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The Rules of Malana Village in Himachal: Travelers Beware !!

Malana village rules

Malana village rules are to be observed by inhabitants and travelers alike. This place happens to be the World’s oldest democracy and lives by stringent customs and traditions. Travelers are welcome in this place but never allowed to live here permanently. There are certain rules that must most sanctimoniously followed at all times. The Malanis […]


A Woman’s Backpacking Trip Across Leh : The ‘Juleh’ Land

Leh backpacking trip

Ever wondered of pursuing a Leh backpacking trip ? Well you should head to Leh this coming holiday season and feel enchanted amidst the majestic Himalayas.  Leh is a serene and calm location in the lap of astonishing mountains and valleys. No pictures or words will ever do justice to its beauty. Visiting Leh is […]


Lahesh Cave Trek: Dharamshala’s Enthralling Green & White Trail

Lahesh cave trek

Lahesh Cave Trek is set in Himachal’s Dhalaudhar Range. The caves are set above one of the most famous trekking places in India, Triund. Lahesh cave trek ticks all the right boxes for a beginner. It gives you the unique experience of crossing a glacier in winters. Lahesh Cave Trek is moderate when it comes […]


A Backpacking Trip to Bhutan: The Land of Happy People

bhutan budget trip

Bhutan budget trip is planned by backpackers annually across the globe. Bhutan as a travel destination is not only beautiful but extremely budget friendly. Also, it is one of the most travel friendly locations in Asia.  Bhutan also known as the ‘Land of Happy People’ or the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ is a small […]


Magical Aurora Borealis at Abisko National Park, Sweden

Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park is a spectacular natural region located in North Sweden lapland. It extends to a large area of 78 square kilometers. This natural region lies at a rough distance of about 195 kms within the Arctic Circle. The landscape here is so diverse and varied that it changes seasonally. The Abisko National Park is best known […]


Czarist Planned City of Bishkek: Kyrgyzstan’s Must Visit Destination

places to visit in bishkek

Places to visit in Bishkek are seen frequently in recent times on the itineraries of backpackers. They form the points of interest for travelers who want to explore new territories. Bishkek is the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. It is an extraordinary travel destination of the Central Asia region. Bishkek was established as a fortress to control the […]


Top Places to Visit in Salzburg Within 24 Hours – 1 Day Itinerary

salzburg 1 day itinerary

Salzburg 1 day itinerary will make sure your 24 hours are well spent, especially if you are falling short of time. Visit Salzburg to find a new, refreshed you.  Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary: An Overview The ideal Salzburg 1 day itinerary should cover all the must visit destinations and eating places. A reasonable way to […]


Enchanted Fairy Tale Castles of Edinburgh: A Scottish Legacy

castles in edinburgh

Castles in Edinburgh are reminiscent of all the Enid Blyton and Grimm Brothers’ tales you must have read as a child. Scotland’s castles date back to the Middle Age as symbol of protection of the people and later, an establishment of middle class. When traveling to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, visiting castles around the country is […]


Nightlife in Leeds: What to Wear & Wear to Go – Dress code Defined

leeds nightlife dress code

Leeds nightlife dress code is something that every first time visitor wants to know about. In fact many a times, even the local residents show interest in the subject. It’s said while pursuing the Leeds nightlife dress code, don’t wear a suit but don’t wear a track suit either. I guess, this says it all. […]


Germany’s Capital Berlin: An Eclectic Array of Culture and Grit

Berlin Attractions

Berlin attractions include a wide variety of experiences right from visiting Lego-land to  dining at fine restaurants to even jumping off a building. From the first time you set foot in the German capital, you’ll be hooked. Berlin attractions are a blend of magnificent historical destinations with an eclectic array of culture and prepossessing sights. Berlin, […]


Top Reasons to Visit Shanghai Over Any Other Chinese City

reasons to visit shanghai

Reasons to Visit Shanghai are so many that even a thousand words will not suffice to elaborate the travel experience in this part of the world. However by means of the current write up, an effort will be made to enlist the best travel reasons to visit Shanghai. Shanghai can do overnight, what it would take […]


Spending a Weekend in Leeds : Explore, Eat and Party

weekend in leeds

Weekend in Leeds should be spent by exploring beautiful destinations, eating exotic food and partying hard. The city is best known for Shopping, Sports, Education and astonishing nightlife. Leeds is an exotic blend of heritage and modernized regime. It is the largest city of West Yorkshire County and third largest in England.  Leeds showcases a remarkable […]


Things to Buy in Bishkek’s Fascinating Markets: Kyrgyzstan’s Pride

Things to buy in Bishkek

Things to buy in Bishkek are diverse in nature and unique in essence. Some of the best places to visit in Bishkek are its bazaars (markets). Home to some of Europe’s most pulsating and intensive bazaars, Bishkek’s shopping outlets will keep you on your toes all day. You will find plenty of distinct things to […]


Dharamshala Budget Trip: A Travel Blog for First Time Backpackers

dharamshala budget trip

Planning for a cost effective Dharamshala budget trip will not only help you save extra bucks but also allow you more days to explore the place. Each year thousands of travelers visit the Himalayan town of Dharamshala. Due to the rush, it can be a tad bit expensive to visit the region. However with a […]


Is Dharamshala Safe for Solo Travelers, Backpackers and Women ?

Is dharamshala safe

Is Dharamshala Safe for Solo Travelers, Backpackers and Women ? This is a pertinent question that needs to be addressed for the security of every first time visitor. The answer is yes. In the current post, I will answer each and every safety question that has been posed to me by travelers across regions. The […]


Gangtok: Sikkim’s Capital Town is ‘Lofty Hill’ Personified

Gangtok Budget Travel

Gangtok budget travel plan for first time backpackers or groupies can prove beneficial. It will not only help extend your stay but also save huge bucks.  The most optimum Gangtok budget travel plan will ensure that you are able to cover the maximum locations in minimum bucks spent. Your aim is not to spend precious […]


Tenga Valley: The Lesser Known Beauty of Arunachal at 6500 Feet

Tenga Valley

Tenga Valley is a heaven for mountain mongers. The serenity of the valley will take your breath way. It is one of the few places in India that will surely give you a break from your monotonous life in city,. The calming cackle of the fresh water streams running by and the alluring view of […]