“Should I cancel my travel Plans to Goa?” In the wake of the current coronavirus outbreak, a lot of travellers seem to be worrying about this question.

The outbreak of coronavirus across the globe is forcing many travellers to rethink their travel plans. If you have plans to travel to Goa now, think again.

This article is dedicated to finding an answer to your question – “Should I cancel my travel plans to Goa?” Read further to find the latest and updated information on travelling to Goa amidst the crisis.

Should I cancel my travel Plans to Goa?

Goa is one of the most favoured destinations by Indians and foreigners alike. However, before going ahead with your Goan vacation, you need to consider the current travelling situation.

Here’s a quick overview of Travelling to Goa right now:

Current Situation of Coronavirus in Goa

1 confirmed case

What’s closed in Goa right now?

night clubs, boat cruises, casinos and cinema halls

What’s open in Goa?

Hotels, Restaurants, Beaches

Reasons to cancel your plans to visit Goa?

Be a responsible Traveller

Travelling by public transport

All the fun is closed right now

Situation likely to escalate

What do we advise?

Avoid all non-essential travel

Current Coronavirus (COVID19) situation in Goa  

Goa Tourism has been badly affected by the outbreak of coronavirus. The decline in the tourist arrivals started in February and has continued since then.

However, some of us who have been planning the Goa vacation for quite some time now are still pondering over the question, “Should I cancel my travel plans to Goa?

Although till the first two weeks no case had been reported, on 18 March, the first case of COVID19 was reported.

What’s closed in Goa right now?

Amid the rising number of cases in the country, Goa state government decided to shut down places that attract large crowds.

All night clubs, boat cruises, casinos and cinema halls were notified to stay shut till 31st March. This order came into force from March 15th midnight.

This was done to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus in the state.

What’s open in Goa right now?

Of the places that interest travellers in Goa, some of the places and points of interest that are still open include beaches and restaurants.

Hotels are also are open as of now. The state government has issued a circular asking hotels and to take preventive measures in the wake of the novel coronavirus scare

All the places that attract crowds have been closed.

4 Reasons Why you should cancel your plans to visit Goa

  1. Be a responsible Traveller – Be a responsible traveller by avoiding all non-essential travel in the state. You not only protect yourself from contracting the deadly virus but also lessen the chances of carrying the virus with you to the state.
  2. Travelling by public transport – Experts suggest that travelling by public transport (including flights, trains and buses) increase the chances of exposure to the deadly virus. Stay safe an limit your exposure to the virus.
  3. All the fun is closed right now – Goa is all about parties, fun and frolic. There is no point visiting Goa, if half the amazing places are closed, right? Plus you don’t want to be constantly worrying about the situation on a vacation
  4. The situation is likely to escalate – The Coronavirus situation in India is likely to escalate in the coming weeks. In this situation, it is best that you delay all your plans for non- essential travel as of now.

What we advise about travelling to Goa now?

We strongly advise that you travel anywhere in this situation. Stay indoors and avoid all non-essential travel as much as possible. Stay safe and keep others safe by not travelling.

Stay safe and stay put until the situation gets better. We will keep updating the article as and when we get new information.

Stay Safe 😊

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