Bali is a small island which is located in the oceanic nation of Indonesia with a population of less than 43 lakhs. After the 1980s there has been a significant rise in the number of tourists visiting the place which contributes approximately 80% of the overall economy.

Bali is not only the ideal spot for backpackers but for couples as well. In recent years, Bali has emerged as one of the top locations for couples, especially for honeymoon.

Bali: An Overview

Best time to Visit
Throughout the year
Overall Safety
Women Friendly
 Cost of a 7 Day Trip
Rs. 25K
 Travel Tip
Beware of wild animals. They might be infectious.

Bali is a beautiful island destination in Indonesia. Photography by Cathy

How to Reach Bali from India?

Bali is located at a distance of around 5,829 kilometres from New Delhi – the Indian capital. So, it takes 9 hours and 5 minutes of flying time to reach Bali. Airways are the only mode of transportation to reach Bali from India. The average flight fare cost is around 15,000 rupees. This may vary according to the time of travelling and booking you are doing in advance. You can take a flight to Bali from Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi which lands you at your destination Denspar (Bali).

Why is Bali Attracting Thousands of Travelers Each Year?

Even Temperature Throughout the Year

Bali has an even temperature throughout the year. The average temperature is around 30 degrees and the humidity level is 85%. The monsoon season is from October to April which may bring significant rains also particularly from December to March. It is advisable to avoid Bali during the Christmas period as the weather is very unpredictable at that time. So, try planning your trip at the time of the year when Bali is less crowded. 


A serene and luxurious resort in Ubud, Bali. Photography by Felgra

Varied Beaches

Bali comprises a  variety of beaches that have an abundance of flora and fauna.  From clam and speedy wave shores to other exotic marine life, Bali has it all. These beaches are becoming popular hotspots for travelers. Different types of water sports activities can be enjoyed which include sky parasailing, banana boating, jet ski and scuba diving are some of the famous activities. 


La Plancha Beach. Photography by Giulia Cantarelli

Folk Plays and Music

Bali is famous for its folk plays and music where dramas and skits are meant to picture some old instances from ancient spiritual books. You may not be aware of the language which they are using in their plays as it’s Indonesian but they have such grace in their acts that you can easily understand the message they are trying to convey through their plays or skits.


Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. Photography by Felgra

Free from Pollution

Clean and less polluted in nature, Bali is the ideal destination for being at peace with yourself. Over recent years, Bali has witnessed some massive cleansing. This is a good thing because even with the growing popularity of the island, it still is clean and hygienic.  


Beautiful rice terraces in Tegalalang, Bali. Photography by Felgra 

Where to Eat in Bali?

Eateries in Bali serve several varieties of food, seafood being the most popular. It is a great place for seafood lovers as seafood stalls are easily available on every corner of most streets. For vegetarian people also, there is various Indian Cuisine serving places. So, in case you feel homesick, Indian food is available

2 popular places to feed yourself are –

Queen’s Tandoor

This wonderful restaurant is situated in Kuta which is the main city in Bali. This place offers you mouth-watering food. One can find almost every type of Indian food here which includes famous dishes. This place offers a great combo of food with love as you feel you are in your own family.

Must Try Dishes
Cold Coffee, Shahi Paneer, Tandoori Naan, Rajma masala, chole bhature , kesar kheer and many more.



Queen’s Tandoor. Photography by C Sarah Lim

A very nominal place for all kinds of meals, especially dinner. The food served is fresh and the staff is hospitable and courteous. 

Must Try Dishes
Mango Smoothie, Chicken Noodle Soup, Balinese Food

Tamade Cafeteria. Photography by Andy W

Top Things to Do in Bali for Couples

Bali is a famous tourist place for everyone, especially newlywed couples.  If you really want to enjoy the new beginning of your life with your partner then all the attractions of Bali need to be visited. It is worth mentioning that before beginning a new journey of your life, memories worth remembering should be created. Bali will surely give you memories that last forever.

1. Spending a Fun Day at the Bali Safari

Bali Safari is one of the best places to spend a day full of fun activities. You will be amused by the beauty of the nature that surrounds you in this place. Various species of flora and fauna are kept here.  Besides the wildlife, different thrilling activities such as tracking, mountain climbing, rope climbing etc can be experienced here.

Must do Activities inside the Safari –

  • Safari journey bus ride
  • Entering the tiger’s Den
  • Watching the legendary Agung Show
  • Aquarium visit 
  • Dining with tiger
Day – 09:00 – 17:00, Night – 17:30 – 21:00
Cost per Person
Adult – Rs. 3866, Child – Rs. 3093


A cute orangutan at Bali Safari. Photography by Valeria Samisko

2. Water Sports

If you are of an adventurous nature and want to explore marine life then water sports are the best option to enjoy. There are a variety of sports like parasailing where you can enjoy both sky and water rides, jet skiing where a high-speed ride is given in water, and underwater rides to explore the existence of animals and plant species underwater. Last but not least the experience of banana boating will also make you feel amused by the sea waves. The best part of these activities is that they are supervised by experts. This diminishes all risks.


While in Bali, try Parasailing. Photography by Chantal Smith

3. Sunset Dinner Cruises

What better way to spend time together than to ride into the beautiful sea observing the sunset on the water? The cruise is organized after sunset and takes you right in the middle of the sea. There are several events once you board the cruise. First, you are welcomed by one healthy drink and garlands. There is an auditorium inside where dancing, and singing performance takes place and then you are offered a dinner which consists of many hearty courses.  Once, you are done with dinner you can enjoy the open cruise where you feel very peaceful with your life partner. For that moment you think that life should be settled at this point and you don’t need anything.


Ride the ocean on a cruise. Photography by Cruise Ella Schulz

4. Visiting the Tanah Lot Temple

It is an extremely interesting place in Bali as it is surrounded by water from all four sides. You can climb the rocky stairs on one side and reach the entrance of the temple. The level of water increases or decreases depending on the low and high tides of seawater. The feeling of water touching your feet will feel great. Also, there are amazing views of rock cuts there which will definitely be eye-catching.


Tanah Lot Temple. Photography by Jorinda De Klerk

Don’t wait. Board a plane till Bali and be a part of the fun island. 

Happy wayfaring 🙂


Priya Sharma is an adventure and peace lover by nature. She loves to travel and explore new places. She is basically from the birthplace of Lord Krishna i.e. Mathura and currently settled in New Delhi. She has pursued B.Tech in Information Technology and received various scholarships and awards in education. She also happens to be a travel, fashion & lifestyle freelancer.  Her interests lie in watching romantic movies and reading novels. She lives life to the fullest. So, travel, travel and travel is her ultimate motto.