Karntner Strasse: Vienna’s Perfect Pedestrian Zone for Shopaholics

Karntner Strasse shopping street is located in Vienna – the capital of the European nation of Austria. Vienna is as much in touch with its rich past as depicted by the Schonbrunn Palace and various other well maintained heritage sites, as it is with the present day world, courtesy the grand, Karntner Strasse Shopping Street.

Karntner Strasse shopping street is a delight for shoppers and history lovers alike. The street has existed since the Roman age and has many historical buildings. Redesigned in  1974 as a pedestrian zone, the street is frequented by the citizens and tourists for shopping and strolling around. It is a haven for those wanting to indulge in shopping in the centre of Vienna. 

The Karntner Strasse shopping street looks like a deconstructed pop-up gift box left open by God and man alike, for all us mortals to breathe in and enjoy. It is a flamboyant place to visit. Imagine Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory meets Baroque architecture – resulting in colour and awe-inducing architecture bursting at the seams. 

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Kärntner Strasse Shopping Street: An Overview

Karntner Strasse Shopping street has a blend of historical buildings, traditional shops and many flagship stores of popular international brands.  The street is right in the heart of Vienna and spreads from the State Opera House to the St. Stephens. Walking down the street is an excellent way of exploring the city and buying some authentic Viennese souvenirs.

However, before delving more into it, here are a few useful things you need to know. 


Vienna, Austria


All year round

Best Time to Visit

April – July

How to Reach?

Use Public Transport

U-Bahn U1 and U3 Station Stephansplatz
U-Bahn U1, U2 and U4 Station Karlsplatz

Opening Hours

Usually, 10 am- 8 pm


It is a pedestrian street and the only thing you will bump into over here is happiness along with other happy shoppers. It is a pedestrian street and the only thing you will bump into over here is happiness along with other happy shoppers.

Must Carry Item

A Camera and a wallet loaded with Euros

*wink wink*

Tip for first timers

Check the functioning hours of Hotel Sacher. The Sachertorte prepared here is not to be missed.


Top Places to See in and Around Karntner Strasse Shopping Street

The following are the places that you absolutely cannot miss while visiting Karntner Strasse Shopping Street –

Hotel Sacher

Try the Sachertorte here – a Viennese delicacy that’s famous world over.

Opera House

Make sure to view one of the evening performances.

 Swarovski Outlet

Visit the outlet just to observe crystal jewellery.

Manner Pink Outlet

Try the famous Manner sweets of Austria.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral 

Visit for peace and serenity.

Kartner Strasse Street Shopping Kartner Strasse Street during the festive season. Photography by Simona

Hotel Sacher

Situated right at the beginning of the Karntner Strasse shopping street, as if to extend a sweet welcome to its home, is the magnificence called Hotel Sacher. The Sachertorte – a Viennese delicacy that’s famous world over, especially the one available here, is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Here’s the fun part – you don’t feel very far from home when you await this decadence, as you have to wait in hour long queues to get yourself a piece. Wherever you go, India follows.

Karntner Strasse Shopping Street Hotel Sacher. Check out the image of the delicious Sachertorte. Photography by Andreas Vierheller

The Opera House

In times of feature films and digitalization, the Opera House stands out as an architectural masterpiece. It allows you entry into another world, a Shakespearean reminisce, an ode to the underappreciated art of theatre. This otherworldly arena at the helm of Karntner Strasse Shopping Street usually gets decked up for a massive production to be performed during evenings.

The excitement and fervour are palpable among travelers. While in Vienna, make sure to watch a performance at the Opera House.

Karntner Strasse Shopping Street The inside of the Opera House. Photography by Thomas

The Swarovski Outlet

 As a traveller, you might wonder why is one shop getting a special mention here?

Well, when you visit the Swarovski outlet at Karntner Strasse shopping street, you will find out for yourself.  All the original designs from Swarovski are first made available here before they are sent to any of the scores of Swarovski outlets all over the world.

The entrance to the shop being shaped like stalactites and stalagmites of crystals is a beauty to look at from the outside, while positioned in its allotted home on Karntner Strasse Shopping Street. It lures us to the treasures it holds within. 

Karntner Strasse Shopping Street The majestic Swarovski outlet. Photography by Eriko

Pink Outlet of Manner

Chocolate, wafer, cake and coffee lovers, the Manner shop at Karntner Strasse shopping street is your dig. Austria is known for its Manner sweets so you have got to try them. Most items in this shop are pink in colour so that really adds to the ambience. The place is small so is generally crowded but it’s so worth your time.

The Manner shop is located right across from St. Stephen’s Cathedral so you will easily locate it. In addition to sweets, you can also pick up souvenirs if you want to take some home. The prices are nominal here so don’t worry about creating holes in your pocket. Just keep searching for more.

Karntner strasse shopping street The Manner Shop. Photography by Shinnae

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

 Located in the belly of Karntner Strasse shopping street, the St. Stephens Cathedral is as rich in its history as it is in its architecture. Bearing witness to some of the most historic events of Austria, this cathedral has successfully maintained its sanctity in spite of all the testing times.

It standing strong after centuries is a testament to the power of the superior Being. Standing in its premises itself gives you a sense of serenity, right in the midst of one of the busiest streets of Vienna. What more could one ask for, after an exciting yet tiring day of exploring the Karntner Strasse shopping street?

Visiting here is the perfect end to a day well spent. Do visit this holy place to experience the culmination of beauty and peace into something quite spiritual and sacrosanct.

Karntner Strasse Shopping Street Premises of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Photography by Tanya Kline

Top Things to Buy While at Karntner Strasse Shopping Street?

Karntner Strasse shopping street is flooded with shops and malls. There are a number of things that you can buy as souvenirs.

Buy Magnets and apparels

There is a myriad of designs available to adorn your fridges, cupboards and soft boards.  For the really close people, and yourselves, you could pick up the most stylish and up-to-date apparels at competitive prices. Also, since the best quality is first sent here and then to the rest of the world, it is preferable to buy your wardrobe necessities from here.

Foodie Delights Not be Missed at Karntner Strasse Shopping Street

Another interesting aspect of the Karntner Strasse Shopping street is the food. Here are some things that you need to definitely try when here.

Ice Cream Sorbets
Fried Cheese

Ice Cream Sorbets

The ice cream sorbets available on every nook and corner of Kärntner Strasse shopping street are ‘melt in your mouth, elbow-licking good.’ The diversity of flavours leaves you amazed, making sure you go back for more.

Do try the lime, green apple and other sour flavours. They are quite different from what we usually eat elsewhere. For those who need to cut the acidity of these sour treats, go for the Belgian Chocolate, Bubblegum or Smurf scoops. Believe me, you will not regret it one bit.

Your motto in Austria should be “An Ice-cream a day keeps the tiredness away”

Karntner Strasse Shopping Sreet Green apple sorbet. Photography by Lindsey

Fried Cheese

A novelty of Eastern Europe, this sinful dish is a slice of rich cheese, fried and served with coleslaw. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Paired with white wine, it makes one fine lunch plan! And it is available in almost all the eateries and bistros.

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Karntner Strasse Shopping Sreet Fried Cheese and cream. Photography by Bev Milway


As you’ll have gauged from my descriptions above, the Sachertorte and Manner chocolate are two gourmet dishes that one should not leave Kärntner Strasse, hence Vienna, without trying.

Karntner Strasse Shopping Sreet Sachertorte. Photography by Pavel Poliakov

Is Karntner Strasse Shopping Street Safe for Backpackers?

Austria, as a country, is not very crime infested – and that shows in its towns and cities equally. As Vienna is its capital, security is stronger here, and hence, backpackers, especially women, need not worry about losing their luggage or money while visiting this busy street. Also, there will be no eve teasing on the Karntner Strasse shopping street. 

Kartner Strasse Street Shopping Kartner Strasse in specific and Vienna, in general, is a safe destination for backpackers. Photography by J S Park

Travel Tips for First Time Visitors to Karntner Strasse Shopping Street

Vienna is as important historically as it is industrially. Your trip will definitely be incomplete without a visit to this marvelous, soul-pleasing Karntner Strasse shopping street that has something to offer for everyone (Potterheads – a lot of the building edges remind one of Gringotts! So, beware the goblins and Ukrainian Ironbelly).

When visiting this shopping street, these tips can be helpful.

Souvenir Shopping

You can plenty of souvenirs to take back home from the street. At first, though everything might miht look pricy, keep looking to find better and lower prices.

Admire the historical structures

The city of Vienna is huge, with a wide array of monuments that will each make you gasp with their magnificence. Hence, spend some quality time admiring this Historian’s Haven.

Use Public Transport

Since it is located centrally, the Karntner Strasse shopping street is quite accessible by public transport (which is a highly efficient subway system), which makes it simple to reach here. So use public transport. Save time and money.

Since the Karntner Strasse shopping street is surrounded by most of the heritage sites of Vienna, it saves travel time and has all the sightseeing spots at walking distance – talk about shooting two birds with one arrow.

All in all, go to Kärntner Strasse and let your inner shopping god/goddess free!!

Happy wayfaring 🙂


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