Tourism in Thailand Hit Hard Amidst Corona Virus Outbreak. Now is not the time to make plans to this lovely but affected nation.

Thailand’s prime minister says his government has agreed to declare a state of emergency to implement stricter measures to control the coronavirus outbreak.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said his Cabinet agreed Tuesday at its weekly meeting to put a one-month state of emergency into effect on Thursday.

It will give the government enforcement powers not normally available to it.

Powers available to the government under the law governing public administration in emergency situations include implementing curfews, censoring the media, dispersing gatherings and allowing deployment of military forces for enforcement

Tourism in Thailand Hit the Hardest 

In Thailand, the main immigration centre in the capital Bangkok was crowded on Monday with hundreds of tourists and other foreign nationals trying to extend visas before they expired.

“I’ve been here since 8.30 a.m.!” one man cried on being told officials could not process his application that afternoon.

A long queue snaked through the building, and many were told to come back another day.

The problems are by no means confined to Bangkok.

News Source:

  • Thailand imposes state of emergency to control coronavirus, ABC News.

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