along the way. They will enhance your travel experience.

Bangalore to Mysore Itinerary

The best part about taking a trip between Bangalore and Mysore is the scenic route. Not to forget the locales that lie between these two destinations and the delectable food prepared in numerous eateries along the way.

Whether you travel during day or night, there will always be places that you can visit and eateries that serve food to your heart’s fill. It’s like the route is wanting travelers to know about it and enjoy it.

Bangalore Mysore Route

The highway running between Bangalore and Mysore isn’t just scenic but also very smooth. It is for this reason that bikers love and car owners love this route. Also, safety is quite high. You can absolutely drive at night as much as you can drive during the day Picture credits: Steffen Pieper

Bangalore is popularly known as the ‘Garden City of India.’ In the recent two decades, due to advances in technology, it has also become India’s top IT hub. Bangalore is surely the place to be for people looking to have an adventurous, and exciting cosmopolitan getaway.

On the other hand, the heritage town of Mysore is sure to leave you mesmerized with its rich traditions and culture. You are sure to be left charmed by this culturally rich town, offering an abundance of royalty to experience and magnificent art forms to witness.

In between these two places are numerous destinations that will leave the average visitor with so much wonder. The itinerary for places lying between Bangalore and Mysore is absolutely fun-filled.

Let me now share the Bangalore to Mysore itinerary that I followed myself.

Start from Bangalore

Start from Bangalore early morning to avoid traffic congestion.

Stop by for breakfast

If you’re traveling by your own vehicle, stop by for breakfast at either Vatika or Sree Renukamba Bidadi Thatte Idli. Both of these are wonderful eating places.

Spend some time at Bidadi

There are two major attractions in Bidadi – Wonderla Amusement Park and Innovative Film City. If you feel like, spend your late morning here.

Go hiking at Ramadevara Betta

Once you’re done seeing Bidadi, keep driving and stop at Ramadevara betta in Ramanagara. You can either go hiking here or visit the Vulture Sanctuary.

Have lunch

Spending your late morning hours at Bidadi and Ramadevara Betta will leave you a tad bit tired. So take a break by having lunch at the very popular Rasta Café. You will love this place.

Head to Chanapatna

After filling your tummy with delicious food, head straight to Channapatna. You can either visit the Toy Factory there or taste wine at the Heritage Winery.  Spend some quality time here.

Taste Maddur Vada

Next on your itinerary should be the town of Maddur. There’s not much to see here but there surely is a lot to eat. Try the world-famous Maddur Vada here. After all, it originated in this region.

Go boating in a corkle or dance amidst the fountain gardens

At about 18 kms from Maddur in Mandya. It’s a lovely place to be. You can choose to go Corkle boating here. You can also visit the renowned Brindavan Gardens.

Revisit history at Srirangapatna or go bird watching

The last place on your itinerary a little before reaching Mysore should be Srirangapatna. This place has a long historic association with Tipu Sultan. There is much to see here. If history doesn’t excite you, go for bird watching at the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. You can even take a bird safari tour in a boat here.

Enter Mysore

Finally, after visiting all the beautiful places, you will enter the graceful city of Mysore. Check in your hotel and take rest for starting a fresh day the next morning.

Note: If you’re unable to cover all of these places while coming from Bangalore to Mysore, put them on your itinerary on your way back from Mysore.

I insist that if you take a road trip at night, make sure that while coming back, you make it a day trip. Else, you won’t be able to see all the lovely places.

Bangalore to Mysore Tourist Places Map 

In order for you to create and implement a good Bangalore to Mysore itinerary, it is of paramount importance that you have a rough idea of a map that covers all places that are worth visiting.

Once you have the knowledge, you can choose for yourself which places you’d like to visit and which ones you’d want to skip.

I am sharing all the places on the map below that must be a part of your Bangalore to Mysore itinerary and road trip.

Bangalore to Mysore itinerary

Check out all the amazing places that lie en route Bangalore and Mysore. The best part is that you don’t even have to struggle with the route by going far. All these places are right there on the highway – literally. Picture credits: Google Maps


Now that you know the map for places lying en route Bangalore and Mysore as well as the itinerary followed by me, it’s time to share more details about the places to visit.

Places that must be an Essential Part of your Bangalore to Mysore Itinerary

I’ve mentioned all the places that you should visit as per my Bangalore to Mysore itinerary. But now it’s time to elaborate them for you – one by one.


As you exit Bangalore and enter the highway, after about 40 kms, you will come across a town called Bidadi. While here, make sure you visit the Innovative film city.

A magnanimous movie studio and amusement park, this place offers many exciting attractions. Some of the amusements you can engage on are an Aqua park, a haunted mansion, a Dino park, mini golf and a mirror maze. There is also a mini wax museum here.

In fact, this is where the set of the infamous reality TV show Bigg Boss Kannada is located and they offer a tour of the set.

A bunch of activities like go-carting, bungee jumping, karaoke and cricket are offered too at an extra cost. When it comes to food, this place has a wide variety of cuisines.  The cuisines complement the beach-themed restaurant in here.

The famous Wonderla Amusement Park is located in the town of Bidadi too. It is the best place to visit if you are all about having  fun with your friends and family. The perfect way to de-stress and relax, it surely will make you forget all your worries and take you to your happy state.

There is something for everyone here, right from daring rides for the adventurous ones to water rides and slow rides for the kids. Their in house restaurant is a lively one with a variety of cuisines, catering to the likes of everyone.

Being one of the largest amusement park operators in India, it is a popular spot for people of all age groups. Before you go, make sure you check their website to see the timings and rates as it changes according to the season and also look up their dress code.

Bangalore to Mysore Itinerary

Spend a few hours soaking yourself in the lovely water pool at Wonderla Amusement Park. This will allow you to soothe yourself. You can also try the various water rides in the park. Wonderla has recently been ranked as one of the best amusement parks in Asia. Picture credits: Wens


As you move on from Bidadi towards Mysore, the next town which you will spot is Ramanagara. It is at a distance of 20 kms from Bidadi.

Here, the Ramadevara betta is well known for its Vulture Sanctuary. It’s one of its kind in India.  You could spend some time spotting vultures in this unique area. The famous Bollywood movie Sholay was shot here too.

Upon climbing 400 steps, there is a temple on top of the hill, having a unique sculpture of Lord Ram with Sita which is hundred of years old.

Apart from all this, Ramanagara has one more significance. This is where Ram, Lakshman and Sita lived during their Vanvaas (their exile in the forest). There is also a pond here which is believed to be created by Rama for Sita so that she could take a bath, using the vigor of his arrow.

Bangalore to Mysore Itinerary

The beautiful view of Ramadevara betta will mesmerize you as a traveler. The rocky hills in brown colour here strike a balance with the green flora. This region is a favourite among hikers. If you want to go hiking as well, wear the right pair of shoes and apply some sunscreen. Picture credits: Sahana Kulkarni


As you exit Ramnagar and enter the highway again, after travelling 15 kms, you will arrive at Channapatna. Channapatna is known as the Land of Toys only for a reason – the handmade wooden toys are beautified with natural dyes here.

These eco-friendly toys are sure to keep the kids happy and occupied. Take a walk through this village and see the artisans at work, crafting away attractive toys.

Head to the Karnataka Handicrafts Development Corporation (KHDC) to get your hands on some spectacular toys. These make for a great souvenir to take back home with you.

In addition to the above-mentioned things, the Heritage Winery is also present here. Stop by at this town for a wine enlightening experience.  They offer tours and explain to you the entire process of winemaking at a nominal cost of 350 INR per head.

Master the art of wine tasting as you sip the various varieties that they have to offer. End your session with a sumptuous meal at their in house restaurant. They also have a grape stomping activity, at an additional cost of about 500 INR per head.

Even though this place can be visited all year round, the best time to come here is during January to March when you can see the plantation. You could take back a bottle or two of wine back home from here as they have amazing discounts on their entire range.

Bangalore to Mysore Itinerary

Barrels for display placed at the Heritage Winery in Channapatna. Take a Sula wine tour here if you like. If not, click a dozen pictures because the ambiance here is extremely nice. Oak Barrels, bamboo fences and vintage wine bottles make for very clickable baits. Picture credits: Vinita


The next town on this route as you proceed towards Mysore is Maddur. It is located about 21 kms from Channapatna.

Maddur is world-famous for its Maddur Vada which are fritters made using rice flour, wheat flour and fried onions, all fried to perfect crispness.

Pack some of these from this town to gorge on your way to Mysore.


After driving for another 18 kms, the Sakkare Nadu or the State of the Sugar Crop, Mandya is where you will reach.

Kokkarebellur, a village located in the Mandya district, is well popular for the various species of painted storks and pelicans that come here from November to February.  You will be pleasantly surprised by how these birds and the villagers live like a family and coexist beautifully. 

The village gets its name from the Kannada word for painted storks, Kokkare. This place is a treat for people with a passion and skill for photography.

This is a popular spot for many wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. The locals and the kids who live here will be happy to take you around and give you information about the place and the birds.

Brindavan Gardens is another attraction present in Mandya. Spread over acres of land with a dam close by, these gardens are full of flora and fountains.

You can even enjoy the Light and Sound show whereby laser lights are used to make the fountains swing in various directions.

bangalore to mysore itinerary

If you’re planning to stop by at Mandya, you have got to Corkle boating. It will not just make for a fun ride in the water but also offer you a glimpse of some of the rarest birds in the region. Picture credits: Ashok Subramanium


As you resume the journey and head towards Mysore, after 27 km, you will find yourself entering Srirangapatna. The capital of Tipu Sultan, this historical town was where the Mysore Wars were fought and a visit here would transport you back to the colonial time.

Drive around the streets of this town to get a clear picture of how large the kingdom was at the time of Tipu Sultan’s rule. Experience spirituality and seek blessings at the Ranganatha Temple here.

The Dariya Daulat, the summer palace of Tipu Sultan, made fully using teak wood and set amidst lush green gardens, and the Gumbaz, a Muslim mausoleum which holds the tombs of Tipu Sultan and both his parents are famous attractions.

Another interesting site is the Colonel Bailey’s Dungeon which are below the ground torture chambers, built for torturing foreign prisoners.

Walk down to the Kaveri Sangam and sit by the river bank to soak in the sights and the calm atmosphere. There is also a sound and light show which takes place at around 7.20 pm, at the Srirangapatna Fort.

Bird watching near Mysore

A painted Stork looking for food at the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. While at the sanctuary, you have the option of either observing the birds from the watchtowers or taking a boat safari. Personally, I prefer safari. Picture credits: Marian Anbu Juwan.

No itinerary can be complete without the eating places. Same is the case with the Bangalore to Mysore itinerary.

Delectable Eating Places on the Bangalore Mysore Route – Make Them a Part of your Itinerary

Even though the Bangalore Mysore highway has numerous options when it comes to restaurants and cafes, there are a few which certainly make their right on the top of the list.

Be sure to make them an important part of your Bangalore to Mysore itinerary.


This place has such a cool vibe going on with the garden-themed restaurant. Their lovely outdoor seating amidst the lush lawns sets the perfect scene and mood to gorge on their delicious food.

Ranking high in terms of hygiene and ambiance, this place will provide you with an excellent dining experience.

They have a diverse menu with food ranging from north Indian to south Indian cuisine and hence this place has something to offer for everyone.


Open every day from 7 am to 10.30 pm

Cost for two

600 INR


64, Near Wonderla Gate, Hanumantha Nagar, Mysore Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka

bangalore to mysore itinerary

Sumptous Idli Sambhar at Vattika. The flavours are a fine blend of sour, spicy and sweet when it comes to the Sambhar. The Idlis are bland to salty with a misty coconut crumble within. Picture credits: Neha

Rasta Cafe

This continental cafe with its cool and trendy atmosphere with wooden benches, tables and separate reservations for hookah tables, is a crowded and lively place which radiates a chilled out vibe.

This makes it the perfect spot to stop by if you are looking for some wholesome continental food and delicious mocktails.

With indoor as well as outdoor seating options, this clean and well-maintained place is a must-try. Apart from their delicious food, another major plus point is the timings of this place – conveniently open for 20 hours in a day.


Open from 12 am to 4 am and 9 am to 12 am, Closed on Mondays

Cost for two

900 INR


Mayaganahalli, Ramanagaram, Bangalore-Mysore Road, Bangalore

bangalore to mysore itinerary

Rasta Cafe remains open for 20 hours a day. Therefore, this place is extremely popular with riders, backpackers and solo travelers. You can even enjoy the Hukkah here. Picture credits: Pritish Nair

Sree Renukamba Bidadi Thatte Idli

This place located in Maddur is extremely well known for its Thatte Idli, a typical Karnataka dish which is hot and soft. It is larger than regular idly and melts in your mouth.

Served with tasty hot Sambhar, mashed potatoes tempered with spices and homemade butter to go along, you are sure to be left wanting for more.

Conveniently located right near the Bidadi bus stand, this place witnesses a lot of crowds.


Open every day from 6 am to 7 pm

Cost for two

150 INR


Near Police Station, Bidadi, Mysore Road, Bangalore


This famous restaurant is well known for its authentic Iyengar cuisine (from Tamil Nadu) and is the only one of its kind around Bangalore.

Located in Channapatna, this hygienic and highly-rated restaurant has great service and delicious food and is a perfect stop for a hearty meal during your trip.

The place offers fresh and nonspicy vegetarian food. While here, don’t forget to try out the Puliogare.


Open every day from 6.30 am to 11 pm

Cost for two

450 INR


Sankala Geri Gate, Bangalore Mysore Highway, Channapatna, Karnataka

Maddur Tiffanys

Having a typically ethnic vibe with an old thatched roof and stone structure, this place is an institution when it comes to gorging on crispy Maddur Vadas (fried snack)

They are served hot with delicious coconut chutney (dip). Apart from their Vadas, they also have options in coffee, meals and various types of Dosas (made from rice batter and roasted on a pan)

They’ve also built a newer building, complete with AC family hall and have a spacious car parking space available. This is perfect to stop by for a quick pick-me-up snack.


Open every day from 7 am to 10.30 pm

Cost for two

300 INR


Bangalore Mysore Hwy, Shivapura, Maddur, Mandya, Karnataka

Convenient Modes of Travel on the Bangalore Mysore Route

In order to travel from Bangalore to Mysore, you can avail plenty of commute options. There is no dearth of choices between these two destinations.

By Road

The Bangalore – Mysore Highway is considered one of the most beautifully designed highways in India. With the perfect roads and the sights on the way, it is sure to be a memorable journey as you soak in the various sights of Karnataka.

By the way, once you’re done sightseeing in Mysore, head to Hampi and Pondicherry from Bangalore.

The experience of driving along this route is something you would not want to miss. The journey roughly takes around 2 hours. Though more expensive than the other options, travelling by car gives you the freedom to stop anywhere or take diversions and modify your itinerary.

Using smartphone apps, you can either book a cab or rent a car and cruise on your own. Bikers, get ready with your gears as this route is perfect for you to take off on your bikes.

Alternatively, the cheapest option to go by road would be to take a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus.

Explore the different types and timings of buses available from Bangalore to Mysore and book your tickets at the KSRTC site.  They offer AC as well as non-AC bus services, with tickets ranging from 130 INR to  350 INR, depending on the type of bus class you choose. The journey on average takes about 3 hours.

By Rail

Being the cheapest and the safest option, trains are pretty popular with people wanting to commute between Bangalore and Mysore.

With trains running throughout the day, you can conveniently travel at any time suitable for you.

The journey roughly takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes, going through the scenic beauties of the towns of Karnataka. Do not forget to catch a sight of the graceful Cauvery River from the railway track.

The ticket roughly costs around 150 INR for the sleeper class.

Railway booking can easily be done online by logging on to the IRCTC site. It provides all the necessary information about the various trains running from Bangalore to Mysore.

Note: Traveling via train or via the state transport bus is a fast and cheap mode of commute. However, it will deprive you of checking out the places mentioned in my Bangalore to Mysore itinerary. Here’s what I suggest – Take a train trip for one side only and make the other a personalized road trip.

Important Travel Information for Bangalore to Mysore Itinerary Route

The following information will help you understand the route better. You will end up enjoying the route way more if you know it well.

Distance between Bangalore and Mysore

150 Kms by road and 127 Kms by train

Modes of transport

Bus, car, bike, train

Best time to take a trip

October to January

Weather conditions

Predictable throughout the year

Highway safety level


Ease of commute


Places that lie between Bangalore and Mysore

Bidadi, Ramanagara, Channapatna, Maddur, Mandya, Srirangapatna

An ideal Bangalore to Mysore itinerary should include all the must-visit attractions and destinations along the way. After all, the route is booming with nice places to visit.

Keep in mind that the roads can get a little tough to drive on during the rainy season, so drive with precaution. Refer to Google Maps or ask around before taking any diversions from the highway.

Continue on the same highway, soaking in the vibrancy that Karnataka has to offer, as you make your way to Mysore.

Happy wayfaring.


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