Merzouga Desert Safari, Camel Trekking and Camping Overnight

merzouga desert travel guide

Merzouga desert travel guide will help any individual who is planning to explore the mighty site with all his heart. It will be even more useful if the trip happens to be a maiden one. A visit to the serene yet capricious Sahara Desert of Africa should be on your travel bucket list as the experience […]


Cheap Markets in Kolkata & What All to Buy there ?

Cheap markets of Kolkata abound in fancy goods, apparels, local crafts, lip smacking food and so much more. Enriched with colonial architecture, cultural heritage and places of historical importance, these markets in Kolkata welcome you with warmth that you might not find elsewhere. If you love shopping and are roped in on a tight budget, Kolkata […]


Backpacking to Singapore as a Couple: Celebrate Love

singapore backpacking itinerary for couples

Singapore backpacking itinerary for couples is exactly what you need when you’re travelling as companions. A backpacking trip is something every couple should embark on at least once in their lives. It offers you great memories which stay with you for a lifetime. Singapore, an island city-state which is located off southern Malaysia, is one […]


Permits for Arunachal Pradesh – How to Obtain Them?

Permits for Arunachal Pradesh

Permits for Arunachal Pradesh are a prerequisite if you are planning to visit the state. Arunachal Pradesh literally translates to ‘land of the dawn-lit mountains’ and is also known as the Orchid State of India. The history of Arunachal Pradesh dates back thousands of years. The state finds a mention in a number of Hindu […]


Traveling to Singapore on a Budget: The Complete Itinerary

Budget travel itinerary for singapore-min

A budget travel itinerary for Singapore can come in handy if you are planning to visit Singapore,  a perfect amalgamation of history, culture, adventure and entertainment. From stupendous architecture to incredible views, it has all that you may ask for. An international getaway in under INR 50,000 is what makes a budget trip to Singapore […]


Backpacking to Japan Solo: Complete Itinerary & Budget Tips for First Time Travelers

Travelng solo to japan

Traveling solo to Japan was not on immediate to do list when I visited the place. However, there is an indescribable sense of fascination that I have with Japan. Growing up as an avid anime geek only served to enhance this feeling.  Therefore, as soon as I realized that I had a bit of time to […]


Backpacking on a Budget Across Leh : The ‘Juleh’ Land

leh backpacking trip

Ever wondered of pursuing a Leh backpacking trip? Well, you should head to Leh this coming holiday season and feel enchanted amidst the majestic Himalayas.  Leh is a serene and calm location in the lap of astonishing mountains and valleys. No pictures or words will ever do justice to its beauty. Visiting Leh is something you […]


Making the Most of your Cyprus 4 Day Trip – The Complete Travel Itinerary 

cyprus four day itinerary

Cyprus four day itinerary will help travelers explore more places if they are on a short visit to the region. Cyprus is a beautiful island country in the Mediterranean Sea. In order to explore it well within a set time frame, planning and sticking to an itinerary is essential. A four day trip to Cyprus […]


Best of 5 Virtual Worlds from Hollywood at Universal Studios, Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is the largest theme park in South East Asia. It is only 7 years old but boasts a range of delights for adults and children, hedonists and stoics alike. Universal Studios Singapore has seven themed zones with 24 rides, shows and attractions. Universal Studios Singapore is a place to go and be joyful, […]


A Backpacking Trip to Bhutan: The Land of Happy People

Bhutan Budget Trip

A Bhutan budget trip can be planned and executed effectively if you are willing to chalk out a travel plan ahead of the actual visit. Bhutan is a favourite destination for backpackers from around the world. However, there are certain things that a traveller must know before visiting this beautiful destination.  Bhutan budget trip is […]


Shopping Guide for Leh Ladakh: What and Where to Buy?

shopping list for leh ladakh

Shopping list for Leh Ladakh should ensure that you carry the best things from the region with you while going back. The picturesque landscapes, Buddhist culture, welcoming folks, avenues for adventure activities is why Leh earns a top spot in the bucket list of many travellers. Apart from the memories and those excellent Instagram pictures, one […]


Dharamshala Budget Trip: A Travel Blog for First Time Backpackers

dharamshala budget trip

Dharamshala budget trip is something every backpacker and mountain lover has on her/his travel wishlist. The small hilly town of Dharamshala attracts thousands of travellers every year. The destination is not only popular with Indian travellers but is also one of the most sought-after destinations in India among foreign nationals.   Some visit it for a couple […]


Things to Carry for Leh Ladakh Trip: A Complete Guide

Things to carry for Leh Ladakh

Things to carry for Leh Ladakh Trip is one of the most searched queries when planning a trip to Leh Ladakh. Ladakh is every traveller’s dream destination and one of the most picturesque regions in India. A trip to this cold desert is bound to leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime Leh- […]


The Splendid Nubra Valley: Ladakh’s Own Gateway to Beauty and Splendor

Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley is a mysterious place tucked up in the lap of the Himalayas that is filled with an enigmatic culture, mesmerizing valleys, double-humped camel rides, captivating sand dunes and challenging roads. The Shyok River meets the Nubra River in this mesmerizing village that separates the majestic Ladakh and Karakoram mountain ranges.  Nubra Valley is […]


PAP Leh: How to Obtain a Protected Area Permit for Ladakh


PAP Leh or Protected Area Permit for Leh is a travel document issued by the Government of India to foreign nationals. This document allows them to visit the restricted or protected areas of the Leh Ladakh region for a limited period of time. All foreign nationals and Non-Resident Indians (except for citizens of Bhutan) are required to […]

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How and Where to obtain an Inner Line Permit for Leh-Ladakh, Arunachal & Nagaland 2019?

Inner Line Permit

Inner Line Permit or ILP is a travel document issued by the Government of India. It is required by Indian citizens to visit protected/restricted areas within the country. This permit is valid for a limited period of time. The main purpose of an inner line permit is to monitor the activity of tourists and inflow […]


Spangmik Village: The Beautiful Rustic Region Near Pangong Tso

spangmik villae

Spangmik Village is a remote village situated 156 km east of Leh, on the banks of famous Pangong Lake in Ladakh region. The village is located on a narrow stretch of land between the Chang Chenmo mountains and the Pangong lake. The Spangmik village is very close to the Tibetan border and an army check post […]


The Mesmerizing Lake that Changes Colours – Pangong Tso, Ladakh

Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake, originally known as Pangong Tso (Tso means lake in the native language of Ladakh) is an extremely gorgeous site located amidst the high grasslands of Ladakh region in North India. The sheer beauty of Pangong Tso or more popularly known as just the Pangong Lake makes travellers visit it from far and wide. […]