Mehrangarh Fort: Jodhpur’s Splendour Standing Tall on a Cliff

Mehrangarh Fort is one of Jodhpur’s finest embodiment of Rajput architecture and heritage. The fort at Meharangarh stands tall on a cliff, exactly perpendicular to the ground. This makes it scale up four hundred feet above the sky line of Jodhpur. Jodhpur is located in India’s most westward and largest state –  Rajasthan. The word Rajasthan signifies the land of kings. Right from  the ancient palaces to the vast desert land, from the folk outfits to the contemporary festive dresses,from the native music to the traditional food, it is indeed a must visit place. The state holds pride in being a culturally rich region. One simply cannot miss the red coloured saris as well as the multi coloured turbans of the local people. 

Mehrangarh Fort

The ancient Mehrangarh Fort resting on a cliff. Photography by Bobby Joshi

Mehrangarh Fort: An Overview

Location Jodhpur
State Rajasthan
Best time to visit October to march
Climate Tropical Arid
Nearby places to visit Ranakpur, Khimsar, Kumbhalgarh
Safety for women backpackers Moderate
Mehrangarh Fort

While in Jodhpur, visit Mehrangarh Fort. Photography by Abhi Purohit

Jodhpur: The Blue City

Jodhpur is the second largest city in the state of Rajsthan. The city no doubt benefits from the astounding architectures which are built in a bright shade of blue and thus the city is popularly known as the blue city. The city not only provides with glorious forts but also with eye pleasing lakes. One can experience the splendid view of the blue city from the Mehrangarh fort. It is known for its explicit architecture and very strong historical back ground. The enormous structure stands tall in the city for more than 500 years now. The museums in the fort take you on journey to the golden era.

Mehrangarh Fort

Jodhpur – The Blue City. Photography by Lucie Aumonier

How to Reach Mehrangarh Fort ?

Jodhpur being closed to called metropolitan city has its own domestic airport. One can also take a train as it is well connected to the major cities in the region. Journey by bus on the road can also be availed. Traveling via bus or train will ensure picturesque sights along the way. So make your travel pick wisely.


This is symbolic of the Queen and several other women who made great sacrifice during the war. Photography by Sandeep Singh Sikarwar

Highlights of Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh fort is one of India’s largest forts. This enormous structure was built by Rao jodha in 1460. It is bounded by thick walls enclosing many other heritage palaces. On entering the Mehrangarh fort you’ll find prominent imprints of cannon balls on the walls  and mesmerizing folk music played by the local artisans giving. This gives a first time traveler an extremely royal feel. This ancient fortress has seven gates of victory. The carving on them is intricate.

Mehrangarh Fort: Traveler Friendly Details for First Timers

Open on Monday to Sunday
Timings 9AM to 5PM
Total duration to explore the Fort 1.5 hrs
Intricate Aspects The seven gates, antique art galleries as well as the beautifully managed museum.

The fort offers a lift to people in need as they wouldn’t miss the wonderful highlights the fort displays.

Mehrangarh Fort

Local dancers from Jodhpur performing in the Mehrangarh Fort premises. Photography by Mugdha Ghag

Cost of Tickets 

Indian citizens                         Rs 60
Indian children and senior citizen  Rs 30
Audio book for Indians  Rs 150
Audio book for indian children                         Rs 100
Foreigners Rs 500
Foreigner kids Rs 400 
Camera  Rs 100
Video camera  Rs 200
Mehrangarh Fort

A crafted ceiling inside Mehrangarh Fort. Photography by Mayuri Athwale


Other Places You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

If you’re visiting Mehrangarh Fort, you can also visit the Nagnechi temple which was Rao Jodha’s favorite goddess and Rao Jodha desert rock park, adjoining the fort, which is an ecologically restored desert and has arid land vegetation. Jaswant Thada built by Maharaja Sardar Singh in the memory of his father, Maharaja Jaswant Singh cannot be missed. Ghanta Ghar commonly known as the Clock Tower of Rajasthan can also be visited while in the city.

Mehrangarh Fort

Jaswant Thada. Photography by Ashutosh Amrit

Best Eating Places Near Mehrangarh Fort

You should certainly visit these restaurants which serve you authentic as well as mouth-watering food –

Palki Cafe
Mehran Terrace 
Geeta Mahal Restaurant
Mehrangarh Fort

The entrance of Palki Cafe. Photography by Kapil Varma

Celebrities Spotted at Mehrangarh Fort

The master blaster and one of India’s most favourite sports personality – Sachin Tendulkar was paid a visit to Mehrangarh Fort recently. 

Mehrangarh Fort

Master Blaster and India’s beloved Scahin Tendulkar at the Mehrangarh Fort recently. Photography by Sachin Tendulkar

Mehrangarh Fort in Pictures

Mehrangarh Fort

The giant Mehrangarh Fort from a distance. Photography by Prakhar Tripathi


Mehrangarh Fort

Traditionally crafted ceiling of Mehrangarh Fort. Photography by Taru Aggarwal


Mehrangarh Fort

Rao Jodha’s creation stands impactful in history. Photography by Christine Haugs Anderson


Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort stands tall against the city of Jodhpur. Photography by Mattu Wu

Mehrangarh Fort in India’s Blue city is a must visit city showcasing its varied and colourful traditions which also attracts attention from across the globe. So make sure you plan a trip to the royal state and experience the culture everyone talks about.

Happy wayfaring 🙂


Mehrangarh Fort

Shraddha Brahme

Shraddha Brahme hails from the Garden City of Bangalore in south India. She is currently pursuing a degree at the United World Institute of Design. Always interested in exploring different cultures is what has always kept her passion in travel alive. Talking to people, trying out the traditional food is also something she enjoys.

Mehrangarh Fort  Mehrangarh Fort