Prague’s Old Town Square: Be a Part of Antiquity, Relics and History

Historical Old Town Square of Prague emerges as a sprawling surprise as you amble through the winding streets of the city of beautiful buildings, colourful houses and modern offices in old Baroque architecture. Bordered with shops and castles and cathedrals with a bustle of activities in the open centre, the scene of the square unwraps […]

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Travelling as a Vegetarian to Turkey: The Complete Survival Guide

Being a vegetarian in Turkey isn’t something that one has to ponder about much. Turkey is often associated with cuisines made up commonly out of meat. However, being a vegetarian and traveling in this region will not be a problem since the variety of non-meat dishes available in Turkey are plentiful. From the never ending […]


Germany’s Capital Berlin: An Eclectic Array of Culture and Grit

Berlin attractions include a wide variety of experiences right from visiting Lego-land to dining at fine restaurants to even jumping off a building. From the first time you set foot in the German capital, you’ll be hooked. Berlin attractions are a blend of magnificent historical destinations with an eclectic array of culture and prepossessing sights. Berlin, […]


Backpacking to Florence on a Budget: The Complete Travel Guide

Backpacking to Florence is about exploring the beautiful region, capturing the moments and staying within the confines of your budget. Florence as a travel destination is an architectural masterpiece. The entire vibe of the place is filled with ancient art and artifacts of world famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. After all, […]


Krakow Travel Guide: Poland’s Second City with a Mythical Feel

Krakow travel guide for first time visitors will prove beneficial in a lot of ways. Most European cities bustling with life, have beautiful architecture and interesting stories to tell. However very few cities can so palpably transcend through time, like Krakow does. A city that has been the nucleus of myths from time immemorial, Krakow […]


Visit Paris on a Budget – 10 Travel Tips Every Backpacker Should Know

Paris budget travel tips should be known by every individual who plans to visit this romantic city. Paris, the French capital, is also known as the city of love, fashion, culture, art and architecture. Along with London and New York, Paris happens to be one of the top three travel destinations in the world. Paris is listed […]


Traveling Solo to Venice: The Italian City Built on a Lagoon

Travelling solo to Venice, located in southern Italy is an experience in itself. Each year thousands of nomads around the world visit Venice and celebrate their passion for wanderlust. The southern European nation of Italy is brimming with rich cultural history and diversity. As one of the most frequently traveled countries in the world, Italy […]


Enchanted Fairy Tale Castles of Edinburgh: A Scottish Legacy

Castles in Edinburgh are reminiscent of all the Enid Blyton and Grimm Brothers’ tales you must have read as a child. Scotland’s castles date back to the Middle Age as symbol of protection of the people and later, an establishment of middle class. When traveling to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, visiting castles around the country is […]


Old Trafford: The Bequest for Every Manchester United Fan

Old Trafford tour and travel guide will prove helpful for all first time visitors to this football haven. The place is sanctimonious for die hard football fans, especially MUFC. Not only should the Old Trafford tour be undertaken by Manchester United fans but also by any first time traveler to the city of Manchester.  Old Trafford […]