WTTC has launched the world’s first-ever Global Safety and hygiene stamp to recognise Safe Travel.

The Global Safety Stamp is aimed at inspiring travellers’ confidence in travel. This as per WTTC will speed up the industry’s recovery in the wake of the COVID 19 crisis. 

The move has been lauded by top travel companies around the world.

WTCC’s New Global Safety & Hygiene Stamp: Main Highlights

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is a forum for the travel and tourism industry. The private body is made up of members from the global business and aims towards promoting sustainable growth for the industry. They also work with the governments in formulating tourism-related government policy.

Here are the quick highlights of the new Global Safety & Hygiene Stamp by WTTC:

The new mark will recognize governments and businesses which have adopted WTTC’s new Global Safety Protocols called “Safe Travels”
The “Safe Travels” protocols are based on WHO and CDC guidelines.
Business including Hotels & restaurants, airlines & airports, cruise lines, tour operators, etc. will be able to showcase the WTTC stamp.
The Stamp has also received the backing from United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

Global Safety and Hygiene Stamp 

Travel related businesses such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, outdoor shopping, transportation and airports, will be able to display the stamp once the protocols have been implemented.

The stamp is intended to boost the travellers’ confidence in travel again. The WTTC move has been already applauded by Travel companies such as Expedia.

The stamp is based on WTTC new global safety protocols being dubbed as ” Safe Travels.”

WTTC’s “Safe Travels” 

Safe Travels are a list of global safety protocols designed to create consistency for destinations and countries regarding health and hygiene.

The global safety protocols are based on the guidelines of WHO and CDC on safety and hygiene.

There are different safety guidelines for different sectors under travel and tourism – hospitality, retail, cruise & Aviation.  While some of the guidelines have already been formulated, others are still under work.  You can follow the guidelines on the WTTC website:

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