Berlin attractions include a wide variety of experiences right from visiting Lego-land to dining at fine restaurants to even jumping off a building. From the first time you set foot in the German capital, you’ll be hooked.


Berlin attractions are a blend of magnificent historical destinations with an eclectic array of culture and prepossessing sights. Berlin, the capital and the largest city of Germany has a vibrant air which excites the souls of the travelers to admire the intriguing marvels of the city.

The German capital is known for good food, buzzing pubs, and frequently held musical concerts. The city is safe for the average traveler and exploring even to some darn neighbourhoods is quite alright.

Berlin Attractions: An Overview

Location: Germany, Europe
Language: German
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Climate: Continental – Cold winters, hot summers and mild autumns and springs
Best time to visit: May – September
Accessibility: Throughout the year
Visa: Non-EU citizens can get a visa from German Consulate
Flight Tickets Price (from India): Approximately Rs. 50,000
Cost of the entire trip: Approximately EUR 450 for 5 days
Berlin Attractions

Berlin attractions are a blend of magnificent historical destinations with an eclectic array of cultures. Photography by Tomi

How to Visit Berlin Attractions – Mode of Transport Available

Berlin has a very efficient and well-developed public transport system to move people around. Travellers can use these public transportation facilities as they connect to all the top Berlin attractions.

S-Bahn: It is a swift transit local railway system in and around Berlin which runs above the ground. It operates between 4 am and 1 am from Monday to Friday, between 5 am and 1 am on Saturdays and between 6.30 am and 1 am on Sundays.

It covers around 166 stations. You can also visit its website and get a tourist ticket and various other passes.

U-Bahn: The U-Bahn (underground subway) has 10 lines and it covers around 173 stations. It is the most widespread underground network in Germany. On weekdays most of the lines operate from 4 am to 1 am and it runs 24 hours on the weekend.

The subway tickets are also valid for journeys with buses, trams, S-Bahn and vice versa.

Buses and Trams: The trams extend the route network of the U-Bahn and have more than 20 lines. The fares for trams range from EUR 1.70 to EUR 2.50. It also provides the facility to purchase daily, weekly or monthly tickets.

Apart from these, there are buses which cover the routes which aren’t covered by any other public transport. The fare system is similar to that of trams.

Taxis: Berlin has about 7500 taxis which can be ordered by hailing, at taxi stands or by phone. The person has to pay for the ride according to the taximeter.

The base price is around EUR 3.90 while the price per kilometre is EUR 2.

Berlin Attractions 

S Bahn – The swift transit local railway system in and around Berlin. Photography by Kai Gropper

Berlin Attractions

U Bahn is the most widespread underground network in Germany. Photography by Nadine K

Must Visit Berlin Attractions

Brandenburg Gate
Reichstag Building
Berlin Dom
German Berliner Mauer
Checkpoint Charlie
East Side Gallery
Berlin Victory Tower

Brandenburg Tor: One of Top Historical Berlin Attractions

Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburg Tor) has a great historical significance for Germany as it is a symbol of the German-German divide as well as the reunification of the divided country. It symbolizes freedom, peace and unity.

It stands tall proudly after more than 200 years of rich history. Raum der Stille (Room of Silence) located on the north wing of this majestic monument provides a relaxing place for a short break.

The restored American embassy and Akademie der Kunste (Academy of Arts) are other nearby places to visit near the Tor.

Reichstag Building – The Imperial Parliament

The German word “Reichstag” meaning “imperial parliament” is now the meeting place of “Bundestag” meaning “federal assembly”. It is one of the top political Berlin attractions.

The highly conspicuous glass dome is the highlight of the Reichstag building and it also has a massive solar array on its top which makes the building independent of energy. It feels as if a fountain of mirrors in erupting in the centre of the glass dome.

The best time to visit the building is shortly after sunset when the rays of the dusk laden sky fall on the mirrors of the dome making it look like a heavenly body. The visitors are now supposed to make an online reservation due to security purposes. The price of the ticket is EUR 54 per person.

The opening times of the dome are between 8.00 am and 12.00 midnight. Also, it is possible to have a guided tour of the Bundestag chamber with a prior reservation.

Berlin Attractions

The Reichstag building. Photography by Malgorzata Joanna

Fernsehturm – The Berlin TV Tower

Fernsehturm, also known as the Berlin TV tower, is visible from afar and is symbolic for the city. Built-in the 1960s, this is the tallest of all Berlin attractions. It offers a remarkable 360 degrees panoramic view of the city and beyond.

The tower is 368.03 meters high and apart from serving as a viewing tower, it also has a bar and a rotating restaurant known as “Sphere” at a height of 203 meters. The tower is open every day – from 9.00 am to midnight from March to October and from 10.00 am to midnight from November to February.

The ticket prices are around EUR 14 per person. Although it is advisable to use their Fast track ticket facility and book the tickets in advance to avoid the rush.

Berlin Dom – The Cathedral 

The Berliner Dom is the biggest church in the German Capital. The cathedral was consecrated in the year 1451 and the construction was completed in 1905.

Emperor Wilhelm II desired something striking with classic Italian influences making it one of the most notable works of art and one of Berlin’s top attractions.

The ticket prices are around EUR 7 and the timings for visitation are 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. Other nearby attractions are the Berlin River Cruise and the Anne Frank Centre.

Berlin Attractions

Berliner Dom is the biggest church in the German Capital. Photography by Fiorenza di Giorgio

German Berliner Mauer – The Berlin Wall

Berlin is a city with a wall running through its heart. Berlin Wall or German Berliner Mauer was a concrete demonstration of a barrier to prevent access to the capitalist West Berlin from East Germany from 1961 to 1989. It is one of the memorial Berlin attractions. 

Today, the traces of the Berlin Wall and the memorial sites can be seen all over the city. The Berlin Wall Memorial in Bernauer Strasse, the East Side Gallery and the green Mauerpark are some of the attractions here.

There are guided tours of the Berlin Wall which provide detailed information about the history of the events involving Berlin Wall and the attractions surrounding it. Walking tours, Segways and bike tours are the best ways to see the remaining sections of the wall.

Berlin Attractions

A part of the Berlin Wall. Photography by Arcer

Checkpoint Charlie – The Border Crossing During Cold War

Checkpoint Charlie used to act as one of the most significant border crossing points during the Cold War. It is one of the colossal Berlin attractions for travelers.

There is a museum, namely ‘Checkpoint Charlie Museum’ from where one can learn more about the fall of the Berlin Wall and the brave escapes endeavoured by the Germans. One can also take pictures with the border controllers.

Berlin Attractions

Checkpoint Charlie. Photography by Alessanda Catto

Alexanderplatz – One of Berlin’s Busiest Squares

Alexanderplatz or “Alex” to Berliners is one of the busiest squares in Berlin which is enclosed by large buildings and hotels. You will end up here at least once during your stay in Berlin as it is an important transportation hub due to the presence of a train, a bus and an underground train Bahnhof.

It is believed that approximately 250,000 people visit the square every day during the tourist season. It is one of the busiest Berlin attractions. There are many shops for shopping enthusiasts in this part of the city. The restaurants near Alex serve a variety of cuisines amidst the hustle and bustle of the travelers and the Berliners which give a very lively experience.

Fernsehturm is one of the major attractions of Alexanderplatz and it can be seen from almost every location in Berlin. Weltzeituhr is another major attraction located at the centre of Alexanderplatz. This herculean clock, built-in 1969 shows the times in 148 cities of the world.

Alexanderplatz is very safe to travel especially for women as the police are patrolling the area all the time. Travellers are advised to keep their wallets safe while visiting the square.

Berlin Attractions

The world time clock at Alexanderplatz. Photography by Natalie Humecka

East Side Gallery – Longest Continuous Section of the Berlin Wall

The 1316 long East Side Gallery is the longest continuous section out of the remaining traces of the Berlin Wall. 118 artists from around 21 countries painted the East Side Gallery and it was officially declared an open-air gallery which makes it the longest open-air gallery in the world.

The walk along this artistic section of the Wall is pure amazement which expresses a feeling of reconciliation. The Wall is filled with political statements and graffiti-like paintings.

Gendarmenmarkt – One of the Most Alluring Berlin Attractions

Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most alluring squares of entire Europe. German and French Cathedral and Schinkel’s Konzerthaus (Concert Hall) are the three stunning structures that give a captivating experience to the travelers.

The domes on the top of the German and French Cathedrals give prestige and grandeur to these two buildings. This is a great place to wander around and enjoy the atmosphere. There are frequent performances at the Concert hall and it proves to be a very animated experience.

berlin attractions

Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most alluring squares of Berlin. Photography by Alina M

Victory Tower – One of the Most Famous Berlin Attractions

The Berlin Victory tower with Victoria – the personified Roman goddess of victory stands tall in Tiergarten – Berlin’s largest inner-city park. The presence of an observation deck on the top of the victory tower offers a nice view of Tiergarten.

The viewing platform of Berlin’s famous attraction is open all around the year except on the 24th of December. The staircase doors open at 9.30 am in the morning and close depending on the season. The regular tickets for the victory column are priced at EUR 3.

Top Berlin Attractions for Food 

 Along with many engaging monuments that attract travelers, Berlin attractions include some good restaurants and Biergarten. You can enjoy traditional German food and famous craft beer at these places.

Cafe am Neuen See: This is one of the most beautiful Biergarten in Berlin which is located on the shore of one of the lakes of Tier.
Lebensmittel: Lebensmittel in Mitte serves delicious southern German food.
Prater Garten: Prater has survived two world wars and it is famous for its Biergarten which is open from May to September. It has a traditional atmosphere with a Berlin vibe.
Burgermeister: Located in an old public toilet of Kreuzberg (yes, you read that right), this is one of the coolest burger joints.
Mikkeller: Mikkeller is a famous Danish craft brewery which has opened its bar in Mitte, Berlin. This is a go-to place for Berlin’s craft beer connoisseurs.


berlin attractions

Craft beer at Mikkeller. Photography by Agata Chrusciel

How Safe is Visiting Berlin Attractions for Travelers?

Berlin is the capital of Germany and the Germans take pride in their engineering and organization of numerous Berlin attractions. Berlin is very safe compared to other major cities of the world and the crime against visitors is least likely to happen. Berlin is very safe for women travelers.

However,  it is still advisable to remain cautious in the following aspects –

Pickpocketing: There are some chances of pickpocketing in the busy streets or at some Berlin attractions. It is advisable to keep your valuables and handbags close to yourself. Also, it is advisable to stay away from dark places which have fewer visitors.
Mugging: The possibility of being mugged is very low in Berlin.
Scams: There are some chances of people trying to scam the travelers in Berlin. Be aware when people are trying to offer help in carrying your luggage.
Transport and Taxis: Trains, trams, buses and taxis are very safe in this part of the world.

Important Phone Numbers While Visiting Berlin Attractions

In case of any emergency at any of the Berlin attractions, keep some phone numbers handy –

●     Police – 110

●     Emergency calls from international mobile phones – 112

●     Berlin Police citizen line – +49 30 4664 46 64

Berlin attractions are visited by thousands of global travelers each year. Make sure you plan a trip soon. 

Happy wayfaring 🙂

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