A Trip to Hampi from Bangalore: The Complete Itinerary

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Bangalore Hampi itinerary is to be planned and implemented well if you want to enjoy both these lovely south Indian destinations. The travel route of most visitors to this part of the world is from Bangalore to Hampi. This is where a good travel plan comes in place.

The Bangalore Hampi itinerary should cater well to the traveller’s tastes. The journey is beautiful and inspiring in so many ways. Hampi is an important historic and cultural destination in southern India.

Hampi is a land that symbolizes the rich script of ancient Indian times. A land that has seen battles and traditions and engraved the relics in its temples like a canvas. The quality of workmanship in the monuments is prominent throughout.

Bangalore Hampi Itinerary

Hampi as a travel destination is rich historically and culturally. This is a capture from the Chariot at Vittala Temple. Picture by Vikash Kumar

The Complete Bangalore Hampi Itinerary

Located in Karnataka state at approximately a distance of 350 km from Bangalore city, Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the early period of 1500 CE (Common Era), it was possibly the richest state of India and attracted many traders, especially from Persia and Portugal.

It was the centre of the Hindu Vijayanagara Empire capital in the 14th century and was brought to ruins by the Muslim sultanate armies in 1565.  Through the means of my current blog, I intend to elaborate on the complete Bangalore Hampi Itinerary in this blog. I hope it proves to be of value to fellow travelers.

A practical Bangalore Hampi itinerary should ensure that you start really early from the ‘Garden City’ of Bangalore, reach Hampi by noon and start exploring the region by sunset. Not to forget, try the delicious local cuisine.

Day Wise Bangalore Hampi Itinerary

Usually, in two days, you would be able to explore most of Hampi. Here is the day-wise itinerary. Even though you should stay here longer, I see a lot of travelers devoting a time span of 48 hours here and then moving forward elsewhere.

Day 1 of Bangalore Hampi Itinerary

Time: Arrive in the late morning or early noon from Bangalore.

Activity: Reach the ferry point, board a Ferry and visit Hippie Island.

Find a suitable place to stay and settle in.

Cost: 10 INR per ferry ride and 10 more if you have a big backpack. Small luggage is fine and usually not charged.

500 to 2000 INR per night per room depending upon the season. Prices may vary for foreign travelers.

Time: Around noon till early evening.

Activity: Rent a scooter to explore the Hippie Island side.

Have lunch on the other side of the river in Hampi Bazaar

Cost: Roughly 150 INR per scooter and 1 liter of complimentary fuel.

Food would cost around 200 to 250 INR per person for a meal

Time: Evening and night

Activity: Visit Sunset Point

Indulge in savouring some delectable dinner in any eatery of your preference.

Cost: Roughly 200 to 300 INR per person for dinner.

Day 2 of Bangalore Hampi Itinerary

Time: Morning till noon

Activity: Witness sunrise at the very same Sunset Point (you visited yesterday) with a complimentary fresh wind.

Hire an auto for a walking tour or rent a cycle to explore Hampi.

Cost: Auto costs around 400 INR if you negotiate well and have a big group.

Typically can cost you around 600 INR including info about monuments.

Time: Noon and evening

Activity: Explore Hampi and chill out with local coconut water and lassi

Cost: It would typically take noon and early evening for you to discover the entire map of Hampi.

Time: Sunset and setting off

Activity: Visit the other Sunset point near the bus stand and take your stuff back from Hampi Island.

Have snacks at Hampi market and pack up

Cost: Snacks can be covered in about 150 – 300 INR per person.

How to Travel to Hampi from Bangalore?

From Bangalore, if you plan to go via road you can either choose the Karnataka State Buses or you can hire a car from various car rental apps on your phone. A bus would be a better option to explore Hampi. This is because of the various off-road terrains, you would have to abandon your vehicle at a point anyway.

It takes approximately 800 INR and 8 to 9 hours to reach Hampi from Bangalore. You can book your journey on the Karnataka State Bus Service website (KSRTC).

You can also opt to travel to Hampi. Please note that a direct train to Hampi is not available. Hospet, which is the nearest city to Hampi (around 13 kms) has a train station. So if you travel via train, you would be boarding the train from Yeshwantpur Junction in Bangalore and reach Hospet station in the duration of around 8 to 10 hours.

After reaching Hospet, you will have to take a private tuk tuk or local bus to Hampi. The most economical way is to take the tuk tuk to the Hospet bus stand and then go to Hampi via local buses.

For adventure lovers, bikes can also be a feasible option. Rent a bike in Bangalore and ride it till Hampi. But ensure your safety at all times.

Bangalore Hampi Itinerary

On the way from Bangalore to Hampi and especially inside Hampi, make sure to stay hydrated at all times. Picture by Sahil Rana

What All to Do on Reaching Hampi?

First things first – You probably want to shake off the tiredness from the 8-hour journey. So taking a nap will help. You can find accommodation and food at Hippie Island in Hampi. There is a ferry that goes to and fro and connects you to this island while you cross the Tungabhadra River.

To find the ferry, just go along the Viruprakahsa Temple Road along the river and you will find stairs going down, pointing right at it. Note that the last ferry to Hippie Island is at 5:30 p.m. After that, you are stuck on either side of the bank.

You can also choose to stay on the other side of the river but when in Hampi, bunking at Hippie Island is the way to be. Do not forget to apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or more) here.

Bangalore Hampi Itinerary

Exploring a culturally rich destination like Hampi with friends has given me immense joy. Picture by Sahil Rana

Hippie Island

Hippie Island is a very laid-back yet chilled-out place. The vibe of this place is simply amazing. You can find cheap accommodations there and there are also quite a lot of cafes present. The cafes serve both Indian and Western cuisine.

This island is basically the village of Virupapura Gadde. The locals are friendly and fluent in the English language. This village is just a few minutes of boat ride away but if you travel during the monsoon season (mid-July to September), you would not be able to get a boat ride as the water levels of the river are significantly high. At that time, the only option left is to hire a private taxi or a tuk tuk which would take you to the island which is around 40 km across the other side of the river.

There are some beautiful sites at the Hippie Island that you should certainly explore –

Hanuman Temple on Anjenaya Hill
Pampa Sarovar
Hampi lake
Sunset point
Bangalore Hampi Itinerary

Witness the early morning sunrise or the early dust sunset at Hippie Island. Picture by Sahil Rana

Exploring Hippie Island Internally

The best way of getting around on the Hippie island is on a moped (small scooter). You can rent it on either side of the river. However, you cannot get across on the motorboat with it.

Another option is to rent a bicycle, which would be obviously cheaper than the moped and can be taken on either side of the river.

If you have chosen the bicycle, make sure you are well hydrated as Hampi is a hot place and dehydration almost took an hour of my time while I was there. Hippie Island though is better experienced on a moped.

If you want to make your trip more adventurous, you can also opt for rock climbing and bouldering (all the gear would be provided) here which can be done from the months of November to May.

The Hampi Side of the River

Here you will find rocks, ruins, and sand wherever you go. There are many interesting sites in Hampi owing to its history and heritage. Just like Hippie Island, this place too can be explored on a moped and bicycle. There is a complete route map you can buy and follow the trail as you explore.

There is one more option f you want a relaxed and easy tour of the ruins and temples of this small town. You can hire an auto-rickshaw for the day for about 500 to 600 INR with 3 people sitting capacity and the driver would take you on the route.

He would also provide you with information regarding that particular place as you go. Hence, he will even serve as your guide.  You would find ice cream rickshaws and coconut water stalls all along the way so you need not worry about the dehydration.

You can also choose to explore Hampi on your own. For that, buy a guidebook.

There are some beautiful sites here that you should surely explore –

Viruprakahsa Temple
Vijaya Vithhal Temple (Stone Chariot)
Queen’s Bath
Lotus temple and Elephant’s stable
Hazar Rama Temple (Visual depiction of Ramayana)
Bangalore Hampi Itinerary

The famous and beautifully crafted ‘Queen’s Bath’ at Hampi. Picture by Sahil Rana

The Famous Hampi Bazaar

Hampi is famous for its stone carvings in temples and monuments and is also famous for the same done by local artists on a small scale. The Hampi Bazaar is located near Viruprakasha temple. It’s a flea market where you can find artistic goods.

A small area with slightly tight streets gives you a feel of Middle Eastern town exploration as you go through them. You will also find some cafes and eateries in this place. One of the most famous and also my favourite is the Mango Tree Restaurant. It’s typically full during the tourist season and you would have to wait for your table. But the food variety here is ample to feed one’s soul.

If you are still feeling a bit heated up, you can take a dip in the river as locals do the same during the evening time. But make sure you are on the boat to Hampi Island before 5:30 PM if you are staying there because that would be the last time the ferry would take you to the other side.

bangalore hampi itinerary

Buy locally carved artefacts and jewellery at Hampi Bazaar. Picture by Amit Suman

Sunset Point

There are mainly two sunset points in Hampi. One is located on Hippie island and is the compulsory place to be around sunset. The reason being that there is a whole different vibe that goes on around sunset there. Just a few minutes of the hike would lead you to this amazing spot.

There is a local artist who plays music on guitar and sings native songs. Near him are some vendors selling tea or carbonated drinks. Stay here for a while and enjoy the scenery.

The other spot for sunset is around the Viruprakahsha Temple on the other side of the river in Hampi. Just a little 5-minute hike from the side of the temple would take you to the spot.  I would recommend watching the sunset from there if you have to catch the bus back in the evening as you would not be able to cross back to Hippie Island after 5:30 PM.

You can peacefully watch the sunset and be on your way towards the bus stand which is located at a 10-minute walk from there when you come down.

A couple of days or three are enough to explore this small town and have backpackers’ travel feel. The history and culture would make you wonder about the grand life in Hampi in the 15th Century. Usually, the tourists stay for a week and chill. Whatever your story might be, Hampi is definitely a Backpacker’s Paradise.

Happy wayfaring.


Sahil Rana

Sahil Rana is an Engineer by trade and an adventurer by heart. He hails from the city beautiful Chandigarh. Sahil believes that travel isn’t just about sightseeing but the journey as well. It is the development of the mind and growth of the soul. He likes to travel solo as well as with friends. Sahil’s ultimate fantasy is to travel the world and meet as many people as possible.