Italy eases travel restrictions on travelers coming from European Union. The ease comes in the wake of a decline in the number of COVID 19 cases in the country and the region in recent weeks.

The Italian government has eased travel restrictions and permitted international travel to and from Italy from the 3rd of June.

The government has also permitted travel between regions. This is a major move aimed at gearing up the economy after the country was in lockdown for over 2 months.

Italy Eases Travel Restrictions: Highlights 

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a public decree on 16th May that gave guidelines on how the travel restrictions would be eased.

Here are some highlights:

Italy was the first country in Europe to impose nationwide restrictions after COVID 19 cases began surging in February.
The easing of lockdown gained pace after Italy allowed factories and parks to reopen on 4 May
Italy has allowed travelers from European Union to enter without them getting into a two-week quarantine.
Tourists will be allowed in the country from June 3.
Hotels are likely to open in June
Social Distancing will be enforced strictly to avoid the spread of the virus.

Tourism is Italy’s Major Industries 

Just like other countries, the COVID 19 epidemic has badly hit the Tourism industry in Italy. According to an estimate by Statista, the hotels in Italy are expected to generate revenues of 3.3 to 7.8 million euros in 2020 owing to the COVID 19 outbreak. This is in contrast to the 12.5 million Euros it made in 2019.

The easing of travel restrictions in Italy is a major step to boosting the economy. With a contribution of around 13 percent of the total  GDP, tourism is one of the main industries of Italy. 

Restaurants and cafes are all set to open keeping in place the strict norms of social distancing. Churches will also be allowing worshippers after a two-month restriction.

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