Japan Travel Industry is getting ready to welcome tourists with lucrative plans. The Japanese Government is creating a plan to boost the tourism industry in the country.

The plan intends to boost tourism by subsidizing a portion of travelers’ expenses. Details of the complete plan are still not yet available  While some say that the plan will only cover domestic visitors, others state that it might extend to international visitors as well. 

As compared to its Asian neighbors, Japan has been able to control the epidemic in a much more efficient manner.

Japan Travel Industry Offers Visitors Lucrative Plans: Highlights 

Japan will attract tourists by subsidising travel to the different parts of the country, as per the new plan.
They estimate the cost of this plan is estimated at around $12.5 billion.
The plan is expected to come into force as early as July 2020.
When compared to its Asian neighbours and other developed countries, Japan has done well in controlling COVID 19 crisis. In a country of over 125 million, the number of cases has been around 16,500. 

Japan taking the Sicily route?

Japan Travel Industry’s plan is somewhat similar to that of Sicily. Earlier, Sicily announced that it will subsidise travel for visitors. The island had announced that it will pay for half of the tourists’ flight costs and one-third of their hotel bill in an attempt to lure back visitors back to the popular tourist destination. This plan will come into force after the restrictions from coronavirus are lifted in Italy.

Japan Travel Industry Revival Plan is still in the making

Although the details of the Japan Travel Industry Reviva plan are still evolving, it has been estimated that the plan may come in action form July 2020.

There is still no clarity on aspects such as how the plan will work, whether there will be any spending limits or when the subsidies will extend to the international travelers.

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