Greece to reopen tourism by mid-June as per the government announcements.

When compared to the other European Nations, COVID 19 in Greece has been relatively controlled. The ‘restart tourism programme,’ of the Greece government is underway as the country gears up to start tourism businesses. 

Tourism is an indispensable sector of the greek economy. The direct and direct contribution of tourism to Greek economy lies at around 25 percent of the GDP.

Greece to reopen tourism post-COVID 19: Main Highlights 

The lockdown has severely impacted the Greek economy. The tourism sector that employs a substantial amount of workforce and contributes a large chunk of the GDP has severely been impacted.

In an attempt to make Greece more competitive for tour operators, the government is offering tax cuts. Here are a few highlights of the reopening of Tourism in Greece:

The tourist season will begin from June 15, when al the hotels will open up.
International Flights will start operating from July 1.
A list of countries from which visitors will be able to arrive in Greece will be announced before the end of May
A number of guidelines will be put in place to ensure that the visitors are neither affected by COVID, nor do they spread the infection. 

Greece to reopen Tourism in two phases 

The reopening of tourism will take in two phases. The first phase will begin on June 15. International flights will be allowed at Athens Airport. Visitors from 20 specified countries will be allowed to visit.

The second phase will begin on July 1. In this phase, all the other airports in the country will open up for visitors. Visitors from all the countries will be allowed, except those where the COVID situation is getting worse.

Greek Government to support local Tourism businesses

In a bid to boost employment in the tourism sector. the government had decided to support the local tourism business. The government will be reducing taxes on transports, tourist packages, and non-alcoholic beverages during the tourism season, among other things.

Mandatory Social Distancing well be enforced

Measures will be taken to ensure the spread and outbreak of infection. Social distancing will be enforced on beaches, hotels, restaurants, and all public places.

Special care will also be taken to test and monitor visitors showing signs of coronavirus infection. Hotels will need to have a mandatory doctor and quarantine rooms.

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