COVID 19 Survival kit is the latest product to have gone viral across the globe. However, you can learn to make it on your own as well.

While many businesses are struggling to hit revenue targets as the world comes to grips with the corona virus, one industry is booming: Disaster preparedness.

A lot of old and new companies are showing willingness to create innovative survival kits. Many are available on Amazon and other online shopping portals.

In the US, all sorts of products are already in line –

  • For folks who love a good conspiracy theory, there’s Doomsday Prep. You can still order the Camo Bug Out Bag, which includes a 72-hour supply of food and water, along with a first-aid kit and sanitation supplies. The “Wise 2 Week Survival Kit,” along with several other popular items, are out of stock.
  • For outdoors lovers, there’s Uncharted Supply Co. Their bags sell for $350 – $500 and are equipped with survival supplies for 72 hours, including a tent, blanket, emergency food rations, and filtration masks. Founder Christian Schauf told Wired that the company is getting “Black Friday levels of traffic” almost every day.
  • For people who want cuter survival fare, there’s Judy and Preppi.

As the world witnesses its worst disaster ever, new businesses emerge every single day.

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  • Survival Kit sales grow worldwide, the Hustle

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