About Us

Budget Wayfarers is a content platform for travel bloggers across the globe. 

It is a community for travelers, explorers and nomads who want to discover the beauty that the world has to offer.  Traveling to new destinations doesn’t need you to spend big bucks. What is needed is an open, uninhibited mind that knows no boundaries. Budget travel does not mean skipping out on exotic locations or scrumptious meals. It means to plan the best possible trip without creating holes in your pockets. Remember the world’s most successful travelers are mavericks and not billionaires. The world doesn’t need tourists. It needs travelers. We are here to help you be the latter and to spread the message across.

Share your travel stories with us in the form of articles or videos. Get paid for each of your contributions. Use #budgetwayfarers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to gain a faster visibility by us. If our experts feel that your profile showcases a passionate traveler in you, we will have you on board instantly.

Happy Wayfaring.