One day trip to Chittorgarh can be a rewarding experience if you are looking for a quick getaway. Once the capital of Mewar, Chittorgarh is a laid back city that goes about its business quietly.

The city of Chittorgarh has always fascinated me. Its main attraction, the Chittorgarh Fort was built in the 5th century and is a marvel in itself.

If you find yourself in Chittorgarh for a day, my blog will help you understand and plan your day in an efficient manner.

one day trip to chittorgarh

What to do On a Day Trip to Chittorgarh?

Spread across 700 acres and a periphery of 13 km, the Chirrorgarh Fort is the main highlight of the City. The fort consists of 84 water bodies and 113 temples. One enters the fort from the rear and gets simply mesmerized by looking at its humongous construction.

As a traveler, we have the option to either cover the fort on foot or visit the different sites in our personal or hired vehicles comfortably. The tales of valor and folklore are bound to leave you craving for more.

This was the first place we visited on our week-long road trip to Rajasthan. Here are the things I would suggest doing on a one day trip to Chittorgarh:

1. Be Mesmerised by the Grandeur of Chittorgarh Fort

The Chittor Fort takes its architectural inspiration from a fish. It is the largest fort of India and the third-largest in Asia. Although mostly dilapidated, it still stands tall and strong. It was subjected to countless attacks (27) and put under siege thrice, yet could not be robbed of its glory.

The kind of military planning and strategic understanding possessed by the great rulers and warriors of those times are both praiseworthy and worth noticing.

2. Visit the Temples & Palaces In Chittor

The Chittor Fort Complex is huge. The most noticeable temples I would suggest paying extra attention to are Kalika Mata Temple, Jain Temple and Meera Temple.

Other than the temples there are several other architectural masterpieces that just cannot be missed in Chittorgarh. Some of the most exquisite ones are:

  • Kirti Stambha
  • Vijaya Satambh
  • Padmini Palace
  • Rana Kumbha Palace
one day trip to chittorgarh

The Meera Bai Temple is one of the most prominent architectural monuments in Chittorgarh

3. Immerse in the History of The Fort of Chittor

Chittorgarh has so much history attached to it. As we walked through the ruins and structures of the fort with our Government Approved guide (DO NOT hire the unapproved ones), a strange sense of belonging crept in.

This is the same place where 16000 brave females (both young and old) led by legendary queen Padmini did mass self-immolation (Jauhar) in 1303 to escape disrespect and atrocities at the hands of Alauddin Khilji and his troops.

Marital home to Meera Bai, a Rajput princess and devout follower of Lord Krishna, the fort of Chittor stands testimony to her devotion. Her residence and place of worship force your imagination to travel back in time and relive the tranquillity that surrounded the place. Although all the idols throughout the fort have been partially or completely destroyed by the invaders, the fort still commands respect and retains its glory.

4. Experience the Amazing Light & Sound Show 

If you planning to stay the night in Chittorgarh Fort, I would recommend the Sound and Light show for sure. The show takes place in the Kumbha Palace and is an enriching experience that gives you goosebumps and incites a feeling of pride.

Timings: 7- 8 pm
Entry Fee: 100 INR (Adults); 50 INR (child)
Location: Kumbha Palace

5. Witness the Setting Sun from the Chittor Fort 

One of the best experiences to have at Chittorgarh is witnessing the sunset from the Fort. Looking at the silhouette of the overpowering fort with the setting sun in the backdrop is an experience that can not be expressed in mere words.

6. Enjoy some lip-smacking Food in Chittorgarh

Being the foodie I am, here are some personal suggestions for places with lip-smacking food options that I have tried and liked.

  1. Café Choco Mocha (Meera Nagar Market) – Anytime snacks
  2. Breakfast – Hotel Nandan Palace (Opposite Railway Station)
  3. Dinner – Hotel Bhairav Palace and Restaurant (Kota Highway). Hotel Bhairav Palace is a bit far away from the city (31km), but the food is worth the drive. Just make sure to declare your tolerance levels to spices and chillies, for Mewar is notorious for ultra-spicy food.


Things to Carry for Your Day Trip To Chittorgarh 

As I have repeatedly mentioned in y blog above, Chittorgarh is huge. If you plan on covering the majority of architectural monuments here, I would suggest you carry the following things:

  1. Comfortable Shoes – Exploring the Chittorgarh Fort Complex involves some walking, s I would suggest you wear some comfortable footwear to help you with that.
  2. Water Bottle – Carry a water bottle as staying hydrated is always the priority.
  3. Hat/ Cap – The sun can be harsh during the daytime, therefore, carrying a hat or a cap is always a good idea
  4. Sunglasses – Another must carry to Chittorgarh are good quality sunglasses, to protect your eyes from heat and sunlight.
  5. Sunscreen Lotion – Apply and carry a good sunscreen lotion for your skin.
  6. Camera – If you are a person interested in photography, not carrying a camera to this place would be a sin.
  7. Small Bag– Carry a small bag to accommodate all the other things I mentioned in the list.

So, plan your one day trip to Chittorgarh soon and get ready to be mesmerised by the beautiful architecture and splendid history. 

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