Kolkata Food Trail through the Streets of this City of Joy

Kolkata food trail is something that every foodie should pursue. A blend of culture in everything is what makes Kolkata different from other parts of the country. Be it cinema or literature or food, traits of culture or making anything a culture has been prevalent since ages.

Coming to the topic of food, Bengalis and food seem synonymous in many cases as Bengalis just love to eat. Not only that the Bengalis whole heartedly welcome and incorporate food dishes from various parts of the world into its own dishes yet maintaining the tradition. Apart from all the delicacies which include both the traditional and the modern dishes Kolkata is widely known for its super-delicious street foods. The wide range of foods in each of the Kolkata food trails that include mouth watering items like phuchkas, jhal muri, kathi roll, luchi alu-dom, ghugni, momo, mughlai parathas, chanar jilipi etc are capable enough to make a food lover go mad in this food’s paradise.

Be it the college goers enjoying rolls and phuchkas or the office goers having chow mein while returning from work or the old men gossiping at a street tea shop, all these foods have been accompanying them in every discussion from sports, politics, society and etc since a long time. With time the snacks on the kolkata food trail gained special fame resulting in it to be mentioned specially and separately.

Kolkata Food Trail

Photography by Priyanka Das Gupta

Kolkata Food Trail

Innovation in Kolkata street food is prevalent. Photography by Tarun Sant


Kolkata Food Trail

Photography by Eshita Banerjee

Kolkata Food Trail: A Yummilicious Introduction

Though the emergence of street food into a popular cuisine is not so clear still it can be linked with the rise of vendors or commonly known as ‘ferriwalas’ in the eighteenth century who used to sell food items like boiled eggs or ‘moong-ke-daal’ or different types of sweets etc. while wondering in the streets.

This is the century when the British invaded India and Bengal was their first gateway to encroach into the country. Many of the food items of today like egg rolls, cutlets etc are a mixture of British and Indian food which had gained popularity in the past and are still popular. Being a pathway or route to different trades Bengal had the chance to get connected to various parts of the world from ancient times. Also, Bengal had many rulers from Sultanates to the British. Thus the mixture of culture was natural in Bengal and it did not even leave the food.

From Nawab to English and from Chinese to French food items have been undergoing several influences. Mughlai, Biriyani, paratha, chow mein and many other street foods of Kolkata have their sources in the cultural mixes that occurred in the past. Even foods of different states made their way into the food items of Bengal and thus street foods of Kolkata. So Kolkata Food trail has been marking itself as one of the examples of multiculturalism in the City of Joy.

Innovation in the food items has been continuous in Bengal and the Kokata food trail never lacked in offering such innovations. This led to its more popular in the market in recent times. However, some food items among all have always been special and will remain so even without any innovation.

Kolkata Food Trail: Munch These Snacks Out


  Popular Kolkata Street food


Must ‘Stop by’ Places on Kolkata Food Trail               

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#1

Vivekananda Market (sold by    Dilipda), Vardan Market (sold by Krishnakant), Triangular Park’s kiosk, Victoria Memorial (sold by Ram Gupta), Russel Street (sold by Nankuram), New Alipore (sold by Bada Phuchkawala)

Average price:- Rupees ten for four


Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#2

Maharaja Chaat Centre, Bhawanipore and Kali Bari at Southern Avenue.

Average price: – Rupees ten for one plate of Churmur.

 Ghugni Chaat

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#3

New Market and Dacres Lane

Average price:- Rupees ten for one plate of Ghugni Chat


Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#4

Khirki Bhel in New Alipore

Average price: – Within rupees thirty

 Jhal Muri

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#5

Triangular Park, near Menoka Cinema Hall on Lake Temple Road and Jawaharlal Nehru Road

Average price: – Rupees ten for one packet of Jhal Muri.

 Keemar doi bora

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#6

North Kolkata specially Burrabazaar

Average Price: – Within rupees one hundred.

 Kathi Rolls

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#7

Triangular Park’s Anamika Roll Centre, Park Street’s famous Hot Kathi Roll and Kusum, New Market’s Nizam’s Roll, college Street’s Kalika Mukhorochak.

Average price: – Price varies from rupees thirty to rupees two hundred.


Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#8

Tiwari Brothers, Burrabazaar

Average price: – Within rupees ten for one.

 Dimer Devil

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#9

Chittaranjan Avenue

Average price: – Within rupees ten for one.


Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#10

Vardan Market

Average price: – Rupees twenty for one plate containing four chillas.


Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#11

Ganguram and Putiram (College Street)

Average Price: – Within rupees thirty per plate.

 Chanar Jilipi

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#12

Golpark and Mouchak, College Street

Average price: – Within rupees ten for one Chanar Jilipi.

 Alu Kabli

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#13

Kalika Mukhorochak, Surya Sen Street and near Rabindra Sarobar Metro

Average Price: – Within rupees ten for one plate.

 Ghoti Garam

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#14

Princep Ghat

Average Price: – Within rupees twenty for a packet.


Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#15

Kalika Mukhorochak, Surya Sen Street.

Average price: – Within rupees ten per item.


Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#16

Sharma Tea House, Balwant Singh Dhaba, Arun Tea House, Gangaur, Gupta Brothers, Sharma Ballygunge.

Average price: – Within rupees thirty per plate.

 Paapri Chaat

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#17

New Market or Esplanade, College Street, Chaat Bazaar, Bandana Chaat Centre etc.

Average price: – Within rupees thirty per plate or packet

  South Indian Dishes

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#18

Ramkrishna Lunch home, Southern Avenue.

Average price: – Within rupees two hundred per item.

 Batata Puri

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#19

Khirki Bhel in New Alipore

Average price: – Rupees twenty for one plate

 Chow mein

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#20

Tangra, Dacres Lane, Park Street

Average Price: – Within rupees two hundred per plate.

  Fresh fruit

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#21

Kiosk of food platter at BBD Bagh

Average price: – Within rupees one hundred per plate.


Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#22

Tiretti Bazaar, Momo gully near Exide crossing and shops on Elgin road.

Average price: – Within rupees hundred per plate.

  Light meal

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#23

Several streets in Kolkata.

Average price: – Within rupees hundred with a minimum price of rupees fifteen per plate.

 Full meal

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#24

James Hickey Sarani and Camac street

Average price: – Within rupees hundred and fifty while the minimum price is about thirty rupees.

 Ice cream

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#25

Anywhere in Kolkata.

Average price: – within rupees hundred with a minimum price of just rupees seven depending on the type of ice cream.


Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#26

Paramount, College Street, park street and etc.

Average price: – within rupees forty.

 Chai/ Tea

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#27

Jadavpur University Tea Stalls, Tiwari Brothers, Balwant Singh Dhaba, Princep Ghat Tea Stalls, Arun Tea Stall, Sharma Tea House, Kaka Tea.

Average price: – Within rupees fifty.

 Fruit kulfi

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#28

Camac Street

Average price:- Within rupees fifty

 Daal Pakori

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#29

Vardan Market

Average price:- About rupees ten per packet

  Fish fry, chop, Mughlai Parathas and cutlets

Kolkata Food Trail: Choice#30

Niranjan in Girish Park, Kalika Mukhorochak in Surya Sen Street and Das Cabin, Mitra Cafe

Average price: – Within rupees hundred.

Kolkata Food Trail

Jhalmuri. Photography by Dipannita Roy


Kolkata Food Trail

Traditional Bengali Thali. Photography by Monami Mukherjee


Kolkata Food Trail

Phuchka. Photography by Aparajeta


Kolkata Food Trail

Dimer Devil. Photography by Shreya

While on Kolkata Food Trail, Visit Territy Bazaar’s Chinese Breakfast

As already mentioned Kolkata is a food’s paradise. Each outlet on Kolkata food trail has at least one food stall. However, some of the streets have slowly gained its popularity particularly for its food such as Park Street, College Street, New Market etc.

Out of so many eateries on Kolkata Food trail walks, Territy Bazaar’s Chinese Breakfast food walk has gained much popularity. This bazaar that is held along the street near 22, Rabindra Sarani near Poddar Court from early morning to around 9 a.m. every day offers a trail full of authentic Chinese dishes made by the Chinese people.

This street on Kolkata food trail is widely known for the tongue licking food items like Pork Momos, Fish Momos, Chicken Momos, Prawn Wafers, Sausages, Shu Mei, Fried Momos, Meat balls and a lot more. The Chinese immigrants who settled in Bengal in the late eighteenth century have been into several businesses and the ones settled in the Dharmatola area flourished in the food business. Several trails near the Territy bazaar show the glimpses of multiculturalism through the Chinese temples and houses and restaurants apart from the street foods.

One of the famous restaurants i.e. Nanking Restaurant (1947) on the Kolkata food trail which once was much popular among the Kolkatans probably gave birth to the love that the people of Kolkata have still now for the Chinese food dish Chowmein. Apart from the mentioned food items, Territy bazaar is exceptional at selling the most scrumptious steamed dumplings, noodles, baozi buns etc.

All the Cantonese Chinese community and few of the Hakka community people sell the food items. The best time to arrive in that area is early morning. It is close to Central metro station and is well connected to the different parts of Kolkata.

Kolkata Food Trail

Rice pudding fill ups with sesame seed coverings available at Territy Bazaar. Photography by Manikuntala Das


Kolkata Food Trail

A popular vendor serving steaming breakfast at Territy Bazaar. Photography by Rana Paul.

Tidbits about Territy Bazaar


Estimated average money to be spent to taste each of the items.



Rupees Five hundred





Territy Bazaar near Poddar Court and        Chhatawala Gully near the police station of Lal Bazaar.






6 a.m. in the early morning to 9 a.m.

In the morning.



   Delicacies not to be missed



Fried or steamed pork momos, chicken momos, Steamed fish momos, prawn momos,

Chow mein, sausages, meat ball soups, baozi buns etc.



  Open on



 Each day of the week

Kolkata Food Trail

Territy Bazaar’s Chinese Breakfast food walk has gained much popularity in recent years. Photography by Aditya Pritam Maiti

There are many other appetizing and palatable eateries available on the  Kolkata food trail ready to surprise the visitors with the delectable tastes. Most of the food items mentioned is being sold widely in each of the streets. For example, small tea stalls are there at every corner of every road in every locality. One can find food matching to his or her desired flavour apart from the already mentioned spots. Street food is overflowing every part of Kolkata. Those who are still there waiting to taste these awesome delicious dishes easily available on the streets of Kolkata please do visit the areas and make and have these really eateries which are finger licking yet cheap. The City of Joy will never fail to satiate you. Different food walk organizers in the city are ready to welcome the interested food lovers or explorers.


Kolkata Food Trail

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Kolkata Food Trail  Kolkata Food trail