Osian Safari Camp: Live and Experience the Life of a Desert

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Osian Safari Camp is a deluxe desert tented permanent camp near Jodhpur in Rajasthan. It offers its visitors a thrilling Camel Safari, Jeep Safari to surrounding areas and a visit to the tribal houses. Osian Safari Camp is located at a distance of about 62 kilometres from Jodhpur.

Rajasthan is one of the most travel-friendly states in India. It is a repository of heritage palaces and forts. Being a Rajasthani myself, I have travelled to Rajasthan since childhood but visited Osian very recently. I usually avoided visiting any place in Rajasthan (being from there) until recently when I heard about Osian Safari Camp and decided to visit it. Somewhere deep in my mind, I had always thought it will be the same ‘Rajasthani’ kind of experience. However, I must tell you that this is a must-visit place and that the trip to Osian Safari Camp will be worth it.

At the Osian Safari Camp, travellers are provided with a chance to explore and experience nature. Not only this but also getting to know the various tribes of Rajasthan. Lastly, to witness the desert wildlife fauna like – Chinkara, Blue Bull and a large variety of birds.

So, this “Off the Beat Track” idea is there for all of us to experience.

Osian Safari Camp

The entrance to Osian Safari Camp decorated with flags. Photography by Ankit Kumar

Osian Safari Camp: An Overview

West India
Mode of Travel
Reach Jodhpur by flight or train. From Jodhpur, you can hire a cab or a 12-seater bus if you are in a group. You can also drive your own car. One option can be to contact the camp itself, they will arrange transport for you, but will probably charge more.
Best Time to Visit
November to March
Temperature and Weather Conditions
The summers are unbearably hot with temperatures reaching up to 42 degrees Celsius. The winters are relatively cooler with the days having an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius while the nights are as cool as 9 degrees Celsius.
Nearby Places
Mehrangarh Fort, Sachiya Mata Temple, Lord Mahavira Temple, Osian Surya Temple.
By Road
Nearest Town
Camping in the desert & Desert Safari
Cost of the entire trip
INR 8,000 per couple all-inclusive for the highlights and stay. For a single tent at Osian Safari camp, it should be around INR 6,000. In a large group, let’s say – triple sharing will cost you even lesser.
Host’s Contact Number
Mr Raj Bakshi +91-9829360383
Osian Safari Camp

The Osian Safari Camp as seen from a distance. Photography by Chitraangi Sharma

History of Osian

  • Osian is a small village known for its Jain pilgrimage centre, situated about 40 miles North-East of Jodhpur.
  • The ancient Thar Desert town of Osian, 65 km north of Jodhpur, was an important trading centre between the 8th and 12th centuries. Known as Upkeshpur, it was dominated by the Jains, whose wealth left a legacy of exquisitely sculpted, well-preserved temples. The Mahavira Temple surrounds an image of the 24th Tirthankara (great Jain teacher), formed from sand and milk. Sachiya Mata Temple is an impressive walled complex worshipped by both Hindus and Jains.
Osian Safari Camp

The arrangement at the Camp. Picture credits: Ipshita Barua

Planning a trip to Osian Safari Camp or as Many call it ‘Thar Camp Osian?’

It all started in the month of November when I was planning to visit Jodhpur for a friend’s wedding. Osian was the only important pilgrimage I had missed in my years of travelling to Rajasthan. I thought of spending a night somewhere close by to get acquainted with the desert. That is when Osian Safari Camp happened.

A search on the internet made it easy and we called Mr Raj from Osian Safari Camp. A few emails were exchanged and he was extremely proactive in letting us know all that we could expect in terms of packages at the desert camp Osian. The package included all our meals, overnight stay, camel safari, jeep safari and cultural performance pre-dinner.

Osian Safari Camp

The camp looks beautiful after dusk. Picture credits: Osian Safari Camp

Activities & Facilities at the Osian Safari Camp

Osian Safari Camp has a lot of fun and adventurous activities. It gives you a new and amazing desert life experience. Osian Safari Camp is a deluxe permanent camp dining, bar with a tent having all modern amenities. All tents have en suite toilets, with hot and cold showers. Here is a list of activities you can do when you visit the place

  1. Jeep Safari
  2. Buffet Lunch
  3. Sunset from the dunes: The sunset point drive from the dunes is adventurous and eventually romantic. If you are lucky, you will meet some local kids who will show you their singing talent too.
  4. Camel Ride
  5. Cultural Night Performance
  6. Lovely Dinner
  7. Camping in the middle of the desert is one of the most memorable experiences.
  8. Osian also has a Hindu temple of great local significance and is home to some very intricately carved and restored Jain Temples.

Osian Jeep Safari and the Camel Ride

  • One of the most enthralling and fun-filled experiences is the Osian jeep safari.
  • You will enjoy the bumpy ride in a jeep and this will give you a great adventurous experience of conquering the dunes.
  • During the Osian jeep safari of two hours, you will explore the untouched areas of the dunes, which will give you a mesmerizing experience.
  • The drivers are helpful and experienced.
  • The camel ride in Osian is also a special attraction.
  • If you want a taste of camel riding in the desert more than actually being trapped in a huge desert with only a camel for transport, the Osian camel ride is long enough to give you that feeling.
Osian Safari Camp

Me, along with my friends headed for the Jeep Safari in the desert. Photography by Chitraangi Sharma

Food Served at Osian Safari Camp

  • An awesome buffet lunch.
  • For Dinner, a royal meal awaits you in the open.
  • Both lunch and dinner have a huge variety of dishes, right from Papad mangodi, one of the Rajasthani delights to chicken curry, veg rice, aloo sabzi and hot Rotis.
  • The food is served with a lot of grace and hospitality.
  • Osian Safari Camp also includes a barbecue. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar and restaurant.
Osian Safari Camp

The sumptuous ‘Royal Rajasthani Thali.’ Photography by Kusha Chopra

The highlight of the Osian Safari Camp: The Folk Show

  • During the Folk show, local artists who paint your evening with their folk songs and Kalbelia dance around a lovely bonfire.
  • The guests enjoy local folk musicians and dancers around a campfire, followed by dinner. We danced around the fire with the folk dancers too.
  • The dancers will ask you to join them and they expect to be tipped.
Osian Safari Camp

The Folk Show. Photography by Alexander Konovalo

Osian Safari Camp: The Desert Experience

  • Osian Safari Camp will provide you with comfortable tents.
  • The tents are decent with a fully functional bathroom attached.
  • The cosy tents decorated with beautiful lantern lamps, cosy quilts and a fully functioning bathroom in the middle of a desert are quite unimaginable.
  • The host at Osian Safari Camp makes sure that you are comfortable.
  • Camping in the middle of the desert will be one of your most memorable experiences.
Osian Safari Camp

Neat and clean & well-kept beds inside the tent. Photography by Chitraangi Sharma

Celebrating the Festival Season at the Osian Safari Camp

  • You can plan to spend the festive season at Osian Safari Camp in Rajasthani style.
  • New Year’s celebration can be a hit here. After all, you will be served a gala dinner along with traditional “Kalbelia” folk dancing and a ‘DJ on the dunes.’
  • The spell-binding fireworks are also arranged at midnight which is just how you would want to welcome the New Year.
  • If you wish to welcome the next year differently and away from the city celebration, the Osian safari camp will be one hell of an experience.
  • The main sitting area with a fire pit is one of the best things.
  • You are also served with drinks and snacks, both veg(veg kebabs) and non-veg(chicken tikkas).  So, get your drinks and enjoy your evening!!
  • After all, why would you want to spend a lot of money for just one hour party in the crowded city on New Year’s Eve when you have an exciting camping and DJ night party on the Golden sand dunes of Rajasthan?
Osian Safari Camp

Aushman Khurana, an acclaimed Indian actor performing at the Osian Safari Camp. Photography by Ankit Kumar

Safety of Backpackers (Especially Women) at the Osian Safari Camp

As a woman solo traveller, I would like to say that it is safe to visit Osian Desert Camp for women. You can share a tent with someone or you can also go to a girls’ group. It is totally safe. The host Mr. Raj Bakshi and his team have been great hosts from the start.

He will assure you that you are safe and comfortable, even if you are the only female traveller who checked in on a particular day. You will be made to feel secure and taken care of always.

Top Things to Carry at Osian Safari Camp

Riding on camelback can become surprisingly uncomfortable after a while, and many people complain of having very sore legs and hips by the end of their journey. To avoid this, bring something comfortable and padded to sit on.

Other useful items to bring include sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, toilet paper, a flashlight, a water bottle, and plenty of warm clothing as it can get cold in the desert at night. Understand that you won’t be able to bathe in the desert, so wet wipes will definitely come in handy as well.

Osian Safari Camp

Make sure you’re comfortable while riding a camel. Photography by Ashok Nalvade

Osian Safari Camp: The Final Review

All in all, I would like to say that, at the Osian Safari Camp, tents look basic but have most facilities one may look for when staying – comfortable beds, desks, arm chairs, a more-than-decent toilet and clean, hygienic towels and sheets. Meals were very tasty, grand and customized to suit our taste. The cultural performance in the evening is quite entertaining. All in all, an enchanting experience.

Osian Safari Camp

Eat, drink and stay merry in the desert camp. Photography by Sibarita

Osian Safari Camp is an undiscovered gem. It is a beautiful, quiet place where solitude seekers can find some peace.  Everything here is exquisite and not a single moment will pass by making you feel ordinary.

Happy Wayfaring 🙂


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