Delhi hotels have emerged at the top amongst all the others as more and more people are taking their paid COVID-19 Quarantine Hotel Facilities.

With over 600 occupants, Delhi now has the largest quarantine facility in the country. It beat the cluster facility available in Jaisalmer which has the capacity of 500.

More and more hotels are coming forward to turn themselves into Paid quarantine facilities for travellers arriving in the country.

COVID-19 Quarantine Hotels: Highlights

The people who are reaching India are to be quarantined at these places for a period of 14 Days.

Started on March 17, 3 luxury hotels in Aerocity were the first to offer the paid quarantine rooms. The Cost of the luxury rooms starts at INR 3000 per person in these luxury hotels.
More than 600 people are occupying 5 luxury hotels in the Delhi’s Aerocity as of 25th March 2020.
9 More Hotels were added to the Quarantine Hotel list in Gurugram.  They are to charge a fee of INR 3,600 per person for a 14-day quarantine period.
India’s largest hospitality Chain, OYO Rooms is also in talks with various state governments. It is offering its hotels for Quarantine at a discounted price.


Facilities at the Quarantine Hotels

The hotels are providing incoming travellers with quarantine Facilities. They have been asked to provide them with facilities including breakfast, lunch and dinner; two bottles of mineral water per day; tea and coffee and other facilities such as WiFi and TV.

Oyo Rooms Offers Affordable Quarantine Facilities

Meanwhile, OYO Rooms, India’s largest hospitality chain is also in talks with the state health departments. They are offering their hotels as self-Quarantine facilities at reduced prices for travellers.

OYO has said that their network can be leveraged and they are willing to offer their facilities at a reasonable and affordable price.

The move of turning hotels into Quarantine facilities has been welcomed by travellers and governments alike seeing the importance of social distancing and quarantine especially of people with travel histories.

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