Universal Studios Singapore is the largest theme park in South East Asia. It is only 7 years old but boasts a range of delights for adults and children, hedonists and stoics alike. Universal Studios Singapore has seven themed zones with 24 rides, shows and attractions.

Universal Studios Singapore is a place to go and be joyful, and preferably (or inevitably) child-like. A place to wonder at recreations of the virtual worlds we have come to love and fantasize about, from classics like Jurassic Park and Sesame Street to the more recent universes of Transformers and Madagascar.

The streets that connect these worlds too are largely filled with colour and life. At every turn of every corner is an event you’d want to join in on, or just stop and watch, irrespective of the time of day. Irrespective too, of your critical opinion of (probably), fully grown adults, dressed as Minions or Shrek or Pinocchio, meeting and greeting delighted visitors.

Universal Studios Singapore: An Overview

Singapore has many attractions that attract visitors from all over the World. Universal Studios Singapore is one such attraction. Here are a few important things you need to know about USS before planning a visit.


Sentosa Island, Singapore

Mode of Travel

Monorail or Cable Car from HarbourFront MRT station


Humid and warm

Tickets to enter Universal Studios

Available at the entrance at S$76. Promotions available online

Average Duration of Visit

Half to one day

Nearby Tourist Attraction

Sea Aquarium, Sentosa Island.

Best Time to Visit

All year long

Opening Hours

10 AM to 8 PM


How to Reach Universal Studios Singapore?

Universal Studios Singapore is located at the Resorts World Sentosa. The Resort is a mere 10 minutes distance from Singapore’s Central Business District and is easily accessible and affordable via modes of transportation including buses, the MRT rail system, taxis and cars.

The closest MRT station to reach Universal Studios Singapore is the HarbourFront on the North East Line. From HarbourFront, walk to VivoCity Mall.  At level 3 of the Mall find the Sentosa monorail station and ticket booth. This monorail will drop you one stop later at the Waterfront Station. Follow signs to reach the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore.

You can also take the Sentosa Broadwalk to reach the Universal Studios Singapore at Sentosa Island.

Universal Studios Singapore Universal Studios Singapore. Photography by D.K Troisdorf

What to Wear for Universal Studios Singapore?

The weather in Singapore is mostly hot and humid. Therefore, it is best to wear light and breathable clothes. Also, wear some comfortable footwear. You have to be walking around a lot if you wish to enjoy the complete experience at Universal Studios Singapore.

When to visit Universal Studios Singapore?

Universal Studios Singapore gets really crowded during weekends. The queues are longer and so are the waiting lines to get clicked with your favourite character.

Beat the crowds by visiting Universal Studios Singapore on a weekday. The queues are way shorter. You can get your favourite pictures clicked easily without someone photobombing you. Also, try to avoid the super busy Singapore school holidays. 

The only downside of visiting on a weekday is that you may miss the Hollywood shows like the Dreams Parade and Lake Hollywood Spectacular fireworks. These are usually only held on weekends. 

Where and how to book tickets and passes to Universal Studios Singapore?

The tickets to Universal Studios Singapore are available online and it is way easier to book one online.

Universal Studios Singapore tickets

The Usual price of the universal studios Singapore ticket for

Adult – S$76

Child- S$54

You can find promotions for these tickets online.

Universal Studios Singapore Express Pass

These are not entry tickets but they help you get to the rides faster. People with this pass are allowed to use a separate shorter queue. The Universal studio Express Pass is only available for purchase from Universal Studio Singapore directly. It is a separate cost on top of the regular admission.

Universal Studios Singapore Express Pass

The  Universal Express Pass starts from S$30 and can be used only once at each attraction/ride.

Universal Studios Singapore Express Unlimited Pass

The Universal Express Unlimited starts from S$50 and can be used over and over again at the attractions.

The prices of these tickets keep changing so it is better to buy them early to get a nominal price.  You can also buy them inside the Park.

A Sneak Peek into Hollywood inside Universal Studios Singapore

Beyond the iconic globe of Universal Studios, the entrance to the Theme Park opens into ‘Hollywood’, a wide bustling street lined with stores and attractions to welcome visitors into the atmosphere. Explorable in any order (Do remember to collect a map near the entrance), the larger divisions inside the Park include: 

Far Far Away
The Lost World
Ancient Egypt
Sci-Fi City
New York

Universal Studios Singapore Sesame Street. Photography by Madel Vergara

Universal Studios Singapore Big Birds Emporium provides you with all the Sesame Street souvenirs. Photography by Madel Vergara

Five Takeaways from Universal Studios Singapore

Although there are many rides and attractions at Universal Studios Singapore, these from Hollywood are a must-try.

USS Takeaway 1

Madagascar: Crate Adventure

The Crate Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore is a fun (and quite funny) river-ride, that recreates the journeys of the four main characters from Madagascar. Stories of Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman, along with various other animals, are depicted on the banks of the river inside a tunnel through the hull of their large ship. Complete with dialogue and action, the boat ride into and through Madagascar is quite an experience, even for those previously unfamiliar with the characters.
For – All age groups
Duration – 10 minutes
Location on Map – Madagascar

Universal Studios Singapore The lovely world of Madagascar. Photography by Lie Chun

Universal Studios Singapore Fun and play at Madagascar. Photography by Dewi Kurnia

USS Takeaway 2

Revenge of The Mummy: The Ride

Possibly the most action-packed ride in Universal Studios Singapore, The Revenge of the Mummy is best experienced without a detailed introduction. Located in ‘Ancient Egypt’, the walk up to the ride is beset with structures and figures representative of the culture, as depicted in most stories of the era. With an absorbing narrative and sharp and unpredictable twists, turns and drops, the Revenge of The Mummy is a memorable adrenaline rush to taste.
For – Teens and Adults
Duration – 6-7 minutes
Location on Map – Ancient Egypt

Universal Studios Singapore Giant Egyptian sculptures. Photography by Jane

Universal Studios Singapore A brief passage to the ‘Revenge of the Mummy.’ Photography by Srivatsav Cheruku

Universal Studios Singapore In ancient Egypt. Photography by Srivatsav Cheruku

USS Takeaway 3

Lights. Camera. Action.

Lights, Camera, Action is a brief show in ‘New York’, that could be described as an insight into the wonder of film-making. Narrated by Steven Spielberg, the show begins with a projection of the master movie-maker talking about special effects in iconic scenes in various beloved films and the intricacies of the work that goes into creating them. The audience is then guided onto a live sound stage, to experience a live scene set in a cabin, with a dreadful storm brewing just beyond. Watching incredibly real recreations of strong winds, thunder, fire and chaos inside just under 5 minutes, in a gripping scene unravel a few meters in front of you, is a joy for movie-lovers in any degree.
For – Universal
Duration – About 10 minutes
Location on Map – New York
Universal Studios Singapore

The entrance to Lights, Camera, Action. Photography by Vimal Mahesh

Universal Studios Singapore Special effects as a sound stage become the setting for a hurricane about to hit a city. Photography by Rommel Andriano

Universal Studios Singapore Special Fire Effect. Photography by Maddy

USS Takeaway 4

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

The Rapids Adventure in Jurassic Park is the most sought after ride in The Lost World, or perhaps all of Universal Studios Singapore. The long wait in a maze-like queue is made endurable, however, by Dinosaur trivia on the walls in the passages, and excited visitors gearing up with large plastic covers to keep their clothes from expected splashes of water through the ride. Delightfully paced and narrated, the ride is equal amounts eerie and thrilling, through the river on a circular raft, as various creatures call for your attention from the greens. The bumpy ride, with its turns and surprises and various narrative shifts, builds gradually up to a supposed security breach at a Hydro Power Plant inside the Park. Made real and frantic with alarms and flashes in complete darkness, the Rapids Adventure ends with a plunge into daylight, to narrowly escape the fearsome carnivores at large.

Tip: Carry a Poncho, because you are gonna get wet! The dring pods are chargeable and the Ponchos they sell inside are expensive.

For – Anybody without a particular phobia of darkness or dinosaurs
Duration – Less than 10 minutes
Location on Map – The Lost World

Universal Studios Singapore The entrance to Jurassic Park. Photography by Jane

Universal Studios Singapore A dinosaur stone sculpture inside Jurassic Park. Photography by Srivatsav Cheruku

Universal Studios Singapore Virtual dinosaurs. Photography by Jane

USS Takeaway 5

Walking through Sting Alley

Not many streets are quite as charming as those in the relatively quiet part of Universal Studios Singapore called the Sting Alley. Passing through timeless red-brick buildings of Arcades or Groceries or Freight Terminals, the Alley is reminiscent of a charming past you need not even have known. The little shops with quirky old-fashioned names, doors and windows, and metal staircases to tiny balconies make for great photographs, if not to just walk by and cherish.
For – Universal
Duration – However long you please
Location on Map – New York

Universal Studios Sinagpore The sets of Sting Alley. Photography by Tong Ming

Inside sets of Sting Alley with a few characters. Photography by Michtinsa

Universal Studios Singapore Scrooge in full Christmas splendour. Photography by Pam

Besides these, the Theme Park contains many more attractions and events that could perhaps be more inviting to some visitors. To experience them all in one visit would be quite a feat. However, with adequate planning and dreaming, Universal Studios Singapore, offers enough adventure and fantasy to take a day to experience and much longer to forget.

Where to eat at Universal Studios Singapore?

There are plenty of food options at Universal Studios Singapore. However, being a tourist destinations, these can be quite pricey. Here are a few recommendations for affordable eats in and around Universal Studios Singapore.

Note: You can leave Universal Studios Singapore in the middle of your visit to grab a bite or other things. Just get your hand stamped on your way out and keep the ticket with you. 

Seah Im Food Court

For budget eats, you could visit the Seah Im Food Court near the HarbourFront MRT station. It is located right at Exit A of the station. Seah Im Food Court is a hawker centre with a  lot of different food stalls. The food is cheap and yummy.

Cost per person- Up to S$5

VivoCity Mall

It is relatively cheaper when compared to those in Universal Studios Singapore. The food court has a wide variety of food options that are moderately priced

Cost per person- Up to S$10

Mel’s Drive Inn

If you do get hungry you could try one of these restaurants inside the inside the Universal Studios Singapore. Try their Offer Combos

Cost per person – Up to S$14

Useful Tips for Visiting Universal Studios Singapore

Here are some useful tips that would help you when visiting USS.

Tip 1 Buy Tickets Online

Buy your tickets online. It is a pain to stand in the queues to get a ticket.

Tip 2 Get there an hour early

If you make last-minute plans then you can also buy tickets at Universal Studios Singapore itself. Get there an hour before the opening time.

Tip 3 Get the Universal Studios Singapore Map

Take a look at the Universal Studios Singapore map before you visit the place. This way you can choose your rides and sort out the priorities. You can find and download a FREE map here

Tip 4 Use the Free Wifi

Universal Studios Singapore has free WiFi.  You just have to register over the WiFi network with a valid email address and then authenticate by clicking on the link they send you on your email ID.

Tip 5 Arrive 10-15 minutes before every Show

All the shows at Universal Studios Singapore start on time. So, f you don’t wanna miss them be at least 10 minutes early. This way you would get a lead in the queues and get better seats.

Tip 6 Get a programme sheet

Pick up a programme sheet at the entrance of the Universal Studios Singapore. This sheet lists out all the events and shows happening in the park during that day.

This will help you plan your day more effectively.

Tip 7 Avoid School Holidays

March, June, September and December have a lot of school holidays. Check them to avoid crowds.

Visit Universal Studios Singapore with your family and friends next time you are in Singapore. This is something you don’t wanna miss.

Happy Wayfaring 

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